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461 Minecraft and Fnaf Are the Best

What is this, a fangirl? I mean seriously, why would you name yourself THIS?

FNAF is overrated and bland.

What kind of username is that? - NotYoursTruly

Man I hate five nights at Freddie's because its sooo creepy ikr

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462 Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons

I've seen a couple of these, poorly made, but still could b improved

What do I see? Some kid writing bad lyrics for his Rap Battles. Some kid ruining cartoons. Some kid ripping off ERB.

I'm glad that ECMRB was born

The worst part is possibly the anouncer

Eddsworld vs Ed edd and Eddy was bad - BraixenBreak

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463 Grims Toy Show

Sure he's childish and inappropriate but he's funny I understand why he's on the list but this low Is fine by me

He should be not in this list

Hi kids is SO annoying.

Boring crap poopy - BraixenBreak

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464 CollegeHumor

This is a shame, there videos used to be clever, but now there just bad. BRING BACK THE OLD CREW

Annoying, sexual, and don't get me started on the "Furry Superheroes" episodes/videos. CollegeHumor should be called NotEvenHumor or something like that.

They suck now.

Unfunny content from 30-somethings who think they "get" College students now. They make fun of trends that died at least eight months before the release of the video. Literally the only thing worth watching on this channel was Adam Ruins Everything, but now that he has his own show on T.V. (it's great, check it out), there's no reason to waste your time with these talentless, unfunny losers. - Spark_Of_Life

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465 Gazi Kodzo

Racist scum.

466 Asdf

Please remove this from the list. "Asdf" is not an actual YouTuber.

467 SMG4

Take this off this list right now its supposed to be funny - ikerevievs

Great videos, and a cool person.

Meh, I like SMG4, but we are entitled to our own opinions.

Terribly edited videos, and inappropriate content. Ugh, I hope YT's new rules take this channel down.

You don't know the definition of terrible, and you must be a kid hating him for being inappropriate - TeamRocket747

468 ConservativeElite
469 ethgoesBOOM

He even goes on to blame I ARE TECH for stalking and harassment from ''nasty people'', this shows that he can't accept that he made bad content. He even says, that he is very sensitive and he doesn't need ''needless negativity'', well let me translate that for you: ''I can't accept opinions because I am a sensitive cry baby.''

He then finally claims his videos were awful and of poor quality. He even says that everyone thinks he is special when he really isn't. He also says that many YouTubers deserve more attention than he does. He also finally says that he only gets support because of (milking) FNAF, and he is grateful for that. But Scott announced the final FNAF game to be FNAF World, and that his channel will die out (hopefully). He says that his biggest fear was that people will stop watching his videos. He then says that he will stop delaying the inevitable and he then deletes his Fazbear videos so he can disappear for good. Unfortunately, his fans noticed and got upset. ...more

It's just always amazed me how grown men, adults, can walk down the street with their heads high and say "I create Five Nights at Freddy's videos for children on the internet." EthGoesBoom, a Five Nights at Freddy's voice actor and let's player. Basically, a guy who gets paid for playing with Teddy Bears while voice acting badly. Now in the real world, people who play with Teddy Bears are called ''pedophiles'', but over on YouTube they're called Comedians, or Let's Players. I could forgive all of that, but the thing that bothers me is that Eth pumps out Five Nights at Freddy's videos like no tomorrow. It's gone to the point where he is just plain milking the game for the sake of views and revenue. Eth is just one of the examples of many YouTubers ruined due to greed. That's all I have to say.

I love it when I put a comment saying "Is fnaf even relevant" His response was "Mario isn't relevant either" He deletes comments (including mine) because he is a wuss despite being 20 something I believe. I remember a while back when you go into the YouTube search bar and type in "Cringe" the first result was one of his videos. His voice acting is also atrocious.


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470 ThatAnimeSnob

A person making stupid generalized statements which he calls "critical'. His fanbase are as bad as him.

Probably one of the worst anime reviewers on YouTube.

He should be higher than Digibro. Which is saying something since I hate Digibro.

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471 itrolltv

This dude is just a hater, and his singing sucks, and he has a horrible taste in music.

Made the Minecraft sucks song witch is a terrible song - ikerevievs


Okay, so he does bring up great points in his I ARE TECH rant video, but what's the point of going after him anymore? On every video that has I ARE TECH in it I see him in it. It weird for someone who hates I ARE TECH to constantly stalk his fans who want him back. Yes, I ARE TECH is a jerk for using things like 9/11 as a joke, but that's just dark humor. There are no limits to it. People are already making jokes on that Brussels incident.

He also calls Christians stupid. I'm offended, I'm Christian, Hey Revenge, why don't you keep your mouth shut, you jerk?

He literally gives I ARE TECH attention, yet he tells people to ignore TECH. Hypocrisy at it's finest, people.

His channel isn't anything special.

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473 TrueMU

He was good until he stopped making videos with SkyDoesMinecraft and he took the LittleLizardGaming path (*Cough, cough* Non stop Minecraft role plays *Cough*).

474 Dewdimpple
475 SMLFan 19372

Thank God that he/she hasn't been making videos in more than two months. Let's just hope it stays that way...

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Need Subtitles

Can anybody actually understand what he is saying?

I understand what he's saying he doesn't deserve to be on the list. - Thecyka

What a racist ass. It's not even that he says the n WORD, IT'S THE WAY HE TALKS ABOUT IT. His videos are hypocritical and make no sense. His views are annoying and the only word I can understand him say is n****. Deserves way less subscribers - Hater

He shoulnt be on here he is a good YouTuber what

477 Screwattack

This guy is good who put him on this?

Someone who dissed ScrewAttack's lists of best/worst Mario games of all time, I suppose. 8O

How - Manowar9

478 NicoBBQ

Why is he on this list? He makes great top 10s and "not a" videos

One of the WORST Users

Why is he on the worst Youtubers ever? He makes good videos.

479 Unbox Therapy

He's a rich bastard who unbox expensive tech from sponsors in his video. I hate him, he like telling that he's lucky that he's rich and brag about it

I need therapy after watching his videos

Annoying, rich, spoilt, not so much brain cells and is starting to resort to clickbait.

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480 coryxkenshin

Plays the same games as Dashie


He's awesome

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