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21 HowToBasic

It's not even comedy! It's just some gross guy going around smashing food and taking craps for the whole video. Why does this channel even exist?

I mean yeah it looks stupid, but's so stupid that it could be funny to autistic people like me. - Nick-brick8

This guy films stuff anyone could do. On top of this he will never reveal his true identity because he knows how much of a knob he will look online. He makes loads of money by wasting food which makes me sick. Its not his success which pisses me off, it's the fact that everyone seems fine with what he is doing and he himself has probably caused other people to test run his idea. Wasting food is not cool. With all of the food that he wastes he could make videos instead about helping the homeless or other stuff right? I would sure watch that stuff. But instead he uploads videos of extreme food waste for comedy which is not cool at all and I am surprised that HowToBasic sits at just 15 on the list of worst YouTubers.

HowToBasic fails to realize that there's a difference between funny and disgusting.
I fail to see how anyone can enjoy this channel. He's been making the same video over and over again for two years.

Just when I thought that people are idiotic enough for being butthurt at Leafy for "bullying kids", I have now lost hope in this site. Even messing around with food is considered offensive now! - LemonComputer

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22 SkyDoesMinecraft

Sky is good but I really hats how his fans have to be retards and correct somebody saying gold. Oh look at me I'm a fan of sky this guy said gold I'm gonna correct him its butter! That's what I hate about Sky FanBoys but although besides the butter his videos are pretty decent

Why watch someone play Minecraft, when you can play it yourself? His videos are not interesting in the slightest! It is just a guy playing Minecraft and screaming. His jokes can be funny at times, but the butter gets old really fast. THE WORST PART: The fans. They say that Sky is the best YouTuber in the world. YouTube is about (or was about) creativity. People posted things that were creative, and nobody else did. Listen to this Sky fans; how many Minecraft videos do you see on YouTube? Thousands of them. The fans attack everyone who doesn't like Sky's videos. Sky's videos are very hard to sit through, and halfway into the video I click on something else. I never found him funny, and it is a total mystery why people like him. Same with Tobuscus and Pewdiepie, they get old very fast, too. Sorry, Sky fans, but that's what I think. (Note: I don't hate Sky as a person, I just hate his videos. )

I agree with you why watch someone play Minecraft when you can play it yourself for free. - BadBoiDrummer

Sorry, but I just don't find this guy funny. Actually, I don't get what's so enticing about ANY of those minecraft players, it's really boring to me. Playing the game yourself is way more fun.

The ultimate retard on youtube. Stop it with the rotten budder jokes. Also it is a sickening fact that you made the cancerous minecraft fanbase and the hate towards squids. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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23 NickiMinajAtVEVOā€ˇ

I don't even bother looking up stupid hoe on her channel. that song is so bad, so unpleasant, so unimaginative, that I don't even wanna touch it.


- Said no sane person ever...

Seriously, she is popular because she is feuding with Lil' kim... But now, 14 year olds have discovered her and she is the new Rap God!

No different than any other Musician-VEVO channel out there. I'm not saying her music is any good I'm just saying that all these are just the same. People only made these to organize music on YouTube

As for stupid hoe it really isn't that bad.. if you dig deeper into music you are going to find worse stuff. Like the edit. I am not one for edits. If you are going to play the f word on T.V. just play it!

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24 iJustine

When it comes down to it, ijustine is just plain pointless. It's okay to have more than one channel, Ijustine however, has SIX channels, and still has nothing good to watch. People may like her because she's admittedly attractive and somewhat quirky but she's full of herself. She uploads video such as going to a market and dancing at an apple store. That type of crap does NOT belong on YouTube. She's also a joke to the gaming community. The worst part of her channel is the parodies to songs she makes, especially the Rolling Stone parody, "I Can't get no Statusfaction. " And let's not forget, she's getting money by profiting off of millions suffering from malaria.

LOSER! Who cares if you went to the Apple Store to dance? Her videos are pointless and annoying and not to mention boring. Dimwit

IJustine was on YouTube far before any of the other people on this list. Her videos may not be considered comedy gold now, but calling her a cash cow is unfair as she was on YouTube consistently making videos before you could make money from YouTube. She may not be the best gamer but having fun is a consistent theme throughout her six channels, and that's what she does when she games. I don't think she belongs on this list as there are far worse YouTube channels. - oxplane

Bully Onision Instead He Has A 50+ Channels And Justine's Channel Numbering Of Accounts Are Same As Smosh,NigaHiga And Michael Buckley(All Golden Age Youtubers Of 2005-2006)

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25 Buzzfeed

This channel is designed for mindless idiots who just sit at home and watch buzzfeed all day. Just get off of the internet. Most disgusting channel ever just get it out of my face.

