The Game Theorists (MatPat)

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The Game Theorists is a YouTube channel that centers around gaming. They have shows such as: Game Theory, The Science of, Sidequesting and Digressing, Crossover, Game Change, Culture Shock and a Brief History. This channel is mainly argued against for their game theory content.


Mat has gotten into the "art" of click bating, and he loves it. He only makes "theories" on popular topics. He even has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find anything on a popular topic to make a "theory" about and yes I keep using quotation marks because he isn't really making theories anymore he seems to only be making up about popular things such as PokemonGO and his trip to see the pope. These are not theories! I wish he would stop plastering his theory logo on any random crap he wants to talk about. He only does it because he knows there the only videos that get good views on his channel. Why not just make a separate video that ISN'T a theory? If he wants to talk about something so bad why not just make a discussion video like anyone else. It will save us time! I'm tired of clicking on a video and waiting for the "theory" to kick in but instead end up with garbage stat reports and half-hearted inquiries.

(Before I get started I just want to say that most of the spelling errors is because of the auto correct system. So I'm sorry for any and all confusion that stems from it. Now back to your regularly scheduled rant.)

Ok I'll just put it bluntly, I hate Mathew Robert Patrick. Specifically his alter ego, matpat. I swear that if cameras didn't exist he would be a much better person than the arrogant, shallow, egotistical, annoying, self centered, manipulative, idiotic, sloth that appears on his channel every week.

He steals other people's ideas so he can plagiarize them as his own (not that the theories he himself makes are any better especially by comparison).

He becomes "friends" with if other popular YouTubers like the "indie gang" (the group of people who play indie games with a face cam like markiplier, jacksepticeye, tobuscus (however you spell it, it's be forever since I last saw his channel) and pewdiepie) as well as peanutbuttergamer and ...more

The guy's an egocentric who acts snobbish in every video he makes. Other people who make speculation videos aren't nearly as pretentious or even as proud of their position of making something like this up.

In some of his videos, there's way too much stuff pulled from nowhere, and not only that, in some videos he applies real life physics to worlds with different types of said physics that function in entirely different ways (welcome to fiction, morons) which completely buries any sense of credibility that he may have had before his condescending voice started speaking. His catchphrase has hardly become reassurance anymore, it's a movement. A movement to be fully aware you enjoy his content, because with the attitude he provides in his videos you can be HARDLY assured that he's not advocating it to be true considering his tone of voice and how staunchly he defends his stuff.

Hey, did you here him say" that's just a theory" at the end? That's the discovery century, huh? - Nick-brick8

I hate MatPat. I know that positive comments have gotten more likes, but this guy just pisses me off. In a majority of his theories he purposefully leaves out information so his theories sound plausible, he straight up LIES to his blind audience about things that happen, and he cherry picks his evidence in order to make his theory sound believable rather than just letting the evidence guide his reasoning. The worst thing about him his fanbase. I know this doesn't affect the person making the videos. Pewdiepie is a nice guy and I just hate him because of his fanbase. What makes MatPat WORSE is that he makes his fanbase CANCEROUS. At least YouTubers like Pewdiepie and Mr. Enter have told their fanbases when they're screwed up. MatPat rarely does this and rarely admits that he makes mistakes. He takes his Mario, Rosalina, and Sans theories as FACTS in future videos, which does NOT work, and has such a big ego and deletes comments that pride his theories wrong. What a brat. Oh, and in his ...more - DCfnaf

One of the many faces of fake, corporate, safe YouTube content with no soul put into it. Game Theory/Film Theory videos are made on a factory conveyor belt. MatPat is unable to handle any sort of criticism, perhaps because he doesn't care. Or perhaps he simply cannot handle it. Or maybe it's because he makes too much money to worry about factual errors that litter his video. Game Theory/Film Theory videos are also remarkably ugly. From unappealing drawings to poor editing, they're nothing but eyesores.

Then there's his need to jump on any trendy game that's shat out into the internet. From Undertale, to Hello Neighbor, to Bendy and the Ink Machine, to Cuphead, to Baldi's, to, of course, his most prized cash cow, which has been milked drier than the Mojave, Five Nights at Freddy's. A series that a large portion of the internet has since frowned upon as incredibly convoluted and nonsensical. Yet MatPat still makes video after video after video based on these games, to the point ...more - regularshowman

And do you know what the worst part is? Their are a lot of adults who like him. ADULTS! - Lmrpirate

Stupid suggestion. This needs to be removed!

