Literally all Leafy does is pick on children, autistic people, old people, disabled people, obese people, skinny people, cancer patients, and the list goes on. Give PewDiePie some credit, at least he doesn't go out of his way to bully children. His fans are the worst fanbase I have ever seen. They consist of a bunch stupid, loser 9 year olds who can't tell that this man is the physical embodiment of YouTube cancer. I really don't like using that term so lightly, but I have to. Cancer is not a joking matter. A lot of people suffer and die from it and it is horrible. Leafy jokes about it like it's funny. It's not. And he calls his content satire. It isn't satire. It's just mindless, emotionless, soulless, garbage. If anybody deserves to get their channel deleted by youtube's horrible copyright system, it's Leafy.

My brother loves this channel but I don't, due to threats. He was pretty much not the worst, only scary. He acts mean. Here are my top 10 complaints:

10: His channel name. It's not like a leaf is here or there!
9: Bullying! He makes fun of stuff!
8: Too much curse words! We all know about 98% of Youtube videos have certain words in them, but he can say a lot of them like the S-Word or F-word, plus the B and A-word, you have to be like 20 years old to watch his videos!
7: Same old game. While you are watching one of his videos, it shows like a speed sliding game! Can't it be like Minecraft or Roblox or something like that?!
6: He threatens videos like it is some cheap junk.
5: His fanbase will make fun of you if Leafy sees one of your "videos".
4: Same old react video. Can't he gameplay or something?!
3: He also makes fun of kids sometimes.
2: Why does he have so many subscribers? We don't even like him!
Now the worst!
1: He attacks Youtube channels ...more

Edgy chinless emo that's 20 year old yet doesn't sound or look like he's been through puberty yet, his fanbase consists mainly of wrist slitters that instantly tell everyone that disagrees with Leafy to " KYS "

He has the most wormy voice I've ever heard and him and other commentary channels have completely ruined the whole Hotline Miami/vaporwave art style by overexposing it.

He's the kind of person that got bullied RELENTLESSLY in school so he resorts to bringing out his inner Elliot Rodgers and starts mocking autistic people, he's pretty much the worst thing ever.

He also kind of looks like the annoying fan from Oblivion with dark emo wrist cutter hair.

Terrible wont even do his channel justice its literally cancer his fans are horrid and all he does is bash on other peoples work while literally just repeating himself for the length of his video. I hope his channel crashes and burns and his fanbase looks back at themselves years from now and realise how retarded they were being.

All of you guys are cancer and a bunch of 5 year olds who don't understand satire content yes he made fun of an autistic guy but he deleted the video and made a apology video - mpb

Because of Leafy and his horrific fanbase, I can't go on to one YouTube video without seeing a comment that says "Nice shirt". How is that supposed to be even remotely funny? It isn't even a joke. It's nothing but mind-numbing spam and there's plenty of other like that as well.

Leafy is here is a complete ass with boring ass content, repetitive jokes, and is an annoying loser who hides his own insecurity while going on about other people's problems like the ignorant fool he is. Leafy is here is also not just offensive by himself, his fanbase is almost as bad as the monstrosity of channels like killer keemstar. His fanbase are mostly young girls and boys who are very unintelligent and most likely watches his content because of their own stupidity and the fact that they apparently see something in him, and guess what that is? Hate. He is full of hate. The young girls say he has cute looks but they can never see the true him. He is truly an annoying brat who can't learn anything no matter how hard he tries and overall is a very toxic person who uses people, and gets everything he wants in the shadows. He desperately complains about how bad other people are and say people are so cringy, but he can't realize how bad he is by himself. It surprises me that someone ...more

Leafy is a YouTuber who ''reacts'' to different other YouTubers. His videos mainly show gameplay of his as he ''criticizes'' the people he's portraying. Why did I quote criticizing, you ask? Well, he is unable to give out valid points of why he has a huge dislike for the persons content and often insults them without even informing us what's wrong with that person. He has went too far as to poke fun at people with mental illness and to children with less then even 100 subscribers. His fanbase is quite toxic and harass the people he's showing, driving many to the point of suicide. Now imagine yourself as a young kid or an autistic person posting a video which you know quite clearly wont get any views and the next day you know some ass has posted a video and insults you while you get a swarm of comments give you death threats.

