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341 HolaSoyGerman

He's not even funny y is he not in top 10

He's a Chilean vlogger and comedian. You American trolls. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

342 JaclynGlenn

She claims to not be Christian and to not believe, so why does she feel a need to bash those who are?

Preaching atheism like preaching religion. Annoying.

Anti-Feminist, an "Atheist" who going too far, what can I say more?

Who put her on here? She is just fine!

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343 Bratayley Bratayley

I know Caleb died last year (and I feel very sorry for that) JUST GET OVER IT! He's in all of our hearts. But onto Brataley, Why the heck do they lie about their names? Annie's real name is Julianna but I don't know Haley's and Caleb's. But they're last names are so fake (different) Like who's last name would be Nicole? Luckily, their real last name is LeBlanc. It's like the Shaytards but better than them.

Even though I feel sorry for the family for the fact one of their kids died, that still doesn't mean I like their video. They are all boring and have nothing special.

This channel is SO BORING! This channel only talks about family business and some silly children doing something stupid.

This Being Here Is Just Completely Disrespectful To Caleb

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344 Aquarius199

Aquarius199 (AKA Cory Scott or NiTROACTiVE) is one of the worst YouTubers ever and a disgrace to Doom community! His videos consist of reviewing Doom wads (AKA mods) created by some guys known for ruining Doom forever. All his videos give attention to those terry/troll wads that don't even deserve. Let me tell you something: I love Doom and has been one of my favorite video games ever since it was released. Unfortunately it has been plagued by many wads created since the source code was released and Doom will never be the same game you played 20 years ago. If you want to continue playing this great game and ignore all the bad stuff coming in last few years, check out some great custom levels that the community was able to create in this whole time and use a source port that is close to original Doom. If you want to play with a modern source port and gameplay mod, use a small enhancement mod. Do not use any of scripted bull mods that are known to change the gameplay of Doom to make you ...more

He has flooded YouTube with doom videos. I can't search anything doom related without his videos appearing on search results.

345 SacconeJolys

Only thing they've got going for them is their two cute kids whom they use to the extreme everyday :( Should be against the law!

Scroungers and they pimp their poor children out for views.

Why are they on the list? They've just won an award for best parenting at the shorty awards. Don't worry about their life, worry about your own.

Cool I love these guys

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346 MrFlipperInvader782

Worst commentator of all time. A toddler can do better commentaries can do better commentaries than this charlatan.

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347 Luigikid Gaming

He's annoying

348 cazthegamerguy V 1 Comment
349 Pointlessblog

He always brags about expensive things he buys and thinks that his publicity for products or films are the most important thing ever

Okay, now there just adding people so the list is longer!

Alfie is nice and sweet and loves everyone.Should not be here

Leeching off his "girlfriend" even though he is gay. If he came out would get more subs than Zoella anyway. We're waiting Alfmiester!

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350 Rabbidluigi

Why is Rabbidluigi on here?

By far one of the most bland and boring persons in existence.


351 Pksparkxx Dathottness

Yes, but he is also overhated for despising Princess Daisy, who is not that great. She's not the worst Nintendo character, but there was no excuse of how Deanna Mustard made Princess Daisy sound like a teenage, miscast hillbilly. Can this be compared to the voices of Jar Jar Binks, GameCube Era Princess Peach, Fred Figglehorn, Cat Valentine, Whitey Duvall, the Annoying Orange, a Dreamcast Era/pre-Modern Sonic character, Minnie Mouse, Earl of Lemongrab and etc? If you guessed yes, you are right.

Literally the definition of a man who screams and fakes emotions for subs. Literally could not hate him more

352 CTFxC

I think that CTFxC is great as far as there vlog videos. This channel use to be good up until the point where Charles Trippy and Alli have been separated and there no longer together. What does he do? Finds another girlfriend to be in his vlogs. This girl is bad and I mean seriously bad. She has a snotty attitude with Charles blaming him for everything. I just wish that Alli would get back with Charles.

353 DAgames

I respect your opinion but I disagree. He has cool songs. He hair is not disgusting I don't know what that even has to do with this. I can somewhat agree with him in bad gameplay but you can just ignore it.

I personally like his stuff- and he does have some good edits and is pretty funny at times- but that's just my opinion - Purplederps

Take him off that list!

BUILD UP OUR MACHINE - emeraldfennekin

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354 CodyTheKingOfYouTube

Tries to get everyone to think he is the king of YouTube and to get everyone to hate on other YouTubers for no reason aka make up lies about them. He also is against homos, and is a Animal Abuser and Sexist.

This guy is an idiot. He made a video that hated on jacksepticeye, who is amazing. he calls him gay and has no idea why jack says top o the morning to ya laddies. HE'S IRISH! He called jack an child abuser for swearing in his videos and left a comment saying that, saying jack targets his video's towards children. Most children have parents who swear a lot, so does hat make them child abuser's. He asumedjack made a gay sex joke when he named one of his video's "reading your comments-#69." it was called 69 because it was the 69th reading your comments video, ya dingus. And he judged jack for his physical apperance. Cody the king of youtube, more like Cody the royal fool of youtube.

I don't care if he did burn down his school he is just a dumb idiot who's videos are crap

More like Cody the King of Dumbasses.

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355 LDShadowLady

LDShadowLady is the best why do people not like her

She not bad or annoying. Is awesome

She is so cute noo - emeraldfennekin

Pretty much everything she does on the walking dead video game

1. Got annoyed when clementine asked lee to help look for her hat

2. Wasn't going to give food ration to the kids until kenny and Katja told lee to feed duck until he feeds them

3. Shot a girl when walkers came to her instead of leave to have more time to collect supplies because she couldn't have her in anymore pain

4. Knew carly was innocent but aloud lilly to get back in the rv after she shot her

5. Yeld at kenny to shoot duck instead of saying it will be OK

6. Try to let everyone say in the house instead supporting kenny to help find a boat

7. Push vernon up against the wall when he offered to take care of clementine

8. Got pissed at kenny when he wouldn't look for clementine when she didn't: kill larry, steal from the car, feed him at the motel, talk him down on the train or anything I said above this list

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356 Chris Smoove

He is the best should not be on list this is chesse shot clock chesse

357 InsideJacobsMind

Guys seriously he just expressing his opinion.

Why is he on the list? I think he is funny

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358 MundaneMatt

Kinda boring but at least he takes a stand against cancerous feminists.

One of the most sexist people on YouTube

Very sexist

359 TransfatylvaniaFilms

I think you're awesome! You're so cool! You're the best YouTuber ever!
-MandyGamerTV age, 10

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360 Plushtimewins
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