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401 Ajruck


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402 Cause0fSlavery

He has a bad name

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403 Logi Jökulsson
404 shockingliam
405 Asalieri

A parasite jealous of that guy with the glasses. With a small cult following who flag any channel he doesn't approve of.

Ass Celery is an unfunny fat neckbeard who got banned for being in general. Tried to make it onto ThatGuyWithTheGlasses but not even they could stomach his terrible content (and that's saying something). To this day he holds the most butt hurt grudge.

Got banned for being complete at making videos so he made a video where he went to an amusement park to show how not-bothered he was by it. Didn't take his wife or kids, and instead of being a father he instead chooses to attempt to start internet drama over and over to gain relevance in the same way the fat autistic at school tries to start rumors so girls will like him.

A hypocritical idiot who hates people making money online, such as TGWTG, despite the fact he tried to join them in the past in order to make money from his reviews. Hates e-beging but e-begged a laptop and NES from his fanboys. Uses sympathy card by claiming he's poor to get what he wants (again, laptop and NES), but he later sold his console so he could play more at casino.
A horrible human being who stalked his friend in real life for disagreeing with him. A guy who has mindless fanboys at his disposal, massively flagging and disliking videos opposing him.

406 xLeRantz

A 8 year old canadian who just hates on other channels expecting money

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407 Hannah Floyd

To the person saying she's ugly. Take an English lesson and go AWAY.



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408 TaronParry

Why the hell is this guy even on this list? He only has one video, which didn't even crack 100 views. Is this some sort of school playground drama going on?

1 video in 2 years, 75 views and no likes and possibly the worst video ever

409 OfficialNerdCubed

Take this off the list

Take this off the list.

WHAT! don't get me wrong, I am glad he is this low on the list, I just want to know why he is here to begin with. The great thing about him is that he has remained consistent in the quality of his videos over the years. Also, where he is a acquired taste, he does not have a rapidly expanding fanbases and thus most of his fans agree with each other.

Remove him from this list now!

I disagree... I find him to be a great YouTuber.

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410 Janoskians

All they upload is stupid pranks and stunts that are unfunny and unoriginal.

Their videos aren't the worst I've seen, but their music is crap

I don't know what's worse them, or the idiot fantards that defend their stupid behavior.

U guys are just jealous of them because u want the fame

411 Bobby Poppy Guy V 1 Comment
412 LifeSimmer
413 thecreaturehub

In this day and age, the Creatures is a shadow of its former self.

Take this one off of the list. They are Funny and Awesome.

Again Kootra & UberHaxorNova is in this group

414 VenusAngelic

What a bag of rubbish! She has been nothing but a terrible person to her mother, been a bad YouTuber, and be a reprehensible person in any sense! She has a bad channel and is a terrible person, seeing how she left her poor mother broke with absolutely no money whatsoever in the worst time possible! She is a really bad channel, and quite possibly, the worst! - NoEntranceHere

Like seriously does she expect to get more idiotic subscribers just by doing makeup. The only good video on her channel is: My Strange Addiction: I'm a living doll! That video is interesting but all the other videos are like rats in dumpsters they don't go very well with YouTube

She thinks she is cute but I would never touch that with a twenty foot pole

415 Gentlemenwithgoldhat

Has no videos but he is very rude towards certain people, especially bronies!

Insults people for no reason, one of the victims being me. Happened on a random gaming video just because I said my opinion about that certain game. Butthurt much?

He hates PewDiePie :(

416 AngryJoeShow

He does the same thing on youtube every time. He review a game or movie perfectly, he ranting on stuff and things, he upload some of his gaming videos, making reaction videos, etc. The only new thing that he upload on youtube is lootcrate videos.

One of the greatest reviewers on youtube

Why is this here - letcreate123

First, he is a hypocrite. He say he will never make a Nintendo YouTube video ever again after he got a copyright claim in his Mario party 10 video. But after that, he reacting on Nintendo switch. He criticizing street fighter 5 because he got a copyright claim, but make a street fighter 5 video two years later. In the video, he show his street fighter 5 collectors edition and promote it and he show street fighter 5 gameplay and promoting it. Second, he is just a stupid guy that plays a game and and preorder a game as expensive as possible and buy the collecors edition, then review it. Also in his battlefield 4 rant, he tells that he work hard to buy every cool thing that he loves example=digital deluxe edition, collectors edition, season passes, etc. (he don't care the cost because he is stupid enought to get a useless virtual thing) and he is working on his community to play games with his army, and finally he buys a graphic card. This pisses me off, because he is a bit selfish. ...more

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417 GurigorloX

He makes terrible videos and says sonic has better games than mario needless to say his reasons of why sonic is better than mario has more dislikes. his most popular video had more dislikes. I hope he goes to the lowest hell possible

He's a big troll. And he's a jerk to Nintendo fans - Jake09

He says that the Wii U is worst console of all time.

Really the R-Zone's worst!

418 Evan Yeagy

Alll he does is hate on bop

he sucks

419 KittiesMama

They're just like EvanTube. I don't WANT TO SEE YOUR DAILY LIFE. NO ONE CARES

They stink���"

420 CrapGamer Reviews

This guy love Xbox family.

He called Japanese people rice eaters. enough said. A huge xtwat

Very racist of him

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