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441 thecreaturehub

In this day and age, the Creatures is a shadow of its former self.

Take this one off of the list. They are Funny and Awesome.

Again Kootra & UberHaxorNova is in this group

442 VenusAngelic

What a bag of rubbish! She has been nothing but a terrible person to her mother, been a bad YouTuber, and be a reprehensible person in any sense! She has a bad channel and is a terrible person, seeing how she left her poor mother broke with absolutely no money whatsoever in the worst time possible! She is a really bad channel, and quite possibly, the worst! - NoEntranceHere

Like seriously does she expect to get more idiotic subscribers just by doing makeup. The only good video on her channel is: My Strange Addiction: I'm a living doll! That video is interesting but all the other videos are like rats in dumpsters they don't go very well with YouTube

She thinks she is cute but I would never touch that with a twenty foot pole

443 Gentlemenwithgoldhat

Has no videos but he is very rude towards certain people, especially bronies!

Insults people for no reason, one of the victims being me. Happened on a random gaming video just because I said my opinion about that certain game. Butthurt much?

He hates PewDiePie :(

444 AngryJoeShow

He does the same thing on youtube every time. He review a game or movie perfectly, he ranting on stuff and things, he upload some of his gaming videos, making reaction videos, etc. The only new thing that he upload on youtube is lootcrate videos.

One of the greatest reviewers on youtube

Why is this here - letcreate123

First, he is a hypocrite. He say he will never make a Nintendo YouTube video ever again after he got a copyright claim in his Mario party 10 video. But after that, he reacting on Nintendo switch. He criticizing street fighter 5 because he got a copyright claim, but make a street fighter 5 video two years later. In the video, he show his street fighter 5 collectors edition and promote it and he show street fighter 5 gameplay and promoting it. Second, he is just a stupid guy that plays a game and and preorder a game as expensive as possible and buy the collecors edition, then review it. Also in his battlefield 4 rant, he tells that he work hard to buy every cool thing that he loves example=digital deluxe edition, collectors edition, season passes, etc. (he don't care the cost because he is stupid enought to get a useless virtual thing) and he is working on his community to play games with his army, and finally he buys a graphic card. This pisses me off, because he is a bit selfish. ...more

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445 Matthew Santoro

Did you know Matthew Santoro is plagiarising sites. You must know he stole ideas from people

He shouldn't be on here in my opinion

I don't like his creepy pasta video, I saw the thumbnail and it scared the crap outta me

Whoever put him on this list, yo mom's a hoe! 🖕

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446 Evan Yeagy

Alll he does is hate on bop

he sucks

447 KittiesMama

They're just like EvanTube. I don't WANT TO SEE YOUR DAILY LIFE. NO ONE CARES

Boring - BraixenBreak

They stink���"

448 CrapGamer Reviews

This guy love Xbox family.

He called Japanese people rice eaters. enough said. A huge xtwat

Very racist of him

449 Gaijan Goomba

He creates some pretty interesting videos, he shouldn't be on here

The guy exploits his wife by making her a big-boobed goomba...

'enough said

He's not that bad, I guess..

Unlike MatPat he actually researches the stuff he makes videos on. Hates the cancerous weeaboos that love trash anime like Naruto and any and all Moe anime, but he does like Attack on Titan so he's still about 15% weeaboo.

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450 LittleLizardGaming

I mean him and his friends is just " just quit it with these break up videos and dating other people stories" I'm saying that their videos are just stop the break up influence. we got enough bad influenced kids in the world

No he does not its funny content and kid friendly

All they cares about ismoney and they don't even cite their mods or maps


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451 Vanoss Gaming

I find him overrated, his jokes are not very good at least in my opinion maybe I do not have a sense of humor but he is the one guy on YouTube that every one finds funny and I find him boring

This guy is hugely overrated and gets like 200 thousand views within a single day

He was killing it with his Gmod Sandbox, Grand theft Auto V, Skate 3, Minecraft (I don't like Minecraft, but his videos on the game made it funnier), Dead rising 3 videos back in 2013-2014, I started to turn away from his videos in late 2015, nowadays it's just Gmod Spam, and not even good ones as well. The worst thing about the channel is that he started to unlist, privatise or delete some of his old and good videos, either because of copyright music or the videos "didn't fit" in his channel. No hate, but now he's a shadow of his former self. Popularity killed him and now his videos are bland, saw some of his newest videos, didn't laugh, grin, chuckle or smile, unlike before.

NO - BraixenBreak

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452 SmarkBusters V 1 Comment
453 RebelTaxi

Worst user ever


He is a good YouTuber, no offense to that, but the reason why I am listing him is that he has an awful community. It's like a bunch of 14 year olds arguing over the cartoons he reviews and oh my god it's terrible, but at least it isn't bad as the more "famous" you tubers. He is a good YouTuber but fanbase terrible


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454 Yoshi UK (smileykits)

He's such an idiot.

What the hell am I doing on here? Why does everyone want me to die? - smileykits

Am like turtles

Am hate this foggot

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Take him off the list. Please, take him off.

He shouldn't be here. At least he isn't anywhere near as bad as TheMysteriousMrEnter.


Oh hell no! TAKE HIM OFF NOW!

456 LilWayneVEVO

One of the worst rappers of all time easily goes on my top 5 worst rappers list

457 BridgetteWest

She receives too much hate to be honest. And her haters consist of people who use terrible grammar.


Worst YouTube channel ever...EVER


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458 Minecraft and Fnaf Are the Best

What is this, a fangirl? I mean seriously, why would you name yourself THIS?

FNAF is overrated and bland.

What kind of username is that? - NotYoursTruly

Man I hate five nights at Freddie's because its sooo creepy ikr

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459 Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons

I've seen a couple of these, poorly made, but still could b improved

What do I see? Some kid writing bad lyrics for his Rap Battles. Some kid ruining cartoons. Some kid ripping off ERB.

I'm glad that ECMRB was born

The worst part is possibly the anouncer

Eddsworld vs Ed edd and Eddy was bad - BraixenBreak

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460 Grims Toy Show

Sure he's childish and inappropriate but he's funny I understand why he's on the list but this low Is fine by me

He should be not in this list

Hi kids is SO annoying.

Boring crap poopy - BraixenBreak

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