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Swellow (To give myself a break from all the music stuff, I'll do this)
Now, before you jump to conclusions, I'll say one thing: some sides of the internet, particularly the more tween side, have a frequency to bash on anything for kids below the age of five, including TV shows. It's not a big problem for me as it was, but I'll just say something; If you're going to bash every show for being baby-ish, just remember it's obviously bad because it's not intended for your age and intelligence. However, if there's one place that does it more frequently on the internet, then where is it?

The answer is a simple "*baby show character* gets grounded" search result on Youtube, and BOOM, Go!Animate, the world's most popular animation site.

Basically, Go!Animate wasn't terrible during the first few years, even though I wasn't a fan of the limited pre-made animation tools. Basically, it was simply a business animation site for people to do anything, like comedy, drama, action, or whatever. However, it was about 2010 when a new phenomenon happened, the one that would see the site literally become terrible; The grounded phenomenon. Yes, a formula so bad, it gives formulas like DJ Mustard's and Disney Channel's a run for their money. How about we explain it?

OK, we start off with a character who is usually very basic. However, if you want to, use either Caillou, Rosie or Dora, the things the site hates the most. Or, if you want to be popular, use the couple Emily and Dylan. Now, then you do them being stupid, but instead of being unique, use something that's been used before, like going to McDonald's and doing their job intentionally terrible, going to a party, or delaying the premier of a movie. That's when the least original part comes in; The child who does it gets grounded for an extremely inhumane amount of time.

Now, really? What type of parent (fictional is no excuse) is that inhumane to give their child an unworthy length of grounding time?

That's why you need to use the realism side of near-realistic fiction before you do it, because some times, you don't know who you're going to offend, and in extreme cases, actually get arrested for it although that is rare (there was an incident where a guy crushed live cats for humour because of the Crusha commercial from years back and he got arrested).

The next specialty is just as unrealistic as the last one; Behavior Card Day. This style became famous around the same time as grounded, but this one is mildly watchable compared to the grounded videos. Basically, it's a school day and the teacher tells the students that depending on the card colour, they will get either *infinity*-1 day off, nothing happens, or they get detention for the same amount of time, or dead meat. Again it's way too dependent on the same humour, and it makes it barely enjoyably.

To end those two sections, if you want to develop being comedic and creative, you have a long path ahead of you, and the only way to do that is to stop focusing on the same humour the last person used and make your own. You also need to lay off mocking kids shows, because it's as boring as mocking Baby.

Now that I've moved on from there, it's not the concept or lack of creativity that are the main reasons I hate Go!Animate, it's also how cancerous the fan base is.

You know, Undertale, Homestuck and FNAF, I'm sorry for giving your fanbases such a sh*tty time, because I've found the real enemy; this, horrific, excuse, of a fanbase. No, there is nothing good about this fanbase, they are all immature "stay at home" kids who cannot take one bit of criticism or dislike towards their videos without telling their friends to avoid you and mark my words, report you. What in the actual f*ck? You want to report someone just because they did honest criticism of your videos?

Well, screw you.

It's not my fault such a choppy animation side where you have to use crying dancing for throwing tantrums and use poorly done poop to do slime became this popular, but it's rather idiots like TheJoJuan4444 who made it became popular. Honestly, this is the most immature garbage in the world. Say goodbye to trashing popular indie game fanbases, because Go!Animate deserves every sh*tty piece of microscopic hatred it deserves.

-8/10 is generous. Alvin Hung, please consider what you are doing with your life. Goodbye.


Yes, Go! Animate is trash. There is no redeeming qualities about it, none what so ever.

It's appalling to think that people actually like this garbage. - SwagFlicks

Never heard of this. Oh well. - WonkeyDude98

To be frank, you're very lucky to have never found out about it. - Swellow

Same here! I don't know what Homestuck is either. - Martinglez

I used to have a GoPlus account as a child. I remember having a choice of either GoPlus or a Premium membership on Club Penguin.

Yeah, you can tell I had pretty horrible taste as a child, can't you?

Also, is it just me, or does something along the lines of "294359824672469246246 years" sound really off? I mean, if you wanna make an incredibly long amount of time, just do something like "1 billion years". It rolls off the tongue quicker, while the gibberish number just sounds unpleasant. - visitor

To be honest, Club Penguin was the one you should have chose. It was a good site that later got doomed by how Disney forced it to become a site for mindless self advertising and money making.

And yes, it does, but even "1 billion years" sounds ridiculous. It feels cruel and unnecessary to ground children until they die because the parents would be dead by then as well. - Swellow

Remember, in the cartoon world, no one ever dies or ages. Ever. - visitor

Plotagon is much better. - RalphBob

Except you have to pay for backrounds and Characters - Discord1

Nice review. GoAnimate really is pointless. - RiverClanRocks


I actually liked Go! Animate and the Grounded Videos series when I first stumbled across them, but overtime, the grounded videos soured on me a lot as I kept watching more and more of them. One of the few Go! Animate YouTube channels I still watch is DeVario Lopez. He actually tries to bring something new to the table. - visitor

GoAnimate kids are usually the ones obsessed with niche things like logos, old kid shows or greeny phantom or whatever it is. - purpleyoshi98