Ethgoesboom has the worst voice acting I have ever seen. he seriously can't take criticism. I told him on one of his videos that Fnaf isn't relevant anymore, he said that Mario isn't relevant because I had a Mario profile pic even though I never said anything about Mario in the first place. He thinks he's top of it all. FUN FACT: if you look up the words "Pure Cancer" on the YouTube search you will find one of his videos. After I Are Tech made a video about Ethgoesboom, his white knights attacked. I myself am going to make a video on EthGoesBoom and stupid ways. I have a 50% chance of my channel get removed so might as well back up my videos. the reason I might get removed is because of Eth's autistic fanbase attacking me for my opnion

Ethgoesboom sounds retarded. Mario IS still relevant, and I bet the only reason he said that is because he's trying to win the argument. Thank you for sharing your experience on this sensitive fnaf fanboy. And I know for a fact that Eth's autistic fans are attacking poor I ARE TECH. I hope that video will come out soon, and have a good day. I bet that loser is going to try to take down your video... If I see that he is going to try to take down that video, then I'm going to laugh so hard.

EthGoesBoom is hilarious, honestly. One of his "Fans" were figured out to be a hater of EthGoesBoom, their name is nightmare tails the pirate. Tails admitted that he was actually a hater of EthGoesBoom, and Eth found the post, and his reply was funny as hell. "Hating someone you don't even know. Pretty pathetic in my opinion. No need to be so butthurt." Now first of all, that's not an opinion. It's false accusation, you uneducated moron. Also, how is hating on someone you don't know make you "Pretty Pathetic. No need to be so butthurt"? Nightmare Tails' comment left no sign of butthurt whatsoever. Classic EthGoesBoom, thinks he is such a great person who can top it all. In all seriousness, I'm glad Nightmare Tails wasn't an EthGoesBoom fan. Eth's fans are extremely cringe-worthy, they're obvious 7-11-year-olds that always throw in unoriginal comebacks towards EthGoesBoom haters. Not So fun fact: Some of them even have a crush on the FNaF animatronics! And ...more

Jeez, his fans creep me out. Some want to kill I ARE TECH and some want to haunt the people that agree with I ARE TECH. Eth, if you are reading this, keep your creepy fans AWAY from me...

We get it, Five nights at freddy's was an interesting thing for a little while. None of the characters ever spoke in that entire game, so I have no idea where he obtains the references for the voices. Speaking of voices, his voices are horrible. His Freddy voice is the most generic animatronic voice I ever heard. EthgoesBOOM, needs to go make like his channel, and go boom, like World War II boom.

People thinks he is so special when he is not. His videos are awful. And that voice acting, why? To be honest, he started out as a good YouTuber, but then started voicing those fictional robots, and his fans are starting to think that those robots are real.

Wow, I'm surprised that Eth's retarded fans didn't find this post and didn't send me death threats and such.

EthGoesBoom can't take criticism, and also can't accept that people won't like him. So he tries to take down I ARE TECH's video.

That's Because, He Tells Them The Real Issue, Then They Delete It - DorianGoesKING99

Remember kids, these are MY opinions.

Also, I figured out that you are Falcon Gamer The Smasher, and I saw the video you made.

(Bare in mind Butthurt EthGoesBOOM fans are going to Report your video and try to take it down. LOL)

Terrible YouTuber. He makes cringe-worthy FNaF Voice Acting videos and gets a ton of profit off of it. Don't even get me started with his brain-dead 9 year old fans. Yeah, this guy has real fans ADORING him. They attack and false report anyone who hates him. I'm glad his channel is gradually dying due to FNaF dying with it. Oh, and this is a Message to SanicHedgehog123. I respect people who like Eth but Eth's fans don't respect OUR opinions on Eth. Also, you claim many people are negative these days. Kid, if anything, come back to the Internet when you can accept that not everything is cutesy and happy. Also, your grammar can use improvement. It sucks.

I forgot to mention, he is very sensitive for a 21 year old man. One day, I are tech made a video about him. When Eth found out, he wanted the video to be taken down. Also, his content is the content of a 9 year old. If you think the Terrible channels series is meant to be taken literally, then you clearly only watched like 2 videos of that series. Fnaf is dying out, so eventually no one will want to see his content anymore. He even started out making a blacklist for pranks for the prank war series. I found this quite hilarious, and you know what comments he would blacklist? For an example, let's say he asked '' What pranks should I do? '', And then comments like these would be blacklisted: Die. Kill them, and other death threats. I found some comments from his fans saying stuff like '' On YouTube the haters may be strong, but in real life they are coward noobs.This kid clearly doesn't know the meaning of noob, and how are they cowards? I would go on about how his 7-9 year old fans ...more

TOTAL SELLOUT. He just does FNAF because he just wants to pursue his greedy dreams of money faster.

LOL You were right! When you type Pure Cancer in the YouTube search engine you get one of Eth's videos. The Cringy one he made about Fazbear and Friends. And I saw that he disabled comments like the little bastard he is

UGH, I hate the retards roleplaying in his Google+ Comment section. They're so autistic.

His fanbase is more toxic than the gas chambers of World War II

Are you serious? He is voicing Candy from Five Nights At Candy's? Wow, just wow. What's next, Wario from Five Nights at Wario's, or how about Flumpty from One Night at Flumpty's? Please tell me FNAF is going to be forgotten soon, because these idiots get stupider and stupider every day...

He Wanted To Try Something New ONCE, That Doesn't Mean He'll do it again - DorianGoesKING99

EthgoesBOOM does nothing but voice fnaf animatronics and play video games. We don't need another fnaf YouTuber flooding the internet. Who's idea was it to voice those robots anyways?