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341 Sedona Pecucci
342 MyLifeAsEva

She is not the best YouTuber, but she does not deserve to be on this list.

343 The Crude Brothers V 1 Comment
344 kanadajin3

She is a racist woman who has absolutely no idea what she's doing with her life. She refuses to teach her kids English when she had made fun of others for only teaching their children one language. She has done black face before. She has created sock puppet accounts to harass other youtubers. The list goes on and on. Her videos are unoriginal and basically consist of the same thing: (blank) IN JAPAN! It can be anything even simple things like "socks". She claimed she forgot her English after living in Japan for a year and a half.

Why would somebody who moved from Canada to Japan convert to Islam? It does not make any sense. It is also strange that she now has a Japanese accent, even though English is her native language.

Incredibly ignorant. Manipulates others. Refuses to teach her kids English. Became Muslim in under a month after drinking frequently and even making jokes against Islam.

She reuploads her videos and turns one old video into three new ones.

345 SkyVSGaming

No who's your daddy is awesomeness

Just don't k

EDIT: Thanks for the downvotes, butthurt Sky Army.

A pointless channel that an already terrible YouTuber never uses, because he's too busy uploading his next Minecrap video.

The "Sky Army" uses this channel as a defense for those that say that he never plays any games other than Minecraft, with literally three to six videos of crap there isn't much you can do when it comes to defending your "Budder God". - KennyRulz244444

346 React

Copyright strike...

Trade Marked

347 JosephCastello

He needs to be around 20th, whoever enjoys this guy's content is messed up in the head.

I HATE this guy... so annoying. Thinks he's better than the other fake pranksters just because he does "real pranks."

348 DarkSonic180

Don't even try arguing with this guy. It will go nowhere.

349 Jelly

Needs to be in at least the top 15 a complete knock-off of pewdiepie yells like kweedlekwop (likely a typo) and is kind off racist and sexist. Why do I think he's a knock-off of pewdiepie? Well I think he wants to be rich and famous so he try's (very badly) to act just like him so he can get so many subs and be a millionaire. It is very common to come across these channels but what makes jelly terrible is the fact is he has complains about EVERYTHING and hates on people who dislike his opinions remember opinions are allowed on the internet. Only thing I like about him is his channel logo.

Jelly is a really horrible YouTuber. His yelling is so annoying and whenever he's playing with his "friends" he always gets the alone part. He complains way too much and seems like he is going to cry. I hope he gets deleted off YouTube.

666? jelly is a Satanist. and a person to make people deaf

worst ever

350 Minnesotaboyy
351 Nathaniel Bandy

Why is this number 579? He's awesome, just put him on the Top 10 Best Youtubers List.

Why is he on here, he shouldn't be here - TGCxavier

People hate on this guy because his 2016 top tens - ShaunFan04

Why is this guy here? He's hillarious! - Drawbox

V 1 Comment
352 Theneedledrop

Lol some extreme Kanye fan probably added this. - djpenquin999

He's still smart and he isn't entirely unintelligible, but as some reviews prove he's pretty nitpicky. - WonkeyDude98

The Meme review is better

353 Lance Stewart

My idiot fake friend is obsessed with his videos. She went around saying all these stupid, random things. I asked her what it meant, and she said it was a reference to one of his videos. He makes so much clickbait! He frustrates his viewers by saying fake things in the titles, like ''I have 24 hours to live! '' and stuff like that. Ever heard of The Boy Who Cried Wolf? We all had. Soon, he might ACTUALLY have 24 hours to live, and nobody will dare to click on the video, because they'll assume it's just another clickbait video.. - RaccoonCartoon

I am so tired of his clickbait videos - thunderstar1124

354 OfficerPoop247

"GoAnimate" is the only word we need to describe how bad this channel is

355 Deku Gamer V 2 Comments
356 Top Trends

They made a video making fun of Minecraft YouTubers cursing, yet they curse on some of the comments they leave. Aldo, they're click bait. - izackak

This is why I hate clickbait channels. - Swellow

357 Mydoeza V 1 Comment
358 Daily Bumps

Fame changed them, and not in the good way. They carelessly spend money, which isn’t a great message to send to all the young kids watching them. On top of that, they almost always insult and neglect their youngest son while the older one lives like a little prince. The two “adults” disgust me so much.

359 Eugenia Cooney

If Eugenia's videos weren't of her living skeletal remains, I think she wouldn't be here.

Her weight is not a reason to hate Eugenia or her content. She is genuinely one of the nicest people on youtube, and it's a shame she gets so much blind hate for an eatung disorder she can't even control. - Lollipopz

Is she still alive?

360 Infinite Lists

He click baits so much it's so annoying

Trying to get Instant veiws So you gotta Clickbate some little kids? - BraixenBreak

Most of his thumbnails are click bait. You think it'll be a normal video, but it ends up being a weirdo​ reacting to a bunch of videos, and talking through most of it. - izackak

I think he is so anowing don't you agree? 😁

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