The Five Basic Types of YouTube Channels and How to Be Sucessful in Every One

Spark_Of_Life SO! You want to become famous on YouTube, but have no talent, charisma, or drive to be creative. Well, have no fear, because this friendly guide is here to show you just how easy it is to become famous under the basic types of YouTube channels!

Here are the five basic types:

1: Gaming Channels
2: Song Cover Channels
3: Comedy Channels
4: Makeup Tutorials
5: Reaction Channels

Before starting a YouTube channel, you are going to have to purchase supplies such as cameras, studio lights, and a microphone. If you want your channel to be authentic, then go to your local Best Buy and pick the things at the bottom of the Bargain Bin to ensure it looks like your video was shot while the camera was strapped to the back of a hyper, rabid cat. And be sure to pick a microphone that crackles and shorts out all the time so your viewers have to rewatch your videos to understand what you said, ensuring more views.

Now that you've done all that, simply purchase views and subscribers from QQ Tube, BestCheapLikes, or socialgrand. Ignore all comments that acknowledge the sudden and suspicious influx of subscribers and views to your channel and you're ready to make your first video!


Gaming channels are the easiest channels to create. To start, pick a game that is currently very popular right now but will be completely forgotten in five years (FNAF, Evolve, Pokémon Go, Anything on the Wii U, ect.). Got it? Good. Now you'll need to film yourself playing said game. While playing, be sure to make fun of the game's graphics, plot, and characters while completely ignoring the fact that even the worst visuals in the games you play are Oscar worthy compared to the video editing software you use. Use many annoying voices, speak three octaves higher than you usually do, cuss a lot, and scream very loudly when something even remotely frightening happens. In the case of jumpscare or some other scary moment, scream like you're being murdered and fall out of your chair. While playing, also be sure to make running jokes(Pewdiepie has a ton - barrels, Mr. Chair, Stefan, ect.) so the idiot fanbase you'll eventually receive has tons of material to make crappy fan art out of. Oh, and also have an opening line your fans will quote to no end. Double points if you have an accent or are from a foreign country so they'll gush over how cute your voice sounds. And lastly, be sure to ignore the game's directions from time to time and goof off - you'll need the running time. After you have completed a game, start a new one. With practice, you may be playing six at once, which basically means you'll be playing one constantly and not update the others for a month or more. After you've done all that, upload and wait for the admiration to roll in!


First off: do you have good vocal skills, are a decent rapper, or play anything that can be called an instrument fairly well? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then skip this kind of channel. Why actually use talent when autotune and electronic sounds are your best friend? For your first video, cover an extremely popular song at the moment and comment in the original song with a comment like this:

"I love this song ️!If you like it too, I covered it on my channel! Check it and my other videos out and subscribe! :)"

Of course, if any of the people reading the comments bother to actually check it out, they'll discover the horrifying truth and never visit your channel again. For each video, you can simply record yourself seated in front of a piano (but not actually playing it - that would mean you have talent!) and singing. Or, if you want to go the MattyBRaps route, record a whole video your rich, stuck-up parents paid for with their not-at-all hard earned money. To reel in the older fans, cover songs from time to time from about 10-20 years ago, but butcher the lyrics and change the beat to hide the fact you can't sing that well. After you've done all that, you're set!


The first thing to keep in mind when making comedy videos is to have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The best comedians are secretly horrible people in real life. Did you know Amy Schumer annoyed her younger sister when they were growing up? How awful! Anyway, each time you make a new video, simply stand in front of a blank wall in clothes that look like they haven't been washed or ironed in days. Then, off-screen, spin the "wheel of demographics" and whatever it lands on, that's the demographic you're going to piss off today. Fat people, blondes, Christians, people who love purple shirts, it doesn't matter as long as you're offending somebody. After that, make a 5-10 minute video of you telling unfunny jokes and basically sounding like an idiot while all the while making tons of awkward jump cuts. Just remember your patron saint: the queen of being a racist, offensive, unfunny, and all around cringey douche: Nicole Arbour.


First off, you can't make this type of video if you are male. Secondly, if you're not white, you can't do it either. Third, if you have an IQ greater than 100, stay away. Do you meet all these requirements? Good. Now, the first thing you're going to want to do is buy one brand (and only one) of makeup and shamelessly plug it in all of your videos in the desperate attempts of getting a sponsor. Next, make many videos showing a myriad of makeup staples, like contouring, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Be sure to add so much makeup to your face in these tutorials that a clown would look natural compared to you. Be sure to make a ton of fake laughs and try way too hard to come across as cute so you'll have many whiny 13-16 year old fans who attack anyone who says anything remotely off-color about you. And in your obligatory Kylie Jenner lips tutorial, make sure that your lips cover at least the bottom half of your face. At least.

5: Reaction Channels

Reaction channels are very similar in vein to Gaming Channels, only instead of playing games, you react to popular music videos and viral videos of these modern times. To go even further, have three react shows going at once with each show starring a key age demographic. Use the same, I mean people in every video and tell each person to react in a different manner as to avoid natural-looking reactions. If you're even more successful, your react videos can have their own channel, where you can post tons of crappy shows besides your react videos but still call it your react channel anyway. Let's just say your channel will be...Fine. But, if it's just you, just keep one thing in mind: completely overreact to every little thing in the video, from screaming loudly and jumping out of you chair at the slightest scary moment to saying "What the f***?" over and over during messed up moments. Laugh way too hard at even just barely funny moments, and start crying at even remotely sad moments.

Well, there you have it, now you can be a successful YouTuber! Go forth into the internet, only to grow bored of it and stop making videos two months later. But, who cares, that is then, this is now! Go get 'em, kid!

Until next time.


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