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181 Freelee the Banana Girl

I hate her. She believes that meat eaters are evil people and Veganism has nothing wrong with it. I don't see anything wrong with stealing animal's food and making cows explode (due to not being milked) neither (Obvious sarcasm, those things are extremely wrong). She just needs to accept that there are positives and negatives to people's lives, and she's slowly giving herself fruit poison from overeating bananas. Everything that can be wrong with a YouTube channel is wrong with her and she needs to be higher on this list, much higher.

Not everybody wants to be vegan
People have gotten very sick on vegan diets, girls have stopped getting there periods (and the were not pregnant) when they were on this diet. when girls have eating disorders they stop getting there period- see the connection

A fraud who thinks you deserve to die. She makes fun of people with eating disorders and are fat! She finds random stuff on the Internet and says they are doing it wrong. She gives my country a terrible name.

Her brain IS a banana, like Banana Jeffy from Jeffy Swallows a Bee. Veganism's the WORST! - GigaDrill

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182 Skylander Boy and Girl

They are annoying as balls. I don't care if they are no. 56 or not, they are spoiled little douches. The worst thing about this channel is sometimes it's inappropriate as hell sucking on monkey tits. Why in the love of talking trains would they do this, even The 8 bit theatre does a better job, because there not a bunch of drunks on weed. I'd said, someone please hack that channel because it's nothing to do with sky landers at all.

At first glance it looks like these are innocent childrens videos. Watch a few of the epic unboxing episodes and you'll quickly realize the truth. These videos are not for kids.

Posted along with random, written warnings, they throw toys off buildings, have frozen egg fights, and dip skylanders in boiling water.

If I ever have the good fortune of meeting Skylander Dad, I'm going to kick him in the vagina, while pelting him with frozen eggs.

Can someone please steal everything these spoiled brats own? The only 'acceptable person on this show is the three year old, and that's not saying much. These kids treat these toys like they're the only thing they have. Meanwhile African kids everywhere would beg for a SANDWICH. Seriously, steal their toys and DESTROY THEM. THESE KIDS don't DESERVE ANY OF THESE TOYS.

Spoiled brats who command their parents for anything

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183 Bearing
184 rebecca

Why is Rebecca Black here? She hasn't done anything bad since Friday, and the disaster of a song is about 5 years old. - Swellow

I wish RebeccaBlackPwnsAll were on this list. She is one of the worst of the worst. She dissed all gifted, badass rock/metal bands in favor of modern pop artists.

Rebecca is so nice,pretty, awesome to watch and has good songs!

Northernlion is a really decent channel! Not really comparable to the others listed hereAnd I honestly can't tell if this was meant to be a 69 joke or a legitamite entry.

185 CowbellyTV

Why is this even in the list? I had a lot of great laughs watching their videos. - Spkycactus011

Just when you thought WatchMojo was unoriginal... - Drewman1211

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187 Sam & Nia

Preaching about how much Gid is blessing them and how much more hypocritical they are becoming. Especially this year.

I hate Sam and Nia, they are so hypocritical

188 JAR Media

They aren't making Alex make I hate mars bars.

Wow, cringe

Durr Plant

Wow cringe.

189 JeromeASF

Never watch this youtube channel. Its fanbase consists of children under the age of 12. These children are influenced to talk like retards because of his manner of language. If you don't know who this is, do yourself a favour and don't watch him. Worse than SkyDoesMinecraft.

He should be off of this list

Hunger games pro and Betty


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190 Minnesota Burns

Granted, younger kids should NOT be playing Call of Duty, but that doesn't justify the guy for constantly trolling/harassing children over Xbox Live. He can be funny at times, but its very uncomfortable to see a grown man repeatedly making children cry, and try to justify himself by going "Oh they shouldn't be play Call of Duty in the first place! " It's true, they shouldn't, but this is so obviously inappropriate. Grow up, Minnesota Burns

Trolls little kids a lot. He needs to be a man and pick on someone his own size and age. Even trolling should involve at least some ethics but Burns takes it too far.

Surprised not to see him on the list, all he does is troll people on Xbox Live

What happened to his channel as of lately, crappy content now. - llamadic

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191 NxtGen720

! This guy I mean this guy is a big fat lying lowlife XBOT! Because all he does is record himself on YouTube exposing people and showing off expensive things to impress other men and even lied about owning a $12.000 PC which he doesn't have! He never finished high school, never went to college, lived with his grandmother until his mid 20s and didn't have a job until his mid 20s, now there he is lying and cheating on his wife! And the worst thing is that some of the people who watches his videos about whatever he has to say ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS LYING FRAUD! Also just recently, he talked about how his house burnt down and lost all his possesions, we knew right away that it never happened because he wouldn't have a computer vlogging himself right now! Many people myself demand this guy off YouTube for good!

Retarded Xbot hoodrat who lies about having a $12,000 gaming desktop with four NVidia GTX Titans in it, but can't even afford to get decent clothes or move out of the projects. His house is a mess, he eats dinner on top of a rabbit cage, his clothes are stained, his dreads look like a dead tarantula, and he's owed Blackb0nd $150 for months because he never proved he had a twelve-thousand dollar gaming computer.

Also brags about how the Xbox One is the only console that supports 4K (2160p) resolution, despite the Xbox One failing to reach 1080p in over 90% of its library, with literally less than 5 retail games that run at 1080p with a stable 60fps.

192 Mazaku
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194 Eric Douglace
195 Disney Car Toys Club DCTC

We are here to see Disney Pixar's Cars merchandise, not crap that has nothing to do with Pixar's Cars, such as Peppa Pig, Elsa, Spiderman, Surprise Eggs, and Play Doh. - Jliby30

This channel is a representation of what Hell is supposed to look like. This needs to be in the Top 10, it's lazy, boring, uninspired, and it's literally the same video time and again.

I don't like DCTC because they are kind of copying Disney Car Toys name

This is one of those channels that was doing something and just switched to Frozen Superheroe videos and their old stuff sucks too - Himalayansalt

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196 Aeroniuc
197 DarkMetalOverlord
198 JeyDy
199 chipndipstudios
200 Unge
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