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301 GurigorloX

He makes terrible videos and says sonic has better games than mario needless to say his reasons of why sonic is better than mario has more dislikes. his most popular video had more dislikes. I hope he goes to the lowest hell possible

He's a big troll. And he's a jerk to Nintendo fans - Jake09

I can't believe I used to like this complete troll. - Aragorn98

I really regret making the list of DarkEmoMario64 videos cause this guy is such a hypocritical unfunny moron. - Aragorn98

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302 RomanAtwood

He makes his titles and thumbnails look interesting, just to have your expectations lowered by the EXTREMELY boring videos. TALK, TALK, TALK.

Come on! This list is BS! RomanAtwood and his other channels are my favorite! His VLOG channel is laid back and all about family, which clearly everyone bashing on this guy doesn't know how have fun with family and friends. His prank channel is hilarious, he knows how to have a good time. His gaming channel is also all about friends and family. If I were to look up to any youtuber for the things they do now, it would be him. Take him off the list. you know, maybe DELETE THIS LOST ALL TOGETHER! - caseyk1218

No better than Vitaly. Incredible douche with no repsect for women. Not even his own girlfriend, who's helping to raise two of his children (one of them not even being hers).

He makes sick pranks involving being caught having sex with someone else's "mother", has uploaded an embarrassing video of his girlfriend almost giving him oral sex just to allow the public to see her in such a vulnerable unknowing state. And he even made a prank in which he "pretended" to kill his own child. -_- yeah... the guy's a dickwad.

He uses too much clickbait and pranked that he murdered his kid.
how evil!

303 MommyandGracieShow

Fame got up to their heads. They used to be really cute but now they think they are some youtube gurus. It is very sad to see them go from posting silly toy videos to posting sponsored videos promoting consumerism and forcing their political views on little kids.

Gracie is starting to become a bitch, which is why I don't watch them anymore.

I don't even watch these 2 bitches. They use the exact same font for every custom thumbnail which is starting to make me go nuts, Gracie is now getting mature although SHE NEEDS TO OUTGROW MLP (which is for little kids but not for Gracie), SHOPKINS (they're also for little kids), AND OTHER LITTLE GIRLS TOYS ONLY BECAUSE SHE'S GETTING MORE MATURE, the mom always gets sick and lazy, they still have the 2 cats which I hate all cats except for Grumpy Cat, the Dad always films vertically, Gracie STILL SITS IN THE BACK SEAT OF A CAR (although people 12 and up get to sit next to the driver), Gracie still makes those obnoxious/stupid faces in the thumbnails, and they still make tons IF THEY'RE JUST DOING HUNTS FOR CRAP THEY LIKE AND REVIEWING CRAP. - Jliby30

304 TheAngryGrandpaShow

The problem with this, and other similar channels is that it uses the whole "getting angry and raging over everything" shtick, which gets old, unfunny, and grating very quickly.

Racist redneck from South Carolina.

This channel is about a grandpa with bipolar disorder (that's true I'm not kidding) causing him to do his chaotic psychopath crap, like breaking the T.V., yelling, destroying the kitchen, and EVEN ANIMAL ABUSING A PUPPY. I used to watch him but not anymore because he still acts like a psycho. - Jliby30

This guy is a cringy hypocrite who smashes stuff like a ps4 and is a retarded Grandpa. if he was my grandpa I will tell him that what he is doing is retarded as crap. Anyway he looks like a 1000,000,000,000,000 times uglier as a Nicole arbour keemstar idiot with pink curly hair and poop on his face.

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305 PrestonPlayz

Hey guys here with another factions episode. Today all were gonna do is kill blazes and then maybe go look at someone with our $200 rank that give you absolutely nothing.

Preston is the best he should not be on this Stupid list

Preston is bae he shouldn't be here

I agree to

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306 Rye-Rye99

Another fnaf fanboy doing films. Now I like five nights at freddy's what it's main purpose is a video game but this guy picks a character from the Fnaf video games and sticks with it. That choice was Toy Bonnie. Why? He just likes when you know when he is gone or not cause when you see toy bonnie in the vent you put the mask on and you see him. Really? Doesn't mean that all your videos are about this dumb girl looking Fnaf character. Then he did love aka shipping. Toy Bonnie with Toy Chica...I think Rye doesn't realize that these are 12 year old kids in the suits. - spodermanfan1000

There was a game made about him. Please, give me the sweet release of death.

