WonkeyDude98 Analysis: Gligar13Vids

Hearing about people like Gligar13Vids is my punishment for asking what's bad about Imagine Dragons. This below-amateur good-for-nothing turd is why we can't have nice things.

Meet Gligar13Vids, a YouTuber who reviews games, mainly Sonic games. He really only reviews bad games under a series he calls Bad Games. Already we have an issue, as the title would suggest that is objective, so you know an opinion is going to be stuffed down your throat. This wouldn't be so bad if he was at least a half-decent critic. He isn't as manchildish as mariotehplumber. He isn't as salty as DSPGaming. He isn't even as terrible a person as blackb0nd or GoldFist090. So why is he bad?

Like a bunch of tiny positives make a huge one, a bunch of moderate negatives can make a colossal one. He has a little bit of mariotehplumber's manchildish nature, a little bit of DSP's salt, and a little bit of GoldFist090's terrible personality. He judges games for terrible reasons (he said that Halo was better than Sonic Adventure 2 based off graphics alone, not understanding basic port differences), doesn't understand basic gaming stuff (saying that the Sonic Adventure 2 ports were similar when he should've known that Sega wasn't going to revamp the game for a port), blaming his lack of skills on the game (saying that Sonic Unleashed is slippery and clunky when he fails, presumably on purpose), not bothering to cut out pauses or droning, complaining about 2-second load times, having a very immature behavior, five year old grammar, and an obnoxious voice. The worst thing about him is at the end of his videos he says you have to buy another game rather than the one he reviewed like his opinions derived from false fact was true facts.

The most prominent of this is Mother III. He says the game is not worth the acclaim. Now, I don't like the Mother games myself (screw Gigyas), and I would buy that...if he bothered to explain. He said the graphics are bad (the game came out in 2006 you moron), constantly made comparisons to Pokemon: Ruby and Sapphire, said the controls weren't the same, said the graphics are bad, criticized the graphics, said nothing about the story (READ THIS: HE DIDN'T FINISH THE ACCLAIMED STORY BEFORE PLAYING IT, SOMETHING YOU SHOULD NEVER DO AS A CRITIC), bashed the graphics, called out the music and graphics, said gameplay wasn't as important as graphics (because you see graphics first), named everything immaturely (furf**, emo, redneck, YIFF, CRACK OMG, WEEEEEED), and possibly uttered the worst sentence I've ever heard (this battle system is just a...generic RPG battle system except with cr*ppy graphics that look like....cr*ppy graphics). I've heard the endless screech-cursing of mariotehplumber and the perverted Nazi glorification of DSPGaming, none of them match up to how terrible that sentence was.

My personal experience was him ranting about Imagine Dragons, calling them a terrible band. I once made a thread on Reddit asking why they are bad and for the most part I got nice answers, despite my feelings not changing. Gligar13Vids gave no such thing. He said they are generic, overrated, generic, I FEEL IT IN MY BONES, generic, generic, annoying, generic, only listened to Radioactive and Demons, would rather listen to Nickelback, generic, music videos are generic, generic, I forgot generic, did I mention generic?

To rate this critic, I'd give him a -1 out of 5. Good day, everyone, and good night. Also, listen to a better critic. Like AngryJoe.


Who names their Pokemon such obscenities? - RiverClanRocks

A troll moron. - Swellow

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I still like Angry Joe but come on even I can do better than that. - WonkeyDude98

Gligar is like the troll version of DSPGaming, if even dumber. - Swellow