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201 Dner
202 WilhelmKramerlp
203 FaZe oTiC

Obnoxious, doesn't ever do stuff - jamps

204 Tana Mongeau

Hypocritical, Spoiled, Annoying, Jenna Marbles wannabe.

Absolutely rude and a disgusting liar. I can't believe I used to believe her. I liked her and watched her videos and then this thing with Freelee happened. My friend showed me the truth, she is a filthly liar and you shouldn't believe anything she says. Thanks for staying "true" to your fans, Tana.

She exaggerates too much and is hypocritical

She lies for 10 minutes straight. Oh boy did IDubbbz destroy her. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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205 DarkSydePhil

Probably the dumbest person to ever play a video game. Guy is truly clueless as to how games work, and blames the game for his mistakes.

He is the most stubborn and immature gamer ever and he will never learn.

One thing I can't believe is that this joke of a YouTuber is not in the top 50. He should at least be in the top 3 and I would really like to see him at #1.

All of his jokes are unfunny. Saying that a game is "bugged" beyond belief even though you are at fault for being bad at a game is mindboggling. Saying horrible jokes at emotional events in a video game is cringy at best - YourWaifuSucks

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206 CinemaSins

Many dumb kid take their so call "criticism "seriously and use them against some film. That's some bad influence. Most of their "sins" are opinion or irrelevant "plot hole" some are just nonsense. Never talk about artistic value of a film. Rarely talk about film making. And most importantly, in the introduction video, they literally said screw movies. I don't like their attitude.

I think that he can be very funny and is also extremely observant, but also really rude not only to the movie makers, but to everyone who liked that movie. He's also very opinionated and biased, even if what he's complaining about isn't even a "sin". That just makes it seem like he's LOOKING for something negative to call them out on. It also seems like he thinks he has to cuss just to get his point across. And the worst part is... this is all coming from one of his subscribers. - LeiaSkywalker

I swear if they touch one particular movie I shall not name just in case some sees this and suggests it as an idea they will get an INSTANT dislike and an angry comment from me

He keeps taking Comments and things that are not mistakes as "Sins" HATE HIM - THEEPICDUDE990

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207 iDubbbz

500$ that a leafy fan tried to put this here

He pretty good though

Ian the alien

Overrated meme. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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208 TVFilthyFrank

This channel is one of those channels that is between being utterly amazing or makes you wanna kill yourself

My favorite YouTube channel yet it would give me satisfaction for it to be number 1.

His pink guy videos are so funny

His videos are disgusting and offensive. His jokes are unfunny and unoriginal. His pink guy videos consist of him going out in public and molesting random people, and apparently that's supposed to be funny. His fans are your typical dweebish middle schoolers and high schoolers. I'm sorry, but if you watch filthy frank then you're most likely some loser with no life.

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209 AnimationRewind

Why the hell is this even a thing?! Not only does the "animation" look like an invisible person is throwing a rag doll around at the speed of sound, but his voice is annoying and unbearable. He acts like an actual animator, and thinks he's the best at it, when I can't think of one video that doesn't look like a five year old messing around with the gravity gun on GMod. Just look up his channel and watch some of his episodes of Cartoon Fight Club, and see what I mean. He's a joke. All of his videos are crap, and if it was up to me, I'd have his YouTube account closed...

And Death Battle fans. Anyway, no, he's not ripping off Death Battle. He is unique compared to other fighting shows via rematches, meme fights and so forth. Also, a billion shows are like Death Battle and nobody cares about them, so why are all of you crapping on AR? I can name over 10 channels worse than him. - Ultron123

This channel supports independent animators from every area of Youtube, such as one of my personal favorites; Vegito1089. I recommend people give it a try before deciding on its fate. Thank you.

This channel is nothing but cheap versions of Screwattack's Death Battle series, but with awful animation.

Again, there are a billion shows that "rip off" Death Battle out there so you could just yell at those as well if you hate AR, because they are apparently ripping off your precious Death Battle. - Ultron123

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210 leafyishear

He also makes fun of kids or people who have only 1 sub and he sends his fanbase to send death threats to the guy its messed up, plus his fans tell the person leafy made a video about to Kill themselves WORST YouTube EVER

*here. Right? Or is that just me? Does he have a second channel which is this one? Whatever

Is this a parody channel?


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211 Stomedy

Watching Stomedy is like having chemotherapy kill every cell in my body.."Drill Myself"...Need I say more?

I sometimes wonder how Stomedy was even able to understand how to create a YouTube account.

He made a drinking bleach without dieing and drilling my head challenge

Stomedy is not the worst youtuber.
He is very good.
He is a gamer

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212 Aphmau

Look at her thumbnails and video titles, it's basically 13-year-old click bait like "First kiss" showing a guy kissing a girl while wearing barely anything. Not to mention her videos are absolutely horrible, the voice acting feels forced and the main character is kind of a mary-sue and her fan base is even worst but I shouldn't get to that due to the fact that you can't use a fanbase to prove how they are bad. She writes smut with the characters she makes which is just horrible and I feel bad for the people who work with her, I hope they get paid well. One time on twitter there was a fan who made fanart and decided that they did not want to do it anymore so the fans attack her (not physically obviously) but they started to write threats and crap, so when this artist told Aphmau about it, she said on twitter after two months that they shouldn't do that, and then later blocked the artist who stopped drawing fan art probably because either she didn't want to deal with that, or ...more

I think she is kind of stupid in a way. Her role plays depict her as a Mary - Sue. I mean, who portrays themselves as a goddess? Her ego is way too big for her own head. Not to mention her fanbase are a bunch of brutal idiots who think she invented the word "roleplay" and comment and insult any other channel who make role plays. She needs to get control of her fanbase and make better content.