Why is he in here?

Him and his girlfriend told my friend to kill himself and claimed they got hacked and then said that the image my friend took of them saying it was photoshopped.

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307 Youtube for Kids

YouTube for Kids? NO - BadBoiDrummer

Kinder suprise!

it sucks

308 AmazingPhil AmazingPhil

I am upset Phil is on here. He is a charming, funny, kind person who always makes me smile. He swears a lot less than Dan, though I do like Dan as well!

Are you kidding me?! - Iamcool

Yes the phandom can be scary but that is just because they are expressing themselves and being who they are!

I hate that phil is on here he is the sweetest and most adorable yet relatable youtuber I've ever watched

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310 MattHossZone

Is it cool to ruin someone's life?

311 Sorsha

How is this racist vegan not on this list yet? - UselessName

Oh mon dieu, oui! Elle est le plus pire Youtuber.

312 Dorkly

Pointing out flaws in video game logic does not automatically make your jokes funny. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

I like his videos with Pokemon

Um... why is Dorkly on here?

These animations look good but when I hear and see the actions the charecters do I am partially turned off from the channel

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314 Brave Wilderness

So brave - BraixenBreak

Gross videos Bruh enen though I watch gaming this appears in the recommended kist

Anyone who goes on here.
The title doesn't always mean the real thing.

It's about a guy named Coyote Peterson, who just hurts himself for attention and viewers.

He forces wild animals and insects to bite him and sting him so his videos can get more viewers.

He covers himself with nasty stuff, like slime, poop or blood for views.

He suffers horrific pain from them, and starting from the bearable creatures, he moves on to the worst creatures.

He hurt himself with an alligator and leeches. (warning: blood)

And not to mention insects, where he forces himself to feel the worst wrath of pain from them to get attention.

From the puniest stings, like fire ants, and moderate stings, like bees and typical wasps, to big stings, like the Harvester Ants and Cow Killer, to the most gut-wrenching, hellish and traumatic stings, like the Tarantula Hawk and the Bullet Ant, whose sting feels like a gunshot(hence its name).
I thought bee stings hurt, ...more

315 Poppy

Remind me again what is entertaining about watching a twentysomething act like a five year old, make inane, pointless vidoes, and stare into a camera with no emotion at all. - Spark_Of_Life

Creep - BraixenBreak

316 Haedox

Fun Fact, This Jerk literally only made a Dark Spyro account to harass everyone there. Please just stop already Haedox.

This idiot can't get over losing his place in the Nintendo Ambassador's Program and thinks that Nintendo doing away with fan projects makes them a worse company than EA or Activision, not to mention his false bull about the Rise and Fall orf Rare where he gave false information and would get all defensive every time someone would correct him, he's just a complete moron.

This JERK! Let's see what motherhecking poop he did shall we? 1st off, we get it Haedox, you hate Skylanders. But, maybe there are some people that LIKE the game, so just...SHUT UP ABOUT IT! Also, he called 1, 2, switch TRASH! He pretty much just hates everything that he sees just because it's new, and I'm still waiting for the time when he finally stops being such a negative jerk.

317 D&B Nation

Bianca is so annoying she breaks up with d and change her mind like this was fake and for views

318 Hunter Avallone

What a jerk; He hates basically everyone who has different views than him and constantly makes fun of overweight people, Muslims, etc. He's honestly just a glorified Nicole Arbour, and his delusional fanbase think he's so smart and uses facts whereas none of his "facts" are backed up by anything.

This guy is so annoying! He hates on liberals, mixing them up with SJW's! Also, he hates on minorities, and just about anyone but white conservatives! Oh, and this isn't liberal bias, Avallone fans, this is what he actually does!

How can this guy preach what he does with so much hate for minorities?

Hunter is great at exposing feminists for their bs and liberals for defending a religion that is so hateful and anti west

319 drakeVEVO
320 Brendan Barney

I saw one video by him a while ago where he was literally forcing people to attack someone just for liking Thomas the Tank Engine. You can't just attack someone just for having an opinion like that. - izackak

Barney sucks,

Not just for being a baby show - GigaDrill

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