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461 Natewantstobattle

Nate's music is amazing, but a lot of of his lets plays are just him walking around saying 'I don't know what to do' for ten minutes. I mean seriously he could stop recording, look up how to beat the part he gets stuck at, then start recording again. Or he could just not play games he doesn't know how to. And whenever he does a a game that's even a little bit creepy he completely freaks out. If he just stuck to music, he'd be fine, but his lets plays suck.

His music is so good - emeraldfennekin

Nate is AMAZING. But in his gaming channel, he can pretend to be someone like Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye combined, which means that sometimes he can be a bit of an hay to the nay nay. Don't get me wrong, I love Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye. I see Nate more like A TALENTED BEST SINGER.

462 Licking Guy

Licking Guy? What was he thinking? - Catacorn

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463 Caddicarus Caddicarus Caddicarus (James Caddick) is a British YouTuber who started YouTubing around May of 2012. He makes reviews on Sundays, with the Caddicarus show, and he makes random videos on Wednesdays with the Caddy show.

Caddicarus is a new combination of JonTron and Nostalgia Critic. He has every right to hate the whole Bratz franchise. Caddicarus is one of the greatest YouTubers of all time. I love how Caddicarus talks about the similarities towards many others, according to his episode titles such as "Donald Bandicoot", "Metal Gear Chicken" and etc. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Ok, now people are just putting random names on here just to upset people. What is this? Every single youtuber on here? It's just some stupid list with all of the good youtubers and bad youtubers combined in one single list. Might as well call it a rating list of all youtubers or something. Still Caddicarus should not be on here, and even so that this high up. He deserves more than this, and he is actually one of those youtubers who works hard at his videos.

Not this high up* I ment... sorry

464 Smooth McGroove Smooth McGroove Max Gleason, better known by his stage name of Smooth McGroove, is a YouTuber known for recording re-arranged a cappella versions of video game music.

Whoever made this list deserves to be crucified

SERIOUSLY?! WHO DECIDED TO PUT THIS GUY ON HERE?! Smooth McGroove is awesome! You could probably search up any popular youtuber that you like and they would always show up! This list is stupid, disgusting, salty, and insulating to my face. Maybe that's the point to this list?... hmmm...

465 TeenGohanFighter

TeenGohanFighter is a completely ignorant kid that whines about everything. He told me I was an idiot and blocked me just because I told him not to criticize someone. Where is fair judgement in that? All of Death Battle fans hate this guy with all of our might and is the worst person to appear on the fanon. He started complaining on how Death Battle was a rip off and even told a guy to "go to hell". He is obnoxious and only uses ad hominem in his arguments. If he won't debate or admit to his faults, he deserves to be on this list.

He is a complete jerk on the Death Battle fanon. He will react to fights very terribly if he doesn't like the creator. He calls out everyone for some of the most dumb crap ever. This YouTuber is a pathetic excuse of a person who uploads reactions. I'd rather watch Jinx over this clown.

466 EggBomber101
467 Margaret Palermo
468 Emma Saying
469 Jelly

Jelly is a really horrible YouTuber. His yelling is so annoying and whenever he's playing with his "friends" he always gets the alone part. He complains way too much and seems like he is going to cry. I hope he gets deleted off YouTube.

666? jelly is a Satanist. and a person to make people deaf

worst ever

470 BigYoshiFan

Kinda annoying, makes dumb jokes, but has a few good videos.

471 Cow Chop

Why do they feel the need to dress up in ridiculous costumes every time they play a game? It's cringeworthy. If I didn't know any better, I'd consider them manchildren.

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472 Nathaniel Bandy

Why is this number 579? He's awesome, just put him on the Top 10 Best Youtubers List.

Why is he on here, he shouldn't be here - TGCxavier

473 David Smith (NormOfTheNorthFan2017)
474 AlbertsStuff


475 Lance Stewart

I am so tired of his clickbait videos - thunderstar1124

476 AfricanVulture

Why does this exist

OfficerPoop247 sucks too, but African Vulture makes him look WATCHABLE.

477 Social Repose

Richie is very good so whoever put this on this list you haven't seen his content

Honestly don't get how he is only 107.

Social Repose has no respect for Native American culture as he wears a war medal. He made a video on why it was "Okay to wear one" because he painted it black / stuck feathers on it. I understand that "not all" cultural appropriation is bad, but in this case, he's stealing their culture and has not earned it.

Besides this, he really does no justice for the Goth subculture. He mislabels himself constantly and when he did the reacting to 40 years of Goth styles video, didn't even know what Deathrock was, which proves he has done no research on the background history of the subculture.
In one video, he stated that he thinks he qualifies as "Goth" because he "wears enough black make-up/clothes", which means he uses the label for views.
Along with that, the term "Emo" gets mixed up in there a lot, which really isn't helpful since Emo is an even more misunderstood term than "Goth" is (and often confused for it).

This wouldn't ...more

478 chuckecheesekid9000

I never knew Caillou had a YouTube channel. Good thing he got grounded, grounded, grounded many times. - TheYoshiPyro64

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479 The Alex Jones Channel
480 TamashiiHiroka V 2 Comments
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