Stupid post. This needs to be removed. That's right I can turn the tables on you! - Lmrpirate

This guy uses other youtubers like markiplier and pewdiepie to get ratings, talking about them so he can get his videos on their suggestions list when someone looks them up. But that is the LEAST of his problems!

If egotism had a liquid physical form, it would be seeping through his pours. He has the ridiculous impression that he is always correct in his horrible excuses for theories. A list of some of the best ways he shows it are: "rosalina unmasked", the that theories, every role reversal (or bad guy is the good guy and good guy is the bad guy) theory, "sans is ness", just to name a VERY small handful.

His fans are nothing more than mindless drones (sometimes, other times they can be pretty good). Usually they go out to make everyone think that matpat knows everything about all the games of all the land and antagonize those who point out the holes in his theories (again not all of them are like that). And matpat dosn't care either, in fact, he seems to subtly ...more

To that one guy who said that we hate matpat over a guy who ruins lives, no we don't. And that is not an excuse to "remove him from this list" (which isn't happening at this rate since he is rank 15 at the point I made this comment).

He is an egotist who thinks he is always correct to the point where he thinks he knows more about the games he makes his theories about than their creators. Not to mention between "Why Mario is mental" and "Wii u is the new virtual boy" he seems to be trying to sabotage the gaming industry.

He rarely has any evidence that holds water to the point of cherry picking or choosing specific evidence so he can say we he wants and it isn't wrong to anyone who has never played the games he makes theories on.

That's why we can't stand him to ANY fanboy or fangirl who complains about him being on this list. In fact, one of the biggest reasons we can't stand him is YOU!

You and all his other fans no matter the age or gender. Believing he ...more

"No game theory is not bad what the F why is matpat on here! "

Answer to that is because he's egotistical, his jokes are horrible (and no, in the words of me enter "pointing out your problems doesn't make them go away").

He bullies people who don't like his theories and whines to his audience if he gets too much what you call "hate" we call criticism.

He puts little effort in his theories with bad evidence to the point where he picks and chooses his evidence and even hides other evidence of create false evidence to make his theories always appear correct no matter what anyone, even the CREATORS of the games he bases his theories on ( he was called out directly by both the creator of fnaf and undertale).


Okay, this is me defending my opinion on MatPat. I think he's at least decent, not absolute garbage, unlike some other YouTubers. A lot of the people here are going on about "ego" or "thinks that he is the only one who is correct about the lore of the games and movies he talks about". No, no he does not. Where are you getting this information anyways? Half the time he is correct, maybe even more than that. And even if he isn't always correct, I wouldn't call it a "lack of research." No, I'd call it making mistakes, or maybe even (gasp) not being the smartest man alive! Seriously, what are we, two-year-olds? Another point I see brought up often is the fanbase. His fanbase is the same case as something like FNAF, Undertale or Bendy and the Ink Machine. They all have good and bad people, but it's really become a trend to hate on anything with a fanbase because the bad side is so much easier to complain about. Just because a fanbase has some whiny babies in ...more

This ass clown should be higher up on this list, this guy pulls whatever ideas he wants out his ass and makes a 10 minute video based on completely unfounded assumptions and bad calculations for money. He calls his waste of said minutes a "theory", a word of which he has NO IDEA what it really means and would be laughed at by the entire scientific community, he consults NO actual game devs or programmers or physicists on his unfounded ideas as they would probably just roll their eyes at him anyway. Him and his fans believe nobody but him and propagate his ideas across the YouTube video game community.

You are such a game theory fan. Dude, most of his fans take his theories as fact. - DCfnaf

I don't know why this guy isn't higher. He is the worst youtuber ever and I really feel sorry for the people he works with.

Really I don't have much else new to say because EVERYONE, even some of his fans have ranted and raved about him as the Justin Bieber of youtu... Actually no Justin is actually a lot more humble, has a less annoying fan base, and is a lot less delusional than matpat. JUSTIN BIEBER! The guy who was arrested for multiple misdemeanors, has fans who are notorious for being insane when within a 100 mile circular radius of him, and thinks the Germany is food and sexual assault is a way god speaks to people.