That point aside, his videos aren't even funny. A single video lasts around 10 minutes when he could just wrap up it around 2 minutes and add a few jokes. ...more

Fanbase is full of "reptilians" who spam various videos with "HISS" and "PRAISE LEAFY".

All of his titles are clickbait and feature him ranting while he plays games in the background. To think he makes money off of this.

Look I know everyone's point Is gonna be "he's a cyberbully" but I find him bad for something else. He isn't funny. He just is not funny. Go ahead and spam me reptilian army for not finding the same tedious jokes in every video funny.

Leafy has an astounding arsenal of creative jokes ranging from butthole fingering, keemstar references, "literally" in almost every sentence, and "kill myself" jokes. He's so good and creative he doesn't even use a script. Did I mention he also doesn't have a chin?

Your saying that his jokes that can make somebody upset and cry are funny?

What is wrong with you? No, what in the world is wrong with everyone? This isn't even funny anymore - Gehenna

Leafy has become the Hitler of YouTube. His Reptilian army are raiding everyone who opposes him saying things like "hiss", "kys" and "nice shirt". He deserves to get banned. He does nothing but bitch while playing CSGO which people actually like. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I wish Leafy would go back to making original, non-clickbait videos where he talked about his bad experiences with drugs and only spoke out against people when they deserved it. Now he's just become a bully. He's still pretty honest with himself though (he knows he's a prick).

Why is Leafy so low? All he does is picking on kids and disabled people. Leafyishere is like the bully of the YouTube community.

To be honest, I used to hate leafy, but to be completely honest, his videos make me laugh. Unlike Onision, he is aware that he is basically an a-hole. While Onision creates ways to make things not his fault, leafy isn't like that, and although leafy has kind of an offensive channel, I think he gets way too much hate - pjo

Literally just makes fun of people for literally 10 literal minutes on literally you YouTube like literally the worst you tuber alive literally. He literally gets away with literal murder. Glad idubbbztv literally made a content cop on him. But I guess his videos are satire (no their not)

Turns little innocent kids into trolls

I hate leafy so much because he makes fun of kids with mental disorder. If you even have 1 then this is not the chanel for you and I hate leafy because he is a egotistical jerk with an ego bigger than his body and his fanbase hates kids with disorders and that is being the ultimate jerk

Really, people are so butthurt over the most simple of things. Leafy haters are examples of those SJWs. He makes reactions to people's videos and shares his opinions, and that's why everyone hates him. Funny thing is, everyone else shares their opinions. People who hate Leafy clearly think that only their opinions shall be shared while they cry over other people's opinions because your opinions and Leafy's don't match. Let me cry with you, you oversensitive pricks. People don't need to have your opinions to be a good person. - LemonComputer

A complete ass but even worse than himself are his HORRID fans who will go out to personally attack others on their channel. The fact that this has 4 mil subscribers makes me loose faith in humanity.

Jokes and memes are supposed to be funny, not offensive. This is the worst YouTube channel on Youtube. Not funny and the only people who like him are insensitive, insecure and unfunny edgelords without a life. Sorry, but jokes about things like mental disorders, age, diseases, etc are NOT and NEVER will be funny and are just cheap jokes for unfunny losers who can't think of anything that's actually good humour. This ugly big chinned flopping loser of a life is Adolf Hitler's reincarnation and should go die in hell. - Lunala

Disgusting Person. He just harasses the innocent for no reason to get power on Youtube, And his fans are bullying the innocent user Leafy harassed. He did exposed people which some were reasonable, I'm glad he's number 5 on this list.

He posts so much garbage that his horrible videos pop up on devices that I'm not signed in and have never watched a single one of his videos, or anything even remotely similar to his videos. Also, he only uses caps on his titles.

How has this guy not been assassinated yet?

Leafy is what happens when people forget what entertainment is.

This channel is incredibly stupid in my opinion. He is a legal adult that earns his revenue making fun of children. Just let that sink in... - Dawscr

Leafy can't go a video without saying literally seven times.