How is this number 24?! How does this bastard rank below iJustine?! I'm not a fan of iJustine, but at least she's not an ass who makes offensive videos and tries to justify said videos by calling them "satirical".

Nicole Arbour personifies literally everything wrong with the Internet.

Three words for you. Dear Fat People. This video was just downright cyber bullying! She offends so many people and her excuse is. "I'm a comedian! It's funny! I'm doing it for comedy! " And she legitimately thinks that people find her funny! She also says, "I insult myself too! I say I look like a Barbie all the time! " She just doesn't have a brain...

Justin Bieber is crap. One Direction is crap. Nicki Manaj is crap. Country music is crap. A lot of modern musical artists are crap. In reality, if VEVO channels had to be up here, then the whole list would be filled with them. Even universally hated rock bands like Nickelback and Creed have gotten their share of (insert a profane word here). The thing is that at least they don't go on offensive, demeaning, depression triggering rants. One of her videos was temporarily banned for violating You Tube's code, but unfortunately, it was reuploaded. The video should have stayed removed from You Tube for the exact reason that people say it should: she shames fat people.

She is an Internet spread of cancer, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, tuberculosis, small pox, deafness, blindness, and makes people not speak. Honestly, Arbour calls her a comedian. Heck, I can make better comedy than this fool, and plus, I bet can't make kids laugh. HECK! I AM ABOUT 19 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HER!

She only wants to be viral and it shows. She makes awful opinion videos which are 100% one sided and are total clickbait and even if the opinion is fair she RUINS any chance of people listening to her because she is so awful about it. In her mind if you are her you are an retarded idiot. She doesn't even post any REAL content all she posts is videos that REAL YouTubers would post if they wanted to talk about because they care about it. But she only uses the videos to gain fame in any shape or form. I do not know her personality but the way she puts herself online she comes off in my opinion as the WORST YouTuber ever.

For some reason, people think Nicole Arbour used to be a great person, but she was always doing the positivity videos for views. Back then, she still lied about being in a car crash and having a disability to call attention to herself.

You have absolutely no right to shame people for being overweight or fat, they are just innocent and they didn't do anything. It is not funny either. Just shut up, okay? Nobody finds it funny! We find it as cyberbullying. And not only that, she scams people. A fan won a contest and Nicole never gave him the prize. - TwilightKitsune

Good lord she's 30 years old, and she's so bad at pretty much everything she does...Her Music Video "Bang Bang" was so much worse than any Justin Bieber song. I can't believe she considers herself to be a comedian... - Vortexeo

This should defiantly be on the top. She's one of the most saddest people I've every seen, and she's ugly inside and out. When you're looking up comedians, you defiantly won't see her on the list. She's stuck in her school teen bully years, and takes her anger out on people who never did anything to her, and abuse her boyfriends.

I think Nicole Arbour made a joke that one person laughed at and now she calls herself a comedian. Sorry, Nicole, but waving your arms around =/= comedy.

She claims she's been doing stand up comedy for 10 years, and still she can't make a joke for an audience older than first grade.

If the morals of today's messed-up youth were in check, this narcissist would be ranked number one on this list. The fact that YouTube refuses to delete her trash channel makes me gag at the thought of ever watching another video on the site.

One of my followers asked me to watch her video, Dear Fat People, and I could not get through 20 seconds of it. Dropped the video after that time and I found the video unfunny and offensive. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Feminism isn't supposed to be abused for spoiled purposes. Nicole has mastered abusing "feminism"

Nicole Arbour is desperate, manipulative and so self-important she doesn't know what self-awareness is. She has definitely broken the "No Harassment" guideline with her "Dear Fat People" video. YouTube what are you waiting for; DELETE HER CHANNEL.

PS: She is also hypocritical, hateful, unamusing, unlikeable, abusive and worst of all: she is too much of a coward to accept the thousands of criticisms sent her way.

Where to start... She is a disgusting person who does nothing more then shame people that aren't "perfect" like she is. She abused her ex boyfriend Matthew Santoro (The YouTuber) She even got into the news for her infamous "Dear Fat People" video, in which she stands there and talk how horrible and disgusting fat people are.

I have watched a youtube channel worse than Nicole Arbour well it is probably a male version of her. Actually he makes her look like a kitty cat. It's KajunKashawn. A friend of mine liked his videos and I watched it and it was horrible. His opinions are horrible everything about it is rude. Don't watch him because you will regret it if you do.

I've seen many of her videos, and she comes off as really uneducated on the topic she is talking about. She also thinks that she's like a queen, and has power over everyone and everything.

"She may have gotten away with abusing her ex, but she will never get away from the community. People are starving for revenge and she is the main course..."

She's a hostile person and makes me wonder whether seeing certain people as human beings is starting to become subjective.

I saw the "Dear Fat People" video, and I cringed harder than I ever did in my entire life. It's TOTALLY okay if you like Nicole Arbor, it is my opinion anyways, but I don't like her at all.

Almost all of her videos without disabled ratings have more dislikes than likes. Her fans are creepy guys who only watch her because of her big boobs. - Popsicles

The only funny thing about her is that she still considers herself to be a comedian

She is the worst... Making videos about fat people, black people and I used to like the old Nicole Arbour who was actually really nice

She made a video called "Dear fat people" and "Dear black people". If I was YouTube, I would ban her. She's not cool