Bugged Media Analysis Mechanics - DSPGaming (aka The King of Hate, Part I)

Swellow In today's Media Analysis, I analyse one of YouTube's least favourite gamers - DarkSydePhil, and explain my opinion on said user.
Alright, since it's been a while, I decided to make an analysis of Phil Burnell, also know as DarkSydePhil (DSPGaming) or the nickname "The King of Hate".
True to that name, he really is one of the least liked people on YouTube, so let's get started.You've probably watched a video among the lines of "This is how you DON'T play X" or "Bugged Y Mechanics", which are potshots at Phil's... "gaming skills". Trust me, I've seen plenty, and when you witness his gaming skills, it'll really cheer you up. Honestly, even your little sibling is a better gamer than Phil, and that's saying a lot.

The way Phil plays a game is... questionable. Often times he will ignore in-game hints or strategies and skip to trying to get through the various tasks, something that you should avoid doing in video games, and blame it on "BUGGED GAME MECHANICS!!!!" or "BEGINNER'S TRAP!!!!". Even when he claims he "won't be looking at [his] comments/streams for answers", he'll do it anyway... only to make a bigger disaster of it (his Metal Gear Solid playthroughs are one of his worst, since he completely ignores the stealth part of the game). If he encounters an enemy, nine times out of ten, Phil will try to kill them, no matter how damaged he will become. Not only does this leave him unaware of dangerous enemies, it also effects his weapon arsenal - In his Ratchet And Clank playthroughs, he tends to use the wrench very often, despite the fact it's one of the weakest weapons in the game. Yet he still doesn't know why he is losing.

Next we have Phil's attitude - Even if you lack talent, you can still be decent with a good personality. Phil's not that - His attitude just leaks from his videos to real life - In his videos, you could make a drinking game of the many times he makes a "ching chong" joke or get distracted by "TEEETEEES". In real life, he's about as cynical and moronic as he in the videos - He thinks that all his problems can be related to "trolls" who want to make "[can't say this word or Admin will find me] on [Phil] the goal of their lives" or Kojima (the fact he's so fixated on him kind of makes me think he's in denial about being in love with him).

Here's an example of Phil's attitude - He used to have two friends - John Rambo and Howard. Back when they gamed with him, they were basically treated like dog [admin forgive me] - Phil didn't pay them often, and used the money he was supposed to pay them with on figurines and a car. Eventually, the last nail in the coffin was Phil making a video to cash in on the two's deceased friend, and they got away from him after 2015. There's a video of it on YouTube where John and Howard discuss it, so check that out if you want to know more.

Anyway, I'm going to end the first part of the post here. Hopefully I'll be analyse a video of him playing a game (Oh dear Arceus, why did I say that?). Peace out.



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