But that's really everything I have to say about him that is spoken in an original way. Because everyone knows that matpat is an egotist to the point that he is made out of ego, that he seems to be trying to destroy the same industry that he is cashing in on (the gaming industry), he treats his friends like trash only to harbor more fame and money, and ...more

Matpat thinks he's some kind of genius, lacks good evidence, and his "theories" are easily dismissed. The only video that is an actual "theory" is the one on Grand Theft Auto. He actually forms a hypothesis and creates an experiment in that one. Also, he takes 10 minutes to get to something he already said in the title of his video. But, at least 10 year olds think he's funny!

How to be like matpat in 7 steps:

Step #1 manipulate famous youtubers into promoting your channel, or constantly mention them in your videos so your videos are put in their suggestions list for people who look them up to see your trash.

Step #2 use click bait thumbnails in every video you can to get a lot of views.

Step #3 use seizure inducing amounts of editing to hide your like of talent.

Step #4 try your best at destroying the industr(ies) you're basing your videos on.

Step #5 develop the ego the size of the solar system and the maturity of a toddler going through the terrible twos.

Step #6 when it comes to your theories, put as little effort in as possible and pull out evidence for your ass instead of researching the topic at hand.

Step #7 brainwash at least 90% of your fanbase into thinking that you are an all knowing god and that all who don't believe in you need to have their heads sliced off and find subtle ways to encourage ...more

MatPat is an absolute idiot for everything he does not know the words "References" and "Easter Eggs" I guess not and worst of all does storytelling videos these lore or storytelling videos tell the story of a certain game where it's story is hard to tell but yet this guy is the worst at it YOU HAVE ONE JOB AND YOU MESS IT UP! For FNaF this guy has two takes on the story but someone more skilled than him like VaatiVidya who completes it in one take with rich evidence to prove it - Hoxton

Considering the utter ego incarnate that is matpat, why is pewdipie of all people at number 1? Don't get me wrong, I don't give a thought about him but the only thing that keeps this horrible person, not youtuber, PERSON, from being at the top.

Everyone above (except onision) is a lot better in real life than on camera so I don't mind them if not like them out right. Matthew Patrick dose not have that going for him. He's a lazy egotist in his videos, and he is a lazy egotist in real life (youtubers react to racist Mario yet again with him saying "Mario's a psychopath", AGAIN ).

He's been that way since Mario is mental (LONG before fnaf was even a thought in Scott's mind by the way) and he will just keep getting worse (#exposing dory anyone? ). He acts like the same crybaby, arrogant, moron out on the streets and in his, and other youtube videos throughout the site and will never change.

His fans won't change either. While there are some mature fans, the vast ...more

Narcissist, little to no scientific facts, narrow minded, cliche, and overused. The "theorists" are just that, but he touts his theories as facts and gets upset whenever anyone disagrees with him.

Personally, MatPat's not a bad YouTuber. He just needs to learn how to deal with hate. He actually produces some quality content with his team.

While it is true most of his latest theories aren't as good as they once were, I just want to clarify to all those people that it is called a "theory" and not a FACT. That's what always bugged me with his haters, and what throws more insult to the fire is that these people OBSESS over it. If Mat makes a wrong theory video about Sonic The Hedgehog having false speed, why should people care? If it's wrong then it's wrong, move on. Quit spitting crap on the comment section.

However, I would say MatPat acts quite childish in reading those hate comments. He, too, is obsessing over the hate he's getting. My only advice: Mat, forget about it. They're never gonna stop. Just focus on the good comments. - MillieTrina_Prower

Steals other people's ideas and content without crediting them, and most of his "game theories" are either false, so damn predictable that everyone could figure those out or, again, he got from someone else. Plus he is annoying and so full of himself

As I have stated to many others a theory is only an idea. A theory is only true if you think it is and there may be similar theories that he does because the comments demand it or he takes some idea from some peoples theories and take what he thinks is true - Thefancyfedora

You're such a fanboy. Dude, people take his theories as fact which is why he is on the list. - DCfnaf

I've watched his videos for about 4 years now. From what I can gather, he enterred a state that a lot of YouTubers are in, he became cheap.
What I mean by that is that while he is still making "quality" videos, he seems to be putting most of his time writing jokes, making wacky editing effects, etc. and less on the theory itself as well as it's backup facts.

