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381 MundaneMatt

Kinda boring but at least he takes a stand against cancerous feminists.

One of the most sexist people on YouTube

Very sexist

382 TransfatylvaniaFilms

I think you're awesome! You're so cool! You're the best YouTuber ever!
-MandyGamerTV age, 10

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383 Digibro

Although I do like his thematic rundowns and some of his other anime videos about how to make good anime, what really grinds my gears is how lately he has started making a "Your Favorite Anime Sucks" series. I can understand why he did it with Sword Art Online II (I actually loved SAO and SAO II and I am looking forward to Season 3), since the show does get a lot of hate and he hates it as well. The problem now is not that I disagree with his opinion, but now he is being too biased by nitpicking on shows he doesn't like. I can understand why his viewers think it's funny he is pointing out so many negative stuff about SAO. But that's the point! He does not seem to cover the pros of the show and only ever rants on the cons of it. Plus, I just stopped watching him after he made a series called "The Asterisk War Sucks". I know it is an action harem anime and I have been watching it lately with joy, but the fact that he said he hates A-1 Pictures pisses me off. It's not ...more

Go back to loving on anime series instead of hating on them. Not everyone hates SAO or Asterisk or whatever show Digibro can think of just because he hates A-1 Pictures. The videos may be funny to a lot of people, but to me, he is just making a complete fool of himself by pointlessly hating on series that we already know he hates. We get it. Now his fan base and his followers are just too cringe-worthy because they think hating is fun. If everyone was like them, we would all cause global conflict thanks to this douche who just can't shut up because everyone wants him to keep on hating.

Digibro is a complete joke. Honestly, I've roamed Youtube for more than 10 years. There isn't one guy that pisses me off on YT than him. I don't even know this youtuber. I keep getting "The Asterisk War sucks" in related / recommended for MONTHS. It was an eyesore. So I decided to take a look to see what he has to say. The reasons on why the show sucks are completely biased and are mere nitpicking. He rambles off nitpicking every frame in the opening scene calling out faults like "Character dress" too inappropriate for school, Why two combatants don't use their strongest moves right at the start instead of dragging the fight. Like dude, all these happen in most animes as well. You think their dress is inappropriate when there are many animes out there committing worse faults at that department. You ask why they don't use their strongest move right away. Go tell Naruto that, tell Naruto and Sasuke to use their Rasegan & Chidori the moment they see each other and end every single fight ...more

He's great, people are just too butthurt about his opinions

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384 Plushtimewins
385 Juan Gabriel Claravall

(Reply to Danger Speedy) I'm never subscribing to you, you suck. Plus you'll never find his school, or his house. But if you do it for real your going to jail and the police will remove your channel, you can't just kidnapp a person because his channel sucks. It's the best.

Just a reminder for fans of Juan Gabriel Claravall: Do not subscribe, do not watch his/her video, and dislike all videos of the haters of him.

Juan Gabriel Claravall stinks like hell. He doesn't even know the history of the universe and he's bad at playing Minecraft.

Recommended video to watch: Skyler's teaser video

Skyler Joven is cool. Juan Gabriel Claravall is okay.

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386 Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie is like the worst you tuber ever

She thinks she is so hot and sexy well guess what she is single and ugly she should just stick to making videos but everyone hates her and she h saggy boobs

387 Tyrone Magnus

Just your typical video thief, and unlike Jinx, he doesn't stop! He lied on his mother's grave, ripped videos from everyone famous for their money, and the list goes on.

YES! Also, did you get that from Grade? Nice!

388 Brittany Venti

You guys realize she's trolling, right? She makes money off of gullible idiots who think she's being serious with her reactions and complaining.

She says Windows 10 sucks and I am agree. - njalabi63989

Hello Boobs

Oh my gucciness, why is the queen on this list? She's so gucci and kawaii!

389 Foxy459
390 h3h3Productions

He don't deserve to be here

He's a hypocrite

Hypocrite who steals other jokes and ideas because he has enough cancerous fans to get away with it

391 Theslaptrain1

He deserves it. He's 2nd worst YouTuber after McJuggerNuggets and mostly number 1 annoying YouTuber, then McJuggerNuggets and then Christian2Uber

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392 fnaflover2008

Trolling or not, this kid is going too far.

Obvious troll channel. At least he isn't Superminecraftkid or Sammyclassicsonicfan. - DCfnaf

Racist, homophobic 8 year old. enough said. - ListRoxy12


Not sure why YMS is on here. He might not be all that favorable towards the movies he reviews but the time and effort he puts into his content shows.


All he does is nothing but review movies and insulting inside out and zootopia And he is a fan of Pokemon anime HE SUCKS!

He made fun of Cool Cat Saves the Kids which is the best movie ever. Terrible human being.

394 SilvaGunners

I only upload high quality video game rips.

This does not need to be here.

Literally the same stolen memes since this channel was created. Should be in the top 100 for sure

He deserves it with his retarded GRAND DAD

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395 EggBomber101

I don't like his MUGEN characters, Is just awful. - GenoKenneth

396 Spammingmonkey

I HATE THIS GUY SO MUCH! He is trying to troll off Godzilla and Star Wars. I wish he kill himself.

397 Seri! Pixel Biologist!

Boring and childish.

398 TmarTn

There was not a single ounce of sincerity in his "apology" video

He gets paid bye actvoisin

His cringy laugh

Is a scammer

399 ApoRed
400 Lance Stewart

My idiot fake friend is obsessed with his videos. She went around saying all these stupid, random things. I asked her what it meant, and she said it was a reference to one of his videos. He makes so much clickbait! He frustrates his viewers by saying fake things in the titles, like ''I have 24 hours to live! '' and stuff like that. Ever heard of The Boy Who Cried Wolf? We all had. Soon, he might ACTUALLY have 24 hours to live, and nobody will dare to click on the video, because they'll assume it's just another clickbait video.. - RaccoonCartoon

I am so tired of his clickbait videos - thunderstar1124

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