#DramaAlert/Keemstar -

ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ Keemstar/#DramaAlert, is without a doubt probably the worst person on YouTube (with Leafy in second, in my opinion). Reason why?

•He's racist. If you haven't seen the video Keemstar uploaded a while ago before he took it down, you can hear him yelling "Alex is a f***ing n*****!". I only had to include one letter of that word, because it is extremely offensive and racist.

•He makes false accusations . If you haven't seen what he said about bashurverse and a 62 year old man, sit down and let me tell you.

A few years ago, a 62 year old man appeared on twitch, doing live streams. He was a very kind man who even said happy birthday to his fans in his videos. Then Keemstar pointed at the man, saying that he was a child rapist that raped a girl over an online game, who had recently got out of jail. This caused a large wave of backlash on the man, causing him to cry on one of his live streams. Keemstar then realised that the child rapist who raped a girl from an online game was in jail. All he did was say sorry.

•Ruins other people's lives. Poor bashur is having a very hard time because of Keemstar. Bashur is a youtuber who plays mostly Minecraft. Keemstar made a huge lie saying that Bashur raped a 13 year old girl from Minecraft. This caused youtubers like Skydoesminecraft and Leafyishere to attack him. Keemstar even leaked his Bashur's mothers phone number over Twitter. Bashur's mother was 60 and was attacked constantly on the phone by random people. She had to unplug her phone. Bashur almost committed suicide.

•He is filled with lies. Since DramaAlert is a company, Keemstar says he treats his subordinates with respect. Now this is where it goes to hell: Keemstar doesn't even treat his subordinates like people, he treats them like animals, and that was from a guy who previously worked for DramaAlert.

•He don't even make news. That's the truth, he just throws abuse at people, making false accusations.

•He's a child creep. Yes he is. He points at others saying that they're child creeps, when he's one himself. Over a live stream, he asked a 15 year old girl to strip. And he pressured her into doing it. Its the truth my friends, he's a hypocrite.

I'm honestly surprised that Keemstar has a million subscribers, and his main channel #DramaAlert is still up, after two of his former channels got killed, which were NewDramaAlert and Keemstar22. iDubbbzTv didn't even go easy on him, exposing him. Neither did GradeA or Pyrocynical. He even bowed down to iDubbbzTv, knowing that he destroyed him.