If sewage was a video it would be buzzfeed

Defiantly the worst channel on YouTube.

Pure cancer

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26 SammyClassicSonicFan

I know what Autism is because some of my relatives have it, and you guys really shouldn't be using it as an insult. Even if SammyClassicSonicFan does act sort of autistic, never use it as an insult. Autism isn't a bad thing at all. Also, SammyClassicSonicFan is more mature now. He doesn't scream or throw tantrums like he used to.

This guy sucks and he only says he has autism so then people feel sorry for him. He's just acting childish that's all

I know a lot of people with autism... Including myself. And none of us, I repeat, NONE of us act like him. - Felix_Wrightwind

He the reason why people make of fun Autism, I bet he doesn't have Autism at all I bet he just trying to make an excuse to make people feel sorry for him but nope, people started using Autism as an insult thanks to him. It's a ignorant world out there people.

I hate it when he screams and throws tantrums over the smallest crap. And don't use "He's autistic, though." as an excuse. He's so clearly not. I have a friend who's autistic. I've met other people with autism. None of them are like him. He's not autistic, he's a sociopathic idiot. He's just using autism as a way to get people to feel sorry for him.

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27 Smosh

Who in the world voted for Smosh? They're awesome YouTubers.

My God this is top 10 WORST YouTubers, go on the BEST YouTubers if you are gonna say that, jeez that gets annoying

At least PewDiePie is raising $250000 for a good cause. I think Smosh could learn from him.

He puts effort and while smosh scammed their fans he wasn't earning 4 mil in a year he was the second most subscribed and he didn't had enough money to do it so he started a campaign - Aguythatpeopleignores

I was addicted to Smosh about 7 years ago. And guess what; it's surprising that their old videos are actually better and more original than what Smosh is doing nowadays.

Smosh is NOT bad. It's now simply a shadow of what it used to be and that's not saying much. Their most recent videos are nothing more than sex puns and even if they are not, most of the jokes come off as bland and repetitive.

To me at least, Smosh is the number 1 YouTuber that has overstayed it's welcome. And unfortunately, it's something SO many other popular things go through (I'm looking at you Simpsons). It's sad to see Ian and Anthony have now lost their charm and ingenuity to the point where I don't even care about Smosh anymore. Expanding their ventures doesn't help much either, do we really care for Smosh Games etc.? I just wish Smosh would end at a time where the two would acknowledge that at a certain time, we'll get too old and we'd be losing fans and viewership.

I don't hate Smosh (Or ...more

I used to love smosh back then but now they've gone downhill,their jokes are racist and childish

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28 SoFloAntonio

Perhaps not enough people have actually heard of this vile person to vote him up at least into the top five. This guy even bullies other people making fun of him. You do realize that the people he uses in his "out in public" videos can rightfully sue him if they didn't sign a release form prior to being used in his content. In fact, this guy could be sued so hard for so many reasons I'm surprised that he hasn't yet.

Antonio's nose is so big, it consider to be the 10th planet of the solar system

This guy steals content, harasses the public and manipulates people for views. He acts like a douche just to be relatable to the idiotic generation we have in front of us.

This moron thought it be a good idea to submit 500 videos in one day. And I bet none of that content is either his, or of good quality. - Chris346

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29 The Young Turks

Completely biased and judgmental. They make complete assumptions about people based only on their personal beliefs.

Cenk can't debate and refuses to acknowledge the Armenian genocide ever happened, Ana curses every other sentence like the basic bitch she is (also nice nose job Ana we can see where your money went), defends acts of terror while outright calling for violence against people who exercise basic legal rights (like talking about terrorist sympathizers).

Cenk, the oil at the bottom of the pan isn't actually part of the meal.

Misinformed, horribly biased and downright awful. Worst "news" channel ever.

A bunch of rude, arrogant libertards. - Chris346

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30 stampylonghead

From the point of view of children's entertainment, Stampy does the worst.

Firstly none of the characters aren't really characters because of their lack of personality flaws, motives or emotions and are just all about sunshine, lollipops and rainbows which can be dangerous to Stampy's audience as cartoons and children's entertainment can effect the minds of children very subtlety and making the characters less human is the equivalent of teaching that "life's positive no matter what" and ignoring the truth.

