Feminist Frequency


What a load of rubbish this channel is. Their main conceit is criticising fiction for how sexist it is, which would be fine if they didn't lie as much about specific parts in games (mainly seen through their Hitman: Absolution review) or whinge about the smallest details in them. All the while disabling comments & likes in order to silence their critics. Meanwhile, the fact that their show Tropes Vs Women received 25 times their initial funding target on Kickstarter and STILL haven't completed the series yet is utterly laughable, and to my knowledge potentially is fraud. That's not even counting the numerous perks that have been ignored (the DVDs anyone? ). Meanwhile, the constant lies over bomb threats, the constant asking for more money & wanting to censor the internet makes my skin crawl. The irony that a woman moans about the portrayal of damsels of distress in gaming is acting out that in real life in order for publicity and sympathy money. A terrible channel, both for its boring ...more - Mrveteran

Wow...just wow. Feminist frequency is 1000x worse than pewdiepie (I'm not a pewdiepie fan by the way), this needs to be on top of the list. She started this new sexist wave of feminism that just blames men for their "problems". She deletes real constructive criticism and leaves up rude comments to play victim. She asks for money, but she spends it on herself instead of improving video quality! She heavily criticizes video games, but she doesn't even play video games! She shouldn't be representing 50% of the world population (women). If you want to see REAL feminists, look at first and second wave feminism when women were ACTUALLY treated worse than men and fought for equality and didn't blame their problems on men. If you want to see a real modern feminist, look at Malala Yousefzai. Look at feminists now, they act as if they are being harassed when men spread their legs the slightest then they claim they are "strong women" when they "survived man spreading". No, real strong women are ...more

An ideologue with absolutely no credentials in social science, yapping at us about her evidence-free political opinions, and if you so much as question any of it her rabid fans knee-jerk accuse you of hating all women everywhere. She's as reputable as those fundy Christians who say reading Harry Potter will make you worship Satan but somehow gets the gaming press to rally around her and shield her from all criticism. Positively wacky, and irritating as hell if you actually care about gaming, sociology, or any of the issues she abuses for attention.

Anita Sarkeesiam

She conned people of a series that anyone on YouTube could do for free. She is not a gamer, she has no knowledge in what she's talking about and she doesn't do research. She used the money on $1000 shoes and expensive vacations, she stole YouTubers videos with giving credit, she stole artworks of people. She's a damsel in distress that needs to censor her videos, so people who wasted money on this shirt can't even talk about it, because she's so afraid of criticism, all Feminazai's need to come to her aid because she is a damsel in distress, why make videos talking about strong female characters when she is weak. I Actually believes this person lives in her own bubble hating men.

Typical feminazi. 'if you don't agree with me you are a sexist', just kill yourself please´╗┐

If it's violence against men it's just violence, if it's violence against women it's misogyny.

I think Anita Sarkeesian should be putting Feminism where it is actually useful like in countries where women are still put in arranged marriages, and where woman are sold like cattle, don't put your Feminism in video games. Video games are fun, not like a country where you are told you are less of a person because of your gender. P.S. I'm not a Feminist I just like equal rights for everybody.

Feminist Frequency is basically nothing but the statement 'Video games are violent and sexist'. Repeated 200 times through out the whole video. Also she allegedly stole gameplay footage from many lets players. She wouldn't be so bad if not for her subscribers constantly bashing her critics, which usually aren't being rude or demeaning (just speaking there mind).

Lets see off the top of my head : pulls so called facts out of thin air (which she does not provide any sort of evidence); a known fraud; flags videos that don't agree with her ridiculous videos; ignores the fact there are more positives for female characters in gaming; has been known to repeatedly play the victim card for no reason when people debunk her videos

This is a bad show, with a good intention pointed in a meaningless, stupid way. This show attempts to make money by pointing at OBVIOUS THINGS in popular media that they think are sexist. The owner kick-started this channel, even though it's something any fat ass could do for free. It's not entertaining, it's not funny, and it's downright boring and plagiarist.

I REALLY HATE THIS STUPID SEXIST RETARD. I THINK A TROLL HAS MORE SENSE THAN HER. SHE MAKES ETHANGAMERTV LOOK LIKE PEWDIEPIE. I mean, she says she's been playing video games for her entire life but she is a liar because she doesn't like video games. She also thinks super Mario bros is sexist because you get to only play as a male and rescue the princess. That is like someone saying My Little Pony is sexist because the mane 6 only have females because mlp is targeted at girls so it would be easier to have females for them to relate to just like how in smb you rescue the princess and play as a male because mostly boys play video games but girls play smb too.

