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381 Oh Shiitake Mushrooms

The only reason I voted for them is because they follow DaddyOfive to me, in a nicer way. But the dad has really bad acting. I do not think it is funny.

Yeah like the guy below me said, a much nicer version of Daddyofive but awful acting.

382 Dantdbutt

Honestly, DanTDM used to be good, but now it's just regurgitating series and no original content.

DanTRM, not DanTDM.
"Diamond" and "Retard" is 2 diffent things. - 7357

383 Alexownzurface3
384 Graser88

He's always dieing. Is he a Penguin or a Cat?

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386 BensGamingAdventures

Not good at all he try s to be like other gamers on YouTube 2 much and fails

387 VideoBrinquedo

This was a video company that made money by making knockoffs of popular animated movies. I think they went bankrupt.

This Isn't A YouTube Channel

Video brinquedo is a horrible, cheap company from Brazil that makes rip offs of successful animated films. Ex. "The Little Panda Fighter" is a ripoff of Kung Fu Panda. They are both the same thing except video brinquedo's version is 99999x crappier than the movie that it ripped off.

They sued TheWMEForever for giving a very well-deserved, harsh insult to its movies. >:(

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388 AngryAussie V 1 Comment
389 WinLabTrollingTeam

All he does say Cock a egg and cock a finger. He also hates girls and says they are weak and fail at everything

I hate WinLabTrollingTeam, he's is an ass and downright arrogant.

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390 OfficialNerdCubed

Take this off the list

Take this off the list.

WHAT! don't get me wrong, I am glad he is this low on the list, I just want to know why he is here to begin with. The great thing about him is that he has remained consistent in the quality of his videos over the years. Also, where he is a acquired taste, he does not have a rapidly expanding fanbases and thus most of his fans agree with each other.

Remove him from this list now!

Very good youtuber

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391 Jake Halimi

He only has one video:
- What is it?
- It does not make sense pretending to wear a mask
- Poor editing / video / sound quality

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392 HolaSoyGerman

He's not even funny y is he not in top 10

393 Aquarius199

Aquarius199 (AKA Cory Scott or NiTROACTiVE) is one of the worst YouTubers ever and a disgrace to Doom community! His videos consist of reviewing Doom wads (AKA mods) created by some guys known for ruining Doom forever. All his videos give attention to those terry/troll wads that don't even deserve. Let me tell you something: I love Doom and has been one of my favorite video games ever since it was released. Unfortunately it has been plagued by many wads created since the source code was released and Doom will never be the same game you played 20 years ago. If you want to continue playing this great game and ignore all the bad stuff coming in last few years, check out some great custom levels that the community was able to create in this whole time and use a source port that is close to original Doom. If you want to play with a modern source port and gameplay mod, use a small enhancement mod. Do not use any of scripted bull mods that are known to change the gameplay of Doom to make you ...more

He has flooded YouTube with doom videos. I can't search anything doom related without his videos appearing on search results.

394 AngryJoeShow

He does the same thing on youtube every time. He review a game or movie perfectly, he ranting on stuff and things, he upload some of his gaming videos, making reaction videos, etc. The only new thing that he upload on youtube is lootcrate videos.

One of the greatest reviewers on youtube

Why is this here - letcreate123

I don't like him. He dissed my fave show :(

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395 SacconeJolys

Only thing they've got going for them is their two cute kids whom they use to the extreme everyday :( Should be against the law!

Scroungers and they pimp their poor children out for views.

Why are they on the list? They've just won an award for best parenting at the shorty awards. Don't worry about their life, worry about your own.

Cool I love these guys

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396 Matthew Santoro

Did you know Matthew Santoro is plagiarising sites. You must know he stole ideas from people

He shouldn't be on here in my opinion

I don't like his creepy pasta video, I saw the thumbnail and it scared the crap outta me

He sucks.

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397 iBallisticSquid

Only bad because of that god-awful cat.

He doesn't deserve hate much, to be honest. But the cat...

Why is everyone hating on Stamps?

Slow down this is about squid not stamps and f.y.i there both good

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398 MrFlipperInvader782

Worst commentator of all time. A toddler can do better commentaries can do better commentaries than this charlatan.

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399 Luigikid Gaming

He's annoying

400 cazthegamerguy V 1 Comment
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