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281 sushi654

I did not know about this channel until recently. And when I did..
Ugh! - InsertNameHere

OH MY GOD! I totally forgot about this guy. HORRIBLY stupid videos.

A ginger who truly don't have a soul.

I saw a video...
I think I'm scared for life

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282 veryinvalid

His username speaks for itself.


283 EpicMealTime

I liked their first video where they simply put fast food items on a pizza for fun, but now they have to be professional. They act all hardcore, swear all the time while censoring with crow caws. They don't even tell you the steps they take when making their meat oddities. And they're unfunny with big egos.

I was shocked not to see them on this list

Would be better if they didn't eat like they've never seen food before. Then they add bacon and jack daniels to everything which makes it gross.


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284 Clay Claymore

Having only 337 subs (at the moment) and having a channel banner that says, "SHUT UP CLAY CLAYMORE BEFORE I BEAT YOU! " I personally think this guy should be placed at number one.

This person is a hypocrite and acts just like Enter.

Clay Claymore is an idiot. He criticized autistic peoples, critics including members of Channel Awesome (TGWTG studio) such as Nostalgia Critic (That Guy With A Glasses) and even Angry Joe, and good animation shows including anime. He hate Mr Enter. This guy is a troll due to being unethical and hypocrite as bad critic. I will never subscribe this channel.

Text to speech. YAWN...

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285 Mark Dice

Just looking at him he that type of dudes who will spend their money on hookers and cocaine. Pretty to be mini Fox News but just another gritty ass who want your money.

He says he's Christian yet he wants to kill

Worst YouTuber in history - LJJ207

286 Youtube for Kids V 3 Comments
287 JoeySalads

Hires actors and exploits popular prejudices and trends to make money and push his political agenda with his "Social Experiments". Has been exposed for hiring actors on numerous occasions by The Prank Reviewer.

The main reason this ass is popular is because H3H3 destroys his content

Why does his channel even, like exist?

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288 Scarce

He's not good at writing or reporting so he just ends up saying the same thing about three times to describe one thing and uses the same descriptive words over and over and over. Also, he over hypes a lot of stories and reports on FaZe crap way too often about crap that doesn't need to be talked about.

Dabbles into Youtube drama to make profit, and each video ends up being redundant as he describes things in the same way in just about every video. Also, his fans are a bunch of homophobic a-holes. Avoid this channel like the plague.

Hey whats up guys its scarce here

Scarce is a leafy stooge

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289 Sorsha

How is this racist vegan not on this list yet? - UselessName

Oh mon dieu, oui! Elle est le plus pire Youtuber.

290 Dorkly

Pointing out flaws in video game logic does not automatically make your jokes funny. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

I like his videos with Pokemon

Um... why is Dorkly on here?

These animations look good but when I hear and see the actions the charecters do I am partially turned off from the channel

291 ReformistTM V 1 Comment
292 MasterOv V 2 Comments
293 Brave Wilderness

Gross videos Bruh enen though I watch gaming this appears in the recommended kist

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294 D&B Nation

Bianca is so annoying she breaks up with d and change her mind like this was fake and for views

295 Mother's Basement
296 drakeVEVO
297 Reaction Tea Time

This channel have a guy that sits on a chair and saying nothing also are 2 people there a guy with glasess and a girl and they say nothing just like him.This channel steals other people content videos.

This yotube channel is a parody of reaction channells this must pe on number 1.

They uploadet 5976 videos every day they steal people other content videos and money in a video is him stayng with a guy and saing nothing and other stayng with a girl and saing nothing just like every video he have 3 channells on youtube 1.Reaction Faction, 2.Retraction Infraction and 3.Reaction Tea Bag.This channel needs to stop. stealing people videos they do fake reactions. they do videos every day night and morning. He reacts to Spazzboycomedy,MitchellReacts, Reaction Time,Jinx, FlightReacts,Tyrone Magnus, TheReelRejects, Bert and Sykes, Twinns Coconutt, Dwayne N Jazz and more.THIS IS THE WORST YOUTUBE CHANNEL I HAD EVER SEEN EVER. he is not quitting never but he will I HOPE HE QUITTS YOUTUBE.

298 Joshua8428

Basically the king of immaturity. He can not handle other people's opinions about him and he tries to defend his own like he is right about everything. He claims to give constructive criticism, but he ends up being a complete toolbag. If you don't believe me, look at his Joshscorcher or Nostalgia Critic commentaries. Not to mention, he always tries to make things too mature. What I mean is any kind of humor he can think of is vulgur and he tries to make people cuss and it can get SO ANNOYING! If you want your temper at a nice level, avoid this channel

What is there to say about Joshua8428? Well, I can think of a couple of reasons, but the main thing is that Joshua's commentaries are some of the worst ones out there, like he does them in one take. This damages everything else that he has worked on and more recently has started to show his true colors again with the comments that he made on SuperFunnyBros commentary on CaptainRecolor who made a commentary on MrSirRaven. Let me just say, his arguments with Zac757 on the issue are... I actually can't think of a word.

299 Jessi Slaughter

This is the sad tale of Jessi Slaughter, a girl caught up in one of the nastiest mud-slinging contests on the Internet. May she stay out of trouble after all the harassment and the parental abuse she has suffered.

Source of "You done goofed", "Internet Police" and "Consequences will never be the same".

This girl is worse than Percy Inglis. - ThePwoperMuser101

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300 BFvsGF‎

Annoying twats that make endless, boring challenge/prank videos. People that vote on this list need to get a life. Realise that there are a lot of channels that are missing from this list and they are way more awful than the top five.

The videos hey make are funny and they make me laugh be halo that they make these videos because editing a video takes a lot of time and if u mess up you have to start over or cut and edit so be happy for what you get to watch

What? BFvsGF is awesome! Haters always find the most nit-picky things to say about YouTubers. What do they do? Spend hours recording, editing, and posting videos. What do you do? Sit your fat a$$ on the sofa with nothing else to do than write things about people that you would probably do too. You probably don't even know how to make a video! Idiots...


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