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281 officialpsy

Gangnam Style was good. Then came Gentleman and Daddy, which are AWFUL

PSY is one of the weakest K-Pop artists, which is a high bar. - The Ultimate Daredevil

I aslo like gentleman in my opinion



She makes fun of Hurricane Sandy victims saying they were retarded and should've been more prepared! Also when she makes fun of Amanda Todd while she drinks from a bleach container. In her five things I hate video, she said "If you are fat, than lose some weight! Go to a gym do whatever. If you are ugly than put on some makeup! ". Also her username sounds scary...

I always wonder how kids like her rarely get spanked.

She is just rude! Her parents made a despicable child! She goes as far as to call Amanda Todd, yes, AMANDA TODD, a wh***! This girl then makes an april fools video which seems real, saying she is sorry for being rude to Amanda Todd, then repeating the words April Fools. She deserves to have her channel removed, and in the "Will You? " Video, I like because, if you know me, to me, seeing beached whale have seizures is pretty funny.

She is a jerk! She dissed Amanda Todd in that video, and that was totally uncalled for. I don't care that its her opinion, but as someone who has sort of been through the same thing Amanda did, I find it really angering to watch a poor soul being called a wh***. Enough said.

283 RoadRunnerCoyote2014
284 MayBaby

I WAS WAITING TO FIND HER HERE! She always posts videos like "Things every girl should know! " which not only is annoying, but has been done by a lot of people! Her voice is annoying, and she just copies things a few other people already did to get views! About time I found her here... just can't stand her.

She makes me angry when I watch her videos... not sure why though

She's okay, but she turns up the saturation SO MUCH on her videos, it's annoying.

I like her but meh

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285 Mark Dice

Mark Dice is actually a fascist. I'm don't call everyone I disagree with a fascist, but he views liberalism as a "curable disease". - Fiend

Just looking at him he that type of dudes who will spend their money on hookers and cocaine. Pretty to be mini Fox News but just another gritty ass who want your money.

He says he's Christian yet he wants to kill

Worst YouTuber in history - LJJ207

286 What's Inside?

This channel is very repetitive and stupid. It all consist of 2 guys and a kid. They take items and simply cut them open to see what's inside. Now I know it sounds boring but trust me it is. There is no spark of interest whatsoever. - BadBoiDrummer

It's supposed to be cool not stupid

This is worthless this is them in a nutshell 1 Buy junk 2 Make it like a game 3 Go home 4 Cut it open 5 throw it out - BraixenBreak

What even is this. a guy and a kid. I would rather watch bubble guppies this this pile of crap.
plus its worse then ethangamer. who is a 9 year old brat who shouldn't be on social media.

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287 Kubz Scouts

That Dude is here? This is the only time I would not like to see him! Get him off here! He actually cares about his fans and his content is funny, if you can handle the amount of swearing.

What?! This channel is actually pretty awesome... But that's my opinion - NightmareIsHere_

Why is he on this list?! He is awesome! - Bree__T

Gonna get this Knifu and End Mai waifus Lifu - BraixenBreak

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288 Einshine

He always tells people to kill their selfs and get out

Stop hating on anime, you guys that put him on are the same people who call anime fans or just Japanese fans weebs, that insult is on the same level as autistic, if you are going to put because of Minecraft, he doesn't do Minecraft anymore!

Einshine Minecraft let's plays


289 XboxAddictionz

He shouldn't be here he is awesome

XboxAddicitonz is rude to his fans and he only cares about money - DoroExploro13

He just does stupid minecraft videos with retarded kids

True - BraixenBreak

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290 Spectrum Pulse

I only watch him to cringe at his over dramatic whining. Easily the worst music critic on YouTube. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

Shouldn't be on this list - PurpleFebruary

Billboard Breakdown is great, but some of his album reviews are subpar. come on, is THAT hard to give a 10 or a 1 every now and then? - ProPanda

Does no one watch his perfect-score reviews? Or that one time he gave twenty-øne piløts a 9/10? Or Beyoncé? Or talked about how he had like a dozen albums he had to cut from a top 25 albums of the year list? - WonkeyDude98

You have to admit, we abuse that score a LOT. Mark is just a harsher guy, you know? - WonkeyDude98

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291 MasterOv V 2 Comments
292 Toy Freaks

They are creeps.