Pretty intelligent actually. She pit tumblr feminists with nothing but time and anger on their hands against trolls and nine year old gamers who freak out over all the disses they should care nothing about and silently slid her kickstarter right in the middle of that fire.

Made a profit.

Screen capped all the insulting comments from the nine yr olds and used them as justification for whatever the hell she talks about.

Made a profit.

Ignores constructive criticism and requests for educational debates or platforms for her to actually speak and answer and argue her point out, something I thought anyone with an actual point to make would do. Instead, identifies it as prosecution and cries for help from her idiotic followers

Made a profit.

"The patriarchy this-give me money, the patriarchy that-give me money" Is basically the point.

Compared to someone like Malala Yousafzai...I don't get why Anita calls herself a feminist.

A charlatan making money by talking about subject of which she is vapidly ignorant. It's like when people said rock music will lead kids to suicide in the 80s. Even people in the feminist community will tell you that her arguments are easily debunked and discredited. She's not even a social scientist.

Feminist Frewuency, also known as the female version. Seriously there is no difference

Jack Thompson: Convinced that video games cause mass shootings despite knowing absoultely nothing about them, gamers get offended by this and attack him and send him death threats, people who agree with him are also old people who know abolutely nothing about the gaming industry

Anita Sarkeesian: Convinced that video games cause misoginy and sexism, despite the fact she knows nothing about video games, gamers get offended by this and send her death threats, the people who agree with her are also female supremacists who are on tumblr all day complaining about things they know nothing about.

Difference between them? Well Anita is a fraud, can't accept the hate she gets, and she makes fake death threats to herself then tweets about it to get attention, and to make Male gamers look bad.

So why are there so many people defending her and not Jack Thompson? Because Jack thompson ...more

I hope her channel gets terminated, it has no reason to exist. It is not entertaining, nor is it informative. Its just a bunch of complaining about things that don't matter from some feminazi who knows less about video games than fox news does.

She may block all the comments on her YouTube channel but she can't block comments here! - NicholasYellow

Absolute garbage. Cherry picked clips swiped from other people's "let's play" videos, with comments and ratings disabled to stop anybody contesting her points. Watching paint dry is more productive

Just ask her. Ask her anything about gender equality, and she says, "Is DEE MEN WHO Is PROBLUM LOL" She has no idea what feminism truly is. She says she plays video games, but only to giver herself presence in game journalism in the most retarded war against ordinary gamers. She is one of the people who give liberals a bad name.

Feminism is better off without her!

This channel is TERRIBLE. She finds a way to criticize any game. If you can twist it into misogyny, she will do it, even if it happens to both sexes in the game.

All that can really be said is that the opinions presented in Feminist Frequency's videos are portrayed as fact, with cherry picked gameplay clips used as "proof". Anita is a professional victim, who uses that status as a means of making profit, and should be ignored.

I don't even now how to get started on this one, but one thing's for sure, she is not a feminist. feminists are people who fight for women's EQUALITY to men, which is far from what she does, she doesn't even fight for equality or superiority, she just goes on to say that men are just a bunch of pigs and that every single thing is sexist

Her astounding level of factual inaccuracy is appalling for anyone who would dare to call themselves a "source of information". Add onto that her total failure to deliver for her Kickstarter, and then the stealing of gameplay footage, she isn't just a terrible presenter, she's a terrible human being.

The reviews don't even talk about the game, just about how a woman wasn't one of the main protagonists. It dosen't matter that in many games women have an important role, they must be in every game. Feminism has gone too far on this channel. The reviews are plain stupid. If you don't believe me watch the Quantum Break video!

Saying that a man rescuing a women in distress is sexist is like saying a women rescuing a man in distress is sexist. - lolololololol

A complete idiot who shouldn't get away with what she does.

Anita Sarkeesian is so dumb. She never knows the meaning of sexism anyways. Just because this character wears a short skirt DOES NOT MEAN IT IS A STEREOTYPE. Sexism means discrimination on the basis on sex so how is wearing a short skirt or being a damsel in distress sexist - YourWaifuSucks