Aphmau is a idiot who is an idiot

She's a whore idiot who can't keep her stupid mouth shut. She's been getting into sexual topics she shouldn't be dealing with! Such as gay/lesbian people, seduction, and sex! Not to mention this is supposed to be a kid friendly channel! I bet she's a cruel unkind person who whips her staff and voice actors into shape. She just acts friendly for the views and the clicks. She's fake. She's the worst female YouTuber in the world. I hope she dies in a hole.

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213 Xycron

He's a pretty cool dude, I don't know why he's here

I really don't think she should be on this list.

Xycron is awesome. Why is he on this list?

What is he doing he is so stupid his videos are crap why would people watch him

214 MissHannahMinx

If she put a turtleneck on, all her views would vanish. Guaranteed.

Hannah, this is YouTube, not BoobTube.

Misshannahminx doesn't even care for her viewers at all! She only cares about money where she exposes her boobs from a top point of view in every single video! Making her a YouTube prostitute.

The top of a long list of "Boob-Tubers" - women whose videos consist of boring and otherwise forgettable content, with the camera strategically placed so you can see down their cleavage. No surprise that the videos where she's covered up have the fewest views.

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215 Miranda Sings

Miranda DESERVES worst channel on YouTube but before you get mad HEAR ME OUT! She is one of my favorite channels on YouTube by far and the hilarity in this character that Colleen expertly created is that she is so annoying which makes her so funny! She deserves worst channel because she is the best at being horrible if that makes sense.

Weirdest person I've ever seen. She needs to be higher. What was Colleen thinking? It's really and REALLY weird when she zooms her face WAY close to the screen. I love Miranda Sings but she sounds too weird (even the game)

I have never despised a person so much in my many years on this earth. Miranda Sings (or as I call her, migraine fuel) makes the WORST covers I have ever heard in the most annoying voice a human being could possibly make. Like, if you want fame, you should sound bad at least, because that's a big step up from your usual voice. I quite literally can't watch her videos without having to take an Advil for my bad migraine. I'm surprised she isn't #2, with Sam Pepper being #1. PEACE OUT, MIRANDA SINGS LOVERS!

Stupid. Wears way to much lipstick

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216 FGTeeV

First of all, I don't even watch their videos because it's so not for me. Secondly, Chase plays video games terribly, like in Mario Kart 8 where he doesn't know how to race so he's just driving around and falling in abysses and in Smash 4 where he doesn't fight at all and all he does in the game is fall of the fighting platform and die. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with that kid? Is he really that dumb? Oh and finally, their thumbnails are the worst thing ever on this channel because almost all of their thumbnails look like a psychedelic acid trip with random stuff going on like the MLG videos. Their thumbnails are so awful and obnoxious that they should get the award for "Worst YouTube Thumbnails Ever". - Jliby30

Yeah, I hate this channel. I hate all of their channels. Why? Well, for one, they are just mean spirited if you ask me, especially the dad. Also, the fact that the 2 best members of the family, Lex and Mike, are barely in the videos, that's just not cool. But the worst thing about it is Chase. That annoying, stupid kid who can never shut the heck up. They just use him for views. I used to like this channel, but oh, how the tides have turned.

My younger sis is super duper obsessed with this YouTube channel they just play video games

Who cares? I don't really like their channel but you can get popular in YouTube by playing games. - BraveCrumb

They just really make weird crappy videos that doesn't even make sense.

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217 Machinima

I can't even watch this channel without thinking of their top 10 movies about porn. Who in the world would wanna make a list about that?!

All of it is simply awful. From ETC news where dude-bros dress up like 2 of the biggest factory-wrapped-douches you've ever seen and giggle their way through the "news." The only redeeming thing they have done is the videos where they re-read creepy texts.

ETC News and Inside Gaming are the only worthwhile videos to watch. Machinima has fallen low, very low since their popularity waned.

I've always heard bad stuff about this channel.

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218 Superminecraftkid

He sucks ass. He's the biggest troll ever. He gives me cancer. For the love of god die please.

He is like the Hitler of YouTube and he is also a racist that curses every second. And he also has no common sense at all and his screeching will kill people wearing headphones. He calls The legend of Zelda a ripoff of Minecraft just because you can HOLD A SWORD. He also thinks that Minecraft was the first game ever made.

I thought sammy classic sonic fan was bad...

Then I saw this and it's like torture

Welcome to the cancer show, today we have Superminecraftkid! - ChibiDaFox

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219 Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, ...read more.

He has a YouTube channel? - DaB055

Makes no sense at all

Who put him on here?

Hubba Hubba, who added that smoking pic? ]

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220 ManManBoyBoyMan

He doesn't deserve to be on this list, because he's the best rapper in the universe.

YE GAT A STEV IN MEH SUCK ON that TRUCK ALL DAY UP DOWN ALBUM I'm A MINION (this channel is a joke channel) But he's the rapper ever so shut up I AM THE ONE (end me)

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