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401 Zoie Burgher

Dumb slag, and extremely hyprocritical about celestia - Hater

402 MondoMedia

I guess someone put it here because they don't like blood...


403 Top Trends

They made a video making fun of Minecraft YouTubers cursing, yet they curse on some of the comments they leave. Aldo, they're click bait. - izackak

This is why I hate clickbait channels. - Swellow

404 MORGZ V 1 Comment
405 Sonicscatfan1999
406 Daily Bumps
407 Blackpanthaa

Always promoting the laziness of Ghost Games (the current developers in charge of Need For Speed) and will certainly bring Need For Speed down to hell because he always acts like EA has paid him, not calling out any flaws of Need For Speed 2015 (LOL WHAT!? It was so flawed it actually ended being a terrible Need For Speed game. Also, his typeface is a decal in the game as standard). I also heard that he made a Need For Speed 2017 wishlist where he said he wants paid DLC (You gotta be kidding me! ) If anything he will be to blame if Need For Speed 2017 ends up being a bad game. I can tell EA must have paid him to save Need For Speed 2015 from all the hate it was getting. - SelfDestruct

408 TMZ
409 NoughtPointFourLIVE

He click baits every single one of his videos and has 8 ads in each video

Clickbait. That is all.

410 SilentoVEVO

He Brought us the worst song ever - VideoGamefan5

411 ToyMonster

It just talks about toys and childish stuff, at the same time it is SO disgusting!

Dumb - BraixenBreak

412 Jeffrey4432

He's good for someone at 30 subs... - Maaa

413 Skrillex VEVO

To everyone giving Skrillex a bad name, please try to remember that he makes music for an audience appreciative of the style of dubstep, and that if you don't like his music, simply don't listen. What it comes down to is that you are bellyaching for the sake of bellyaching, which, frankly, deserves a kick in the teeth.

414 Alltime10s
415 Merg

Why is he on the list?

416 Minecraft Teen Titans GO

This guy ships Beast Boy and Fluttershy, which is cancer. - Z3krom45

417 MarsReviews
418 Jojo Siwa Jojo Siwa

The only good thing about Jojo Siwa is that she called Jacob Sartorius ugly.

Why is a girl that is 43 years old still young as a youtuber

419 Loren Gray

Another stuck-up, spoiled 14-year-old who's famous for absolutely nothing. - NicholasYellow

I highly dislike her. Very annoying, stuck up, and think she's good at music.ly

420 01a51cd0

Creepiest channel ever. Check it out yourself and you'll see what I mean.

Weird and disturbing. Also, who makes their username a random mashup of numbers and letters?

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