293 sushi654

I did not know about this channel until recently. And when I did..
Ugh! - InsertNameHere

OH MY GOD! I totally forgot about this guy. HORRIBLY stupid videos.

A ginger who truly don't have a soul.

I saw a video...
I think I'm scared for life

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294 veryinvalid

His username speaks for itself.


295 BFvsGF‎

Annoying twats that make endless, boring challenge/prank videos. People that vote on this list need to get a life. Realise that there are a lot of channels that are missing from this list and they are way more awful than the top five.

The videos hey make are funny and they make me laugh be halo that they make these videos because editing a video takes a lot of time and if u mess up you have to start over or cut and edit so be happy for what you get to watch

What? BFvsGF is awesome! Haters always find the most nit-picky things to say about YouTubers. What do they do? Spend hours recording, editing, and posting videos. What do you do? Sit your fat a$$ on the sofa with nothing else to do than write things about people that you would probably do too. You probably don't even know how to make a video! Idiots...


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296 EpicMealTime

I liked their first video where they simply put fast food items on a pizza for fun, but now they have to be professional. They act all hardcore, swear all the time while censoring with crow caws. They don't even tell you the steps they take when making their meat oddities. And they're unfunny with big egos.

I was shocked not to see them on this list

Would be better if they didn't eat like they've never seen food before. Then they add bacon and jack daniels to everything which makes it gross.


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297 RomanAtwood

He makes his titles and thumbnails look interesting, just to have your expectations lowered by the EXTREMELY boring videos. TALK, TALK, TALK.

Come on! This list is BS! RomanAtwood and his other channels are my favorite! His VLOG channel is laid back and all about family, which clearly everyone bashing on this guy doesn't know how have fun with family and friends. His prank channel is hilarious, he knows how to have a good time. His gaming channel is also all about friends and family. If I were to look up to any youtuber for the things they do now, it would be him. Take him off the list. you know, maybe DELETE THIS LOST ALL TOGETHER! - caseyk1218

No better than Vitaly. Incredible douche with no repsect for women. Not even his own girlfriend, who's helping to raise two of his children (one of them not even being hers).

He makes sick pranks involving being caught having sex with someone else's "mother", has uploaded an embarrassing video of his girlfriend almost giving him oral sex just to allow the public to see her in such a vulnerable unknowing state. And he even made a prank in which he "pretended" to kill his own child. -_- yeah... the guy's a dickwad.

He uses too much clickbait and pranked that he murdered his kid.
how evil!

298 MommyandGracieShow

Fame got up to their heads. They used to be really cute but now they think they are some youtube gurus. It is very sad to see them go from posting silly toy videos to posting sponsored videos promoting consumerism and forcing their political views on little kids.

Gracie is starting to become a bitch, which is why I don't watch them anymore.

I don't even watch these 2 bitches. They use the exact same font for every custom thumbnail which is starting to make me go nuts, Gracie is now getting mature although SHE NEEDS TO OUTGROW MLP (which is for little kids but not for Gracie), SHOPKINS (they're also for little kids), AND OTHER LITTLE GIRLS TOYS ONLY BECAUSE SHE'S GETTING MORE MATURE, the mom always gets sick and lazy, they still have the 2 cats which I hate all cats except for Grumpy Cat, the Dad always films vertically, Gracie STILL SITS IN THE BACK SEAT OF A CAR (although people 12 and up get to sit next to the driver), Gracie still makes those obnoxious/stupid faces in the thumbnails, and they still make tons IF THEY'RE JUST DOING HUNTS FOR CRAP THEY LIKE AND REVIEWING CRAP. - Jliby30

299 Youtube for Kids

YouTube for Kids? NO - BadBoiDrummer

Kinder suprise!

it sucks

300 AmazingPhil AmazingPhil

I am upset Phil is on here. He is a charming, funny, kind person who always makes me smile. He swears a lot less than Dan, though I do like Dan as well!

Yes the phandom can be scary but that is just because they are expressing themselves and being who they are!

Are you kidding me?! - Iamcool

I hate that phil is on here he is the sweetest and most adorable yet relatable youtuber I've ever watched

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