Back when YouTube wasn't as serious or big as it is now, you weren't exactly "rewarded" by being successful on YouTube. That and Mat being kind of new to theorizing and video-editing back then, he put more effort and care into making his videos, making sure they were at least moderately good. Time has passed, he might be getting tired of his job, so naturally he's getting less and less enthusiastic or caring about his content, sinking the bar from moderately good to just "meh".

I'm not a hardcore Game Theory fan or a picky fact-checker, so I'm not exactly bothered by his recent downgrade. So personally I think he ...more - Raremillennium

I love how his fans treat his theories as fact. Wait did I say loved? I meant HATE! He is an egotistical bully who is only popular because he mooches off of much better youtubers.

Very few of his theories are ever truly 100% correct. Even that fnaf 2 theory that Scott " confirmed" said that matpat got ALMOST everything right and everyone including Kayla himself conveniently glossed over that key word that's in all caps above (in the same paragraph as this for any smart alacs out there). And don't get me started on his overly biased "for honor" theory of the tf2 vs overwatch deadlock videos that had problems that even the fans who never played those games noticed.

And can I just say how much of an immoral jerk he is? I mean sending your cult of a fan base to harass celebrities in Twitter, really? If this continues he'll probably do something illegal by the end of it.

And all I can say to the slaves that work for him (his words, not mine), you need to break away ...more

If I could make my own list, this would be #1.

And I don't CARE what anybody else thinks.

I want him to die.

He takes everything way too seriously

f or a "theory" video.

All his theory videos are horrible.

And in his videos, he bashes on those who disagree with him.

And he'll go out of way, just to make one snobbish, selfish claim to make everyone believe it.

Take "Mario Is Mental" as an example.

"Mario is NOT the Hero" by NicoBBQ was a better video than that one because it was a joke video, and it really didn't sound like the guy meant it at all.

But MatPat's video?

No, he meant it.

He used fan-made stuff, and pretended like Nintendo made it, just so he could "transform our minds"

When all it did was ruin my childhood.

I want him to die. - PaperMarioFan

So you're someone who's like me who hates the Mario is Mental theory? I officially agree with you. - CyanTheBlizzard

Ego X stupidity + arrogance + immaturity - talent = Mathew Robert Patrick aka matpat (hate that nickname) aka game theory. If he is going to be a representative of gaming and even America like he said he was nominated to be, then we are screwed completely and utterly (he said he was nominated in the first part of his faster theory).

Honestly, I was annoyed by his jokes, his smarmy attitude, liberal political views, and the theory logo plastered on any video, but I watched him because his theories were good and made sense. Until he started uploading videos about undertale. First being the Sans is Ness theory, which was just an atypical theory by him. But then he said in the Gaster videos that Sans and Papyrus were Gaster, which makes 0 sense. If Gaster and the skelebros are related, does killing one of the skelebros also kill Gaster? If Gaster is Sans, is Gaster Ness? It just counteracts the other theory. And I know he says "but that's just a theory! " you can't have multiple theories about one thing, so does that mean that the Ness theory is disproved? Explain to me, EXPLAIN!

#exposing Dory. He told his fans to constantly tweet Ellen Degenerous that Dory was taking her short term memory loss. Let me say that again. HE TOLD HIS FANS TO HARASS DORY'S VOICE ACTOR ABOUT HIS THEORY OF HOW DORY IS CONNING MARLIN WITH FALSE CLAIMS OF SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS!

Dc fnaf PLEASE make an other rant on this bullcrap. He has now become a bully. And bullies with a large following are DANGEROUS!

I can't believe that Ellen is letting this slide. I thought by now that she would tell off matpat and his fans so they would stop harassing her.

I hated him long before this video but this made me want to delete his channel, I'm not kidding. He needs to be reported for bullying and harassment for that. Why would ANYONE do that? I guess Mario isn't the only one with antisocial personality disorder (A.S.P.D) HUN MATPAT?