Don't know who this 'EvanTubeHD' guy is? It's your lucky day to expand your "never watch that guy again" list!

Evan is some kid that takes "spoiled" to a whole new level. He gets more than I don't know, millions per year and all he does with his millionaire allowance is spend it on toys! Yes, you heard me correctly, TOYS. It is what any normal five year old would do, but why don't you do anything else with that money, hmm? Oh, how about donate it to charity where it belongs?

He is one of the most predictable toy reviewers on Earth. Say, he gets a toy we all know sucks in general. He'll also say it stinks, even though we already knew it sucked already! Did I never mention he has parents that are a little too positive? He burns a house down and his parents don't mind one bit. I don't think they care, either.

Evan, if you ever see or read this; mark my words. Continue spending your money like this, you're going to grow up to be those people who still live in their ...more

I hate parents that use children to gain money in this way!

I don't understand why he is loved so much how the heck has he got 1 million subscribers when other better YouTubers have got less than him. What is so great about a 9 year old playing with toys that his parents have bought him without hesitation. Some are really expensive as well. also nine is way to young to have YouTube account your supposed to have a YouTube account when your 13. Also how did he mange to be aloud biggest gummy worm and bear. His gaming channel sucks as we'll no one cares about Disney infinity or sky landers we have grown out of it. Just quit kid

Before you thumb down this listen. evan is just showing what it would be like if you went somewhere or did something. This channel is for kids. I know because I am a kid. And if he is spoiled it's not his fault. its his parents fault. if he is greedy you should pray for him and help him learn to not be greedy. if he makes you feel guilty or sad or angry than don't watch his channel. the United Kingdom and the United States are called united for a reason. I am a 10 year old boy named Ben and I woke up this morning after seeing this website and realized that if he ever saw this website than he might quit this channel. wich might be good for you but would break his heart. plus the golden rule is treat people the way you want to be treated. This top ten list might get your anger out but you are directing it at him and there are other ways to let anger out. please just just keep hurtful thoughts to your self.(Sorry if I made a typo)-Protestman - Protestman

All this channel shows is 2 little spoiled kids buying and making videos on toys. They get SO much money from YouTube, what do they do with all of their money you may ask? They just BUY TOYS. There are so many good and helpful ways to spend money. You can donate to charity, give to poor people living on the streets, buying food to donate to a food pantry, and so much more. And what do they do with their money? You guessed it. BUY TOYS.

Why does this spoiled 9 year old bratty kid have permission to make YouTube videos about toys that cost so much money I'm sure his parents don't get what they want because all he thinks is toys are the best and actually you could go around the world with all that money instead of having a house crammed with a barrage of toys and what why does he have so many subs and views when he is just a KID, YES PEOPLE, A KID

Another rich American kid. Stay away from this squeaker at all costs. Parents, it's not the ice age when rules were barely a thing. YouTube is 13+

I wish this spoiled bratty kid would die in a fire and shut up about how many toys he has. How the heck was he allowed the biggest gummy worm ever? But his fans. I don't have a clue why some people would watch an 9 year old idiot play with his toys and get corrupted by it. At least some other YouTubers sell their stuff after the review, but this selfish kid doesn't do it and forgets about some poor kids in other countries who actually deserve the toys he gets.

Brat! Do you realize the message you're sending to my children. Make a video please, to all kids, on how they'll probably never get to be in your position and why. I WOULD REALLY, ACTUALLY appreciate that! How's school?

The kid is fine but I just want to know HOW DOES HE GET SO MUCH VIEWS AND SUBSCRIBERS! It is just a normal 8 or 7 year old talking about some new toy. And I just think it was to be showing off. Next thing you know it's an iPhone 6 plus he's holding.

Great, now every one is having Even sponsor their products. First Target, and now you, James Patterson?! What's next, is Even going to host the 2016 presidential elections results (You'll get this if you're American)?

Like all other toy YouTube channels, this one is stupid, pointless and a scam. YES A SCAM. He forces you to subcribe and like the video and support ($$$) him. And guess what he buys his toys and he just talks about them. That's it. This kid is greedy. He has a lot of toys and he doesn't donate them for a good cause. What the heck? He rather keep toys to himself then donate them to someone poor. This kid is so selfish. AND WHY DOES HE HAVE 3 Million subscribers! It's just him talking and plays with them. Oh he's so cute so and young so he needs a lot of care and support. LOOK! LOOKS DON'T MATTER. This kid has more subscribers than SuperMarioLogan and Dashiegames. They are better. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GREEDY AND SELFISH KID!

Evan goes to my school, so I can tell you first hand that he is a spoiled brat. I really don't have a problem with his parents earning money from his fame, because they do a lot of work for the channel, but him being so spoiled has led to him being extremely rude in real life. - reg

The purest form of child exploitation. There should be a law against people like him.

OH. MY. GOD I just watched his most recent video, my first reactions were, oh he's a kid, it can't be so bad, but the acting is god awful, I know he's a kid, but have you ever heard of home alone, he was about the same age as him in those movies and his acting was awesome, I stopped watching 2 minutes in.

I added this item to this list back in 2013. And look how much it grew! Thank you everyone for hating this brat!

These clones of caillou deserve to be eradicated! We need to stop giving money to this brat. Good job! - MChkflaguard_Yt

This kid is nothing but a spoiled brat that gets anything he wants, he's also greedy with money, how do I know this? BECAUSE HE HAS 3 CHANNELS! He's also popular for doing nothing but review toys, playing video games, and vlogging, this kid needs to get off the Internet. - nintendofan126

Oh god, this spoiled brat. I hate this kid so much. So here's why I hate him.

1: He's greedy. It's so obvious this kid is greedy. He just wants money to buy toys to make poor kids feel ashamed and to pay for some trip to Disney Land.
2: He's spoiled. What kind of kid gets all of these toys yet alone doesn't give any of them away, A trip to Disney Land every year, StampyLongHead coming to visit him, and 3 boring YouTube channels? Do Even's parents care about his grades?
3: He shamelessly sponsors some big store's big sell for money. One example is when he sponsored Target's character back pack sell in late summer 2015.
4: He never gives away any of his toys. Well, he does give away some small thing like a 80 piece Lego set, but nothing big! At least the Skylander Boy and Girl give away a chunk of their collection.

Jillian is even more annoying, but they both are. A 4 and a 9 year old, how do they have SO MANY VIEWS. You think an Oreo green flavored is funny. That is one of the most stupidest things I have heard come out of a you tuber EVER. - CurtisHuberHMSNP

EvanTubeHD is without a doubt the worst channel on YouTube. He is like FOUR. But he is 9 or 10. He needs to close his account. All he does is show toys and stuff. Who's interested in that? - EpicJake

His guardians of the garden video was so dumb

His channel is a useless, mediocre, and annoying. He just reviews toys and goes to Disneyland and restaurants. He fails to realize the embarrassment he is getting.

He is just spoiled. You do know that all the Legos he reviews are given to him by Lego.com. This is literally the most purest form of child exposure. He acts like some sort of teenager let alone still being in Elementary (US)/Primary (UK) school. Hasn't the kid ever heard of Internet safety and Safer Internet Day? He even went to the making of Planes 2 and he even went to space. I hate him so much. He might as well be number one on this list instead. Does he ever get stalkers or anything?

He's just flat out spoiled. I can imagine him one day living on the streets because his parents have wasted their money on him

That is crazy! He makes gods cause he wants to and he may think that people like him so that is why he does it, but I would like footage of him giving his toys to charity