Secondly the series is very boring, not just in the non scripted episodes where Stampy just builds things or plays in his fun-land but surprisingly in the scripted episodes where Hit the Target, the most stereotyped villain in any children's show you ever seen, does anything to Stampy's Lovely World. These episodes are boring because it's like a routine, Target comes and tries to steal Stampy's dogs (for no reason), Stampy stops him and Target leaves, the ...more

His videos pop-up as recommended everywhere. Even on non-gaming videos. He talks about how he uploads everyday like it's a good thing, despite having no editing, scripting, good jokes, or effort in his videos that would make it impressive. A lot of let's plays have good gimmicks or personality that make them good, such as Game Grumps or even Markiplier (though I don't like him that much), but stampy just plays Minecraft. He doesn't even make anything. He just plays community servers. Not to mention his voice. I don't wanna make fun of someone for their voice, but his is just awful on purpose. He sounds like a pedophile version of Tiny Tim trying to hard to be funny.

A demon, my old school let me do a arcade like idea to raise charity, I was doing my service hours, we had computers with Minecraft on them because it is popular, almost every kid in grade 3 4 or 2 had a stampylonghead skin, or were just watching his videos, we got pissed and put up no stampy signs outside the room and had someone do a computer check every 10 minutes and we still caught kids watching him and using his skin, they also talked in his retarded voice

Hate him the end

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31 Irategamer

He has been criticized for being a lot like RayWilliamJohnson because the two of them have the same way of rising to fame on YouTube, they both plagiarize other successes. While RayWilliamJohnson rips off the shows Tosh.0 on Comedy Central and The Soup on E!, Chris Bores doesn't rip off anything on T.V. to gain success, but rather another YouTuber called the Angry Video Game Nerd, or AVGN. He's been criticized for the following...

1. ) Plagiarism - As I've already said, the Irate Gamer has been seen continuously plagiarizing the AVGN and his work. If you take the Angry Video Game Nerd and create an insipid version of him, then Chris Bores would be the best person that would come to mind. He doesn't just take reviews from James Rolfe, but also ACTUAL LINES. If that isn't bad enough, then this guy also looks like he broke into James's house and stole his room too. He has the very same posters in his room as decorations. I did say that the Irate Gamer plagiarizes a person on ...more

The thing is that he never did give credit for the material he stole though. - Cazaam

A guy who refuses to take any criticism seriously and has not improved his video quality in 5 years! Conisidering how most of his fans are trolls or sock puppet accounts its fair to say that Chris Bores is more than worthy of being on this list. Oh yeah, and one of his fans named 'LadyBuggin777' is his mother! No joke.

What a hack! Thanks to him the angry video game nerd doesn't get the recognition he deserves from youtube!

As everyone else has stated, he's an AVGN clone. And imagine the nerd, but without the clever writing and acting too make it funny, and what you're left with is Irate Gamer. - Redhotfilmpeppers

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32 Misha

Misha is rude, offensive, says the a-word a lot, and is just straight out annoying.

Can't sing has no talent it seems like he is having a stroke during all of his videos

This kid is nothing but rude, he thinks all meat eaters should die!

He and Jacob are the next two J. B. Oh god...-_- these two "singers" are now worse than Miley and Nicki already and Miley and Nicki are already the worst singers of all time! That is saying something...

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33 Caiden Cowger

I can't believe that anyone has put this guy in the Worst Channels on YouTube countdown. Thankfully a lot of people is against him

This dude is awful, plain and simple.

So, I have a lot of disrespect for this kid. I'll break my argument down to a single point, because I could unload a wall of text, and quite frankly, I've done enough typing for today.

Caiden Cowger, is without doubt, the example of a young politician that should never be brought to the public eye. He has a bright mind that's gone completely down the drain because he thinks being gay is a choice and that Obama is a dictator. I'm honestly shocked he doesn't go through a computer per video as I'm pretty sure the concept of the modern computer was devised by a gay Englishman known as Alan Turing.

If it was tl and you dr, Caiden, is a dick, who hates those who like dicks.

34 TheDiamondMinecart

His videos slowly went downhill towards the end of 2015. His diamond dimensions series was good, yet stopped the series suddenly, and that took away most of the stuff that kept me there. The custom modded adventures got too repetitive and childish, he stopped the Mod Showcases and then put some more effort into extra games. It was good when he put a random episode or two of Turbo Dismount or something, yet now his minecraft videos have less quality, originality and essence. Before all of this, I actually quit playing minecraft. Everything got boring, the good servers got boring, the other servers were bad, the community was cancerous, so I quit. So, while the declining of the popular sandbox game began, I just ran out just before the impact. Bye minecraft. You little fanbase-cancer game.

I do agree a bit on this. I will say, I used to love watching Dan, but after a while his videos started to get old. Before: " yes! Finally, another custom mod adventure! " Now: "Another? This is like his 25th custom mod adventure... I get it Dan, your videos are well edited and all, but try doing something else. Maybe play the sims 4 again! ". His videos are good and all, but I just wish he would release something new or bring back something old.

