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481 PeanutButterGamer

I will admit he can be a little cringey at times but he is also one of the funniest gaming channels and he is clearly my favorite out of all the normal boots channels (sorry JonTron).

Essentially turned into LootcrateButterGamer. - Drewman1211

Good hilarious YouTuber. Why is he even on this list?

PBG should NOT be on here! I sure hope someone was mistaken this to be a BEST youtubers list because that's where he stands! He is hilarious and has an AMAZING, funny personality which NO ONE ELSE can copy off of or even come close to! I honestly am starting to think that who ever created this list is just creating it to try and make people upset. Also if PBG and a whole bunch of other AWESOME youtubers who also should fall into the category as the best youtubers ever on here, then WHO would be considered good youtubers? What's the point in making a list about the "WORST" youtubers ever, if some of them are in fact the BEST youtubers ever?!? It just doesn't make sense. Soon ALL youtubers will be conisidered the "worst" youtubers ever, and there will be no point to this list!

I rest my case..

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482 Poodlecorp


483 Slimy Frick

He's a poopy nerd loser who all he does is make gay animation of kirbo he's gay and noob loser - TeenyBopper

484 Fisher Rachel

I actually really like Fisher Rachel actually. Fisher Rachel is teenage boy that likes VHS tapes, phone taps, and My Little Pony. - anonygirl

485 Google Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

Is this the Top 100 worst companies now?

Google's a company, it shouldn't be here,

486 AmandasChronicles
487 Top Videos
488 Milo Stewart

-Hates White People.(is white?! )
-Actually believes in 76 genders when there is only 2.(Try Again)
-Crazy beliefs on YouTube's terms of service.(Delete and flag her channel.)
-Disgrace to all Texans.(I know right?! )
-Can't take critisism or a simple meme.(Memes are the best thing on the website)
Feminism Combines with Mental Retardation=Milo Stewart. Don't get me started on anything else about her.

489 SidTV24

He literally just ripped geekslayer except he's racist too


Worse than Leafyishere, Keemstar, Onision and Jinx COMBINED! - therealsidshady

I hate this kid. he's so racist.

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491 Cyprien
492 MrGear

This is by far the most retarded YouTube channel I've ever seen. He basically heats up a knife and starts cutting into objects like lighters, Toilet Paper and matches but that is what he does in every single video. - BadBoiDrummer

Makes the same video over and over again. It's him with a 1000 degree knife cutting into objects. Do we really need to see like 5 videos about that?

493 Memory Hole
494 Aruan Felix Aruan Felix

Isn't He The Guy Who Made The Cutting Youtube Play Button Video? , If So, Why Isn't He On The List? - VideoGamefan5

495 CrankGameplays

Are they going to put every single yuotuber that makes content?

he's Bae

496 The Best Vines
497 Hunter Avallone

How can this guy preach what he does with so much hate for minorities?

498 Shoe0nHead
499 Chris Ray Gun
500 Minecraft Teen Titans GO

This guy ships Beast Boy and Fluttershy, which is cancer. - Z3krom45

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