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181 pimpinmaster64
182 CengoKong

I still prefer this guy then PewDiePie.

Ya nobody comment because he's dumb and not as famous as PEWDIEPIE

183 Andyjraliw Bianchi
184 Golden Maker
185 Clay Claymore

Having only 337 subs (at the moment) and having a channel banner that says, "SHUT UP CLAY CLAYMORE BEFORE I BEAT YOU! " I personally think this guy should be placed at number one.

This person is a hypocrite and acts just like Enter.

Clay Claymore is an idiot. He criticized autistic peoples, critics including members of Channel Awesome (TGWTG studio) such as Nostalgia Critic (That Guy With A Glasses) and even Angry Joe, and good animation shows including anime. He hate Mr Enter. This guy is a troll due to being unethical and hypocrite as bad critic. I will never subscribe this channel.

Text to speech. YAWN...

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186 Game Grumps

Whoever put this here, take it off. Why hate game grumps. At least there better than Pewds. - Duncan99

Who hates the game grumps? They are so genuine and nice. Their fanbase isn't awful, they are orignial and widely recognised as such (even our lord and saviour Chris Pratt likes them). Who the heck could hate some pleasant, dumb people messing around whilst playing video games. Doesn't every gamer like doing that themselves?

Are you serious...I...I just can't...WHAT!?! Who kind of moron puts game grumps on the list of worst channels ever...what? And why is pewdiepie on the top of the list, who ever made this stupid list most likely has half a brain, I mean even a blind person could see past this bull, and the possibility of me having brain cancer by looking at this dreadful god awfully list is rapidly happening at an alarming high standard.

They should be at least number two. They're literally the most annoying "YouTubers" to be on the site. I can't stand their excessive screaming and the fact that they act like 4-year-olds. - WiiGamer2014

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If you like everything then do you like yourself?

Doesn't even make I hate mars bars and watches his dog fall out of tree so bad

Likes dust, and I hate dust

Can this channel just represent all of the IHE parody channels?

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188 Nash Grier Nash Grier Nash Grier is an American Internet personality. He became known for his online Vine videos in early 2013.

I swear, he has literally only 9 videos, and close to 3 million subscribers. All of his fame is from his stupid vine account, which really doesn't impress me at all. His fans only like him for his looks. He is also a very stereotypical douchebag that expects a high quality girlfriend, and expects his girlfriend to revolve her personality and physical appearance around him. He makes me want to bash my head into a wall.

He makes it quite obvious he only wants fame and fans. He also made an extremely sexist video and deleted it quickly after.

I hate this human so much, he made a video telling girls how to dress and look for his own pleasure which is sick and disgusting, and the fact that his audience actually listens to his demands makes me want to drink bleach, he expects all girls to look the way he wants them and doesn't care about their personality but rather a nice physical appearance which is something that he of all people, if I can call him a person, lacks greatly

Treats girls, including his girlfriend, like trash, constantly having to remind them about his high standards. He's the preppy-pretty boy who's only on Youtube or the fame and serves no purpose other than being a whitebread Snapchat idol making money. - Swellow

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189 Double4anime

This guy is an ass making anime seem like its for asses like him

Makes me feel ashamed to be in the anime community.

Weeb who poops on others and sends subscribers to hate on people who don't like he's favourite anime

I first like de historische content but after a Wile ikwached more of his videos the more ik hate de him for spoiling things in his titels

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190 Danisnotonfire

To everyone saying he never posts, Dan's videos take at least 20 hours to edit each. If he finds something in his videos that he doesn't like, he refilms them. He also has a gaming channel with Phil that they post on regularly. Last December they literally posted videos every day for a whole month on the channel. Dan and Phil also do everything by themselves including editing, filming, and any type of script writing. Both Dan and Phil do weekly livestreams to keep up with fans and answer as many questions as they can. They also have a BBC radio show, and last year they went on a tour around the world and still managed to make videos when they had their small amount of downtime. Both Dan and Phil actually put effort into videos and if they wanted they could post something they through together in an hour and they would have tons of views, but they take time to make videos that actually are well made. Don't say that Dan and Phil don't care about their fans because if you actually took ...more

Take this off the list what

I don't really like Phil either. they used to be funny now they're just annoying and so unoriginal. Phil is quite a creative funny guy but he is becoming too much like Dan. They make a lot of money but hardly ever post, and I don't believe they deserve it. I feel sad because they're older videos were so funny, now it's just typical. It's sad to see a channel that I loved so much go downhill. I really hope they get better and maybe be more involved in their "job"

Both Dan and Phil need to wake up and realize that their content is awful.

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191 Bl00dblitz

How is this guy on here? Just because he bashed your favourite celeb/YouTuber with good reasons? - MelonMan

192 Bobcandance1
193 Dashiegames Dashiegames

Why mah boi dash on here? - drageromb

Dashie is the best you tuber he does not need to be on this list

Dashie's Swearing Always Makes me Laugh, He's Great

I agree

194 Bearing

Why is bearing on here?

195 Freelee the Banana Girl

I hate her. She believes that meat eaters are evil people and Veganism has nothing wrong with it. I don't see anything wrong with stealing animal's food and making cows explode (due to not being milked) neither (Obvious sarcasm, those things are extremely wrong). She just needs to accept that there are positives and negatives to people's lives, and she's slowly giving herself fruit poison from overeating bananas. Everything that can be wrong with a YouTube channel is wrong with her and she needs to be higher on this list, much higher.

Not everybody wants to be vegan
People have gotten very sick on vegan diets, girls have stopped getting there periods (and the were not pregnant) when they were on this diet. when girls have eating disorders they stop getting there period- see the connection

A fraud who thinks you deserve to die. She makes fun of people with eating disorders and are fat! She finds random stuff on the Internet and says they are doing it wrong. She gives my country a terrible name.

Her brain IS a banana, like Banana Jeffy from Jeffy Swallows a Bee. Veganism's the WORST! - GigaDrill

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196 rebecca

Why is Rebecca Black here? She hasn't done anything bad since Friday, and the disaster of a song is about 5 years old. - Swellow

I wish RebeccaBlackPwnsAll were on this list. She is one of the worst of the worst. She dissed all gifted, badass rock/metal bands in favor of modern pop artists.

Rebecca is so nice,pretty, awesome to watch and has good songs!

Northernlion is a really decent channel! Not really comparable to the others listed hereAnd I honestly can't tell if this was meant to be a 69 joke or a legitamite entry.

197 JoeySalads

Hires actors and exploits popular prejudices and trends to make money and push his political agenda with his "Social Experiments". Has been exposed for hiring actors on numerous occasions by The Prank Reviewer.

The main reason this ass is popular is because H3H3 destroys his content

This dude mailed his own piss to people

Why does his channel even, like exist?

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198 The Film Theorists

The Same as the Game Theorists - ChibiDaFox

199 Sam & Nia

Preaching about how much Gid is blessing them and how much more hypocritical they are becoming. Especially this year.

I hate Sam and Nia, they are so hypocritical

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