Honestly I used to Like Dan's videos, and I still believe he's a pretty good person, and has a good video every once in a while. Before, all his videos were really good and entertaining, but now he's becoming a bit to caught up with fame, and trying to put quantity over quality.

Most annoying youtuber ever.

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35 Chris-chan

I cannot believe this guy wasn't on the news! I mean yes he was on the news back in 1994 but he was 12 years old back then and was only on the news for winning a sonic the hedgehog contest and earning a $1000 shopping spree for video games.

The absolute worst thing in existence. I would put him at number 1.

You know, if he doesn't exist. No one and I mean no one will ever use Autism as an insult. This guy is worst than Hitler, at least Hitler has a meaning.

Okay that was too far but you don't know angry I was when people use Autism as an insult, that like calling people a headphone, it doesn't make sense at all. People with low function Autism even thinks this guy is the worst thing ever, that how low he is. I wish people will find a good insult and leave Autism alone.

I'm offended by him more than SammyClassicSonicFan. - PerfectImpulseX

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36 MileyCyrusVEVO

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and all the other modern pop singers and rappers need to GO AWAY!

Emma Watson did puberty right. So why can't Miley?

And the worst bit of her channel is doing wrecking ball NAKED! I like the song but not the video. She has over 600 million views for that video. Why?

I'm fine with Taylor Swift and twety one pilots

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37 PrankInvasion

First of all, this channel is fake, second, he made up a program that is supposedly supposed to help guys get girls of the streets, basically just scamming them for money, third, he probably has already broken every youtube community guideline, its time to stop

Comment prank GONE WRONG GONE SEXUAL IN THE HOOD! 1! This sums up his intelligence level. He's a guideline violator who shouldn't even belong on YouTube.

I hate channels which are fake content and this channel is full of it, no one on planet earth will make out with you if you win a game of rock paper scissors.

Probably one of the worst, and most fakest channels on YouTube. Since when is making out with chicks considered a prank? - Chris346

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38 Screen Rant

Ok! You've done it again Screen Rant is fun for time killing and binge watching! He is great for needing to kill some time for instance when you can't sleep at night or something like that. But he is fun to watch from time to time maybe not as your main youtube viewing experience but he is great for killing time! - OliviaHamilton

The WORST YouTube Channel To EVER Reach The Internet Web, Why aren't These Repetitive Retards Hated More? , WHY ARE THEY SO LOVED AND POPULAR? - VideoGamefan5

You do realise that this channel is a top 10 channel, right? Although you probably don't. - Pyroman

Screen Rant Is The Channel That Makes The Same Boring Disney Videos EVERY DAY!

They obsess over Chloe Grace Moretz! Oh my, they are pedophiles!

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39 OneDirectionVEVO

Fan girls that are so lame want this down. One D is awful and cliche.

Highly derivative "music" garbage forced down out throats by the music industry. Sure, they can sing, but it's always the same shtick with their "innocent boy" look, trying to woo teenage girls and party in the most generic way possible. Backstreet Boys had (and still have) more street cred than these folk-pop-rock sellouts, although comparing the two is not doing much...

Some of their songs are copying other artists from a long time ago


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40 EvanTubeHD

No, I don't care if you have over 9000 Angry Birds toys.
No, I don't care about your trip to Toys 'R' Us.
No, I don't care if you play Skylanders.

This channel serves no purpose except to see some spoiled kid play with toys or go somewhere... And his fans... (yes, he has fans) oh god...

1000000 subs wow I cannot stand this guy and if even does give half of his toys to charity I want actual footage of it

First of all why the heck does he have so many views
I can't stand why people like him he's 9 years old and you
May like him cause he's cute come on how does he get his parents to buy
Him that much stuff

Well, I thought those rich kids in movies were spoiled. This is an entirely new level of spoiled. This kid gets 1.8 million dollars a year and what does he use it on? Buying toys for himself. Not helping cure cancer. He just buys toys for himself. He doesn't even donate them. His reviews of toys are predictable and generic. This kid has such positive and not caring parents that I bet they don't care if he gets in trouble. When I said this kid was spoiled, I really meant it. He made it onto Good Morning America somehow (Well, actually I know how: GMA is desperate for views) and... For Christ sakes James Patterson! Of all the people you could choose to help you sponsor your books, you chose Even? Oh, did I mention he has 2 more channels? Don't worry, they all are awful.

When I see Misha's smile in that Christmas song he made it gave me nightmares
about him soullessly smiling at me to this day - Sexystroganovski700

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