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Okay, so he does bring up great points in his I ARE TECH rant video, but what's the point of going after him anymore? On every video that has I ARE TECH in it I see him in it. It weird for someone who hates I ARE TECH to constantly stalk his fans who want him back. Yes, I ARE TECH is a jerk for using things like 9/11 as a joke, but that's just dark humor. There are no limits to it. People are already making jokes on that Brussels incident.

He also calls Christians stupid. I'm offended, I'm Christian, Hey Revenge, why don't you keep your mouth shut, you jerk?

He literally gives I ARE TECH attention, yet he tells people to ignore TECH. Hypocrisy at it's finest, people.

His channel isn't anything special.

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442 Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie is like the worst you tuber ever

She thinks she is so hot and sexy well guess what she is single and ugly she should just stick to making videos but everyone hates her and she h saggy boobs

443 TrueMU

He was good until he stopped making videos with SkyDoesMinecraft and he took the LittleLizardGaming path (*Cough, cough* Non stop Minecraft role plays *Cough*).

444 kanadajin3

She is a racist woman who has absolutely no idea what she's doing with her life. She refuses to teach her kids English when she had made fun of others for only teaching their children one language. She has done black face before. She has created sock puppet accounts to harass other youtubers. The list goes on and on. Her videos are unoriginal and basically consist of the same thing: (blank) IN JAPAN! It can be anything even simple things like "socks". She claimed she forgot her English after living in Japan for a year and a half.

Incredibly ignorant. Manipulates others. Refuses to teach her kids English. Became Muslim in under a month after drinking frequently and even making jokes against Islam.

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446 Dewdimpple
447 DashieXP

Oh boo hoo he screams and swears. Let the guy do his videos the way he wants to do them. - Mcgillacuddy

What? Who put him here?

His swearing isn't really a problem. It's just the fact that he repeatedly screams and thinks it is funny.

Rosalita hoes - ParkerFang

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Need Subtitles

Can anybody actually understand what he is saying?

I understand what he's saying he doesn't deserve to be on the list. - Thecyka

What a racist ass. It's not even that he says the n WORD, IT'S THE WAY HE TALKS ABOUT IT. His videos are hypocritical and make no sense. His views are annoying and the only word I can understand him say is n****. Deserves way less subscribers - Hater

He shoulnt be on here he is a good YouTuber what

449 NicoBBQ

Why is he on this list? He makes great top 10s and "not a" videos

One of the WORST Users

Why is he on the worst Youtubers ever? He makes good videos.

450 Unbox Therapy

He's a rich bastard who unbox expensive tech from sponsors in his video. I hate him, he like telling that he's lucky that he's rich and brag about it

I need therapy after watching his videos

Annoying, rich, spoilt, not so much brain cells and is starting to resort to clickbait.

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451 h3h3Productions

He don't deserve to be here

Hypocrite who steals other jokes and ideas because he has enough cancerous fans to get away with it

452 purplequills

RaeBae's new channel, and what's this? More furry original characters dancing to some music? Wow, I DEFINITELY didn't see that coming. (sarcasm)

453 Zero2zero 2

Why is Zero2Zero 2 in this list?!

454 festerthetester1 YT

If you guys didn't know, FesterTheTester1 joined YouTube when he was 9 years old, and whenever people tried to explain to him that he can't be on YouTube because he isn't older than 13, he claims that there are many young YouTubers out there. No firstly, a rule is a rule. Secondly, that is like saying "OH SOMEONE STOLE A CAR, MIGHT-AS-WELL STEAL A CAR TOO! ". Fester lacks intelligence, he is ignorant.

455 RoastingKid1907

Is that the pathetic 10 year old kid who says that more popular youtuber should kill themselfs and sweres less than super minecraft kid

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456 Aparri

Jisteria is a REAL "ship" and he just tries to break them up so he can be with Wisteria. That's just wrong! He also highly overuses Vines and references of them in his videos so he can try to be "cool." And to top that off, he copies most of Julian's videos, even though he has way more subscribers than Julian. - NotYoursTruly

He steals video ideas, he uses Superchat when he's 17 and uses his mum as an excuse, he brags about rares, he hacks and scams little kids, and he sold items on a game for real cash. He just needs to leave YouTube and leave the Animal Jam community as he is making it a lot worst.

He constantly brags about himself, but at least he makes lots if videos...

Wasn't he 7 or Taxe or something? I know he did something bad in the past. His videos are really boring as well. Mailtime! Clickbait! More mailtime! More clickbait! Fun!

457 Natewantstobattle

Nate's music is amazing, but a lot of of his lets plays are just him walking around saying 'I don't know what to do' for ten minutes. I mean seriously he could stop recording, look up how to beat the part he gets stuck at, then start recording again. Or he could just not play games he doesn't know how to. And whenever he does a a game that's even a little bit creepy he completely freaks out. If he just stuck to music, he'd be fine, but his lets plays suck.

His music is so good - emeraldfennekin

Nate is AMAZING. But in his gaming channel, he can pretend to be someone like Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye combined, which means that sometimes he can be a bit of an hay to the nay nay. Don't get me wrong, I love Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye. I see Nate more like A TALENTED BEST SINGER.

458 Licking Guy

Licking Guy? What was he thinking? - Catacorn

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459 SilvaGunners

I only upload high quality video game rips.

He deserves it with his retarded GRAND DAD

All this group of "content providers" literally do is upload "high quailty rips" of video game music and place a sound effect of a guy yelling "grand dad" in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO and its NOT funny. worst music channel ever.

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460 Caddicarus Caddicarus Caddicarus (James Caddick) is a British YouTuber who started YouTubing around May of 2012. He makes reviews on Sundays, with the Caddicarus show, and he makes random videos on Wednesdays with the Caddy show.

Caddicarus is a new combination of JonTron and Nostalgia Critic. He has every right to hate the whole Bratz franchise. Caddicarus is one of the greatest YouTubers of all time. I love how Caddicarus talks about the similarities towards many others, according to his episode titles such as "Donald Bandicoot", "Metal Gear Chicken" and etc. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Ok, now people are just putting random names on here just to upset people. What is this? Every single youtuber on here? It's just some stupid list with all of the good youtubers and bad youtubers combined in one single list. Might as well call it a rating list of all youtubers or something. Still Caddicarus should not be on here, and even so that this high up. He deserves more than this, and he is actually one of those youtubers who works hard at his videos.

Not this high up* I ment... sorry

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