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421 Jeffrey4432

He's good for someone at 30 subs... - Maaa

422 Skrillex VEVO

To everyone giving Skrillex a bad name, please try to remember that he makes music for an audience appreciative of the style of dubstep, and that if you don't like his music, simply don't listen. What it comes down to is that you are bellyaching for the sake of bellyaching, which, frankly, deserves a kick in the teeth.

423 Alltime10s
424 Merg

Why is he on the list?

425 Minecraft Teen Titans GO

This guy ships Beast Boy and Fluttershy, which is cancer. - Z3krom45

426 MarsReviews
427 Loren Gray

Another stuck-up, spoiled 14-year-old who's famous for absolutely nothing. - NicholasYellow

I highly dislike her. Very annoying, stuck up, and think she's good at music.ly

428 01a51cd0

Creepiest channel ever. Check it out yourself and you'll see what I mean.

Weird and disturbing. Also, who makes their username a random mashup of numbers and letters?

Uploads some really disturbing videos, one was Budd Dwyer's suicide over some static noise and another was him apparently stalking some people in a parking lot.

429 Clintus Tv
430 Danielle Bregoli

Why is she famous

Her bitch-ass only got famous for disrespecting her own mother on live T.V.. For that, she gets her own T.V. show and YouTube channel?! This makes me lose hope for modern day humans. Not only that, she's a thirteen years old girl who acts ghetto, exposes her boobs, and cusses way too much. - izackak

431 Christian Burns

He considers himself "internet famous" even though he only have 11,000 Twitter follows and only a few subscribers. He recorded himself talking trash to a security guard, calling him irrelevant. He supposedly apologized to the guy, but then made video sat that he'll kill the security guard. - izackak

Extremely high self esteem.

Mr Burns Jr. - UselessName

432 Blaire White Blaire White

Annoying, unfunny, cringey, ugly and racist! - bigrodmaster69

Blaire White is not racist at all...
She makes a lot of logical videos so I don't see why she's on the list...

433 Connor Murphy
434 Boldly

Originally BuzzFeedYellow, but they changed their name. Have to say, this is probably the worst BuzzFeed branch. Watch one video and it'll explain everything. - isaaonrtdmtr

435 Hey Kids!

Childish - BraixenBreak

436 iDubbbzTV

His content isn't poorly made but you're still literally watching grown adults fight with each other on the internet.

437 SailorMoonRed1

This Sailor Moon fanboy is worst than Chris-chan, I mean he doesn't want to work and he just mispronounced some YouTubers name, he is the Irate Gamer's retarded brother.

438 xRazorFistx V 2 Comments
439 AnimeFootify

This guy's got a lot of subscribers for thirteen videos, you gotta do whatcha gotta do, and I have no idea how the guy who put this on the list found this on YouTube, and remember, it's always about the fans.

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440 Ajruck


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