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61 thefinebros

The FineBros are reaction videos. I have seen much more channels and reaction videos are just horrible. They always end in a specific way and you never see anything from them. They sit there... That is it but the FineBros took a different approach. They ask children, teens, elders, and upcoming adults questions about the things they react. There is one problem... The videos are not satisfying or good. I am not raging that they are horrible and the worst channel on YouTube... But there second channel is... You see they made a channel called the FineBros but then later they made the react channel. Apparently they were the fastest channel to get 1 million subscribers. They make a lot a views and that bothers me because they did it just to get much more money from the current 10 million subscribers they had.

I am also thinking they are fake but I am still not sure... Oh yeah just like Fred, they have a channel on nick. And nick, just like Disney Channel, is completely ruined with ...more

Fake reactions to videos obviously scripted.

To me, The Fine Bros are just so unoriginal. They would always have kids, teens, And old people react to stuff that's modern. Why not react to more interesting stuff like satanic black metal bands (just to let people know that they do exist and hopefully people will never wind up like those bands).

React world.

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62 OneDirectionVEVO

Fan girls that are so lame want this down. One D is awful and cliche.

Highly derivative "music" garbage forced down out throats by the music industry. Sure, they can sing, but it's always the same shtick with their "innocent boy" look, trying to woo teenage girls and party in the most generic way possible. Backstreet Boys had (and still have) more street cred than these folk-pop-rock sellouts, although comparing the two is not doing much...

Some of their songs are copying other artists from a long time ago

Got told to kill myself for hating 1d once, not joking. - Lunala

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63 VeganGains

This guy shoves his bigoted opinions down your throat with the help of death threats, is happy when someone who eats meat gets cancer and has even made a video about how to kill people ("humanely"). This psychopath needs to go to a mental institution or find some form of hell to burn in for all eternity.

He is an arse that tries to force everyone to turn vegan or they die. Also, he laughs at good people like furious pete when he contracted cancer and is extremely biased towards vegans and says all non vegan bodybuilders take steroids and all vegan bodybuilders don't even though some admit to. He should be in top 5 worst.

This guy is an ass, enough said. I wonder why this isn't higher

He's a psychopath. - LemonComputer

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64 Joey Graceffa

Joey actually isn't just what you saw in one video he always had problems with his mom as a kid imagine if you had a mom who got drunk and said kill me or your an ungrateful child. He might not say things in the best way because as a kid he ate some paint chips which gave him a learning dissability don't judge a person just by what they look like or say get to know them. Joey shouldn't be on this list at all. Joey has had terrible experience as a kid he would get bullied by people who called him gay. Before he knew he was gay he had a girlfriend and they told his girlfriend that he was gay so she broke up with him. Most of the people who hate him is because they are homophobic.

I like Joey. He is actually very funny. - CurtisHuberHMSNP

I love his videos I do feel really bad for him because of his problems with his mum and all but I hope he has a happy life with his friends family and his boyfriend

He isn't bad, why is he on this list?

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65 Todd in the Shadows

WHAT NO! I don't get how this is on here, I love Todd.

What kind of idiot would put him on this list?! - PurpleFebruary

Todd's pretty good, his videos make me smile

He is an anti feminist which makes him a bad person

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66 Smike

He just left his old fans and milked a series to get subs

The cupcake just sits on your desk and stares at you, but that isn't stopping the king of fnaf milking from making top 10 facts about it. Some of his top 10 facts have facts that aren't even facts. You see Smike, when you say could be or should be, or can be, your fact loses it's status as a fact and becomes a theory, or opinion.

We all have opinions, and smike deserves to be on this list. Smike started making good skyrim videos, but then started to make FNAF videos, and doesn't even know how to spell skyrim anymore!

Personally, I HATE his voice! His voice is so bland and has NOO energy. And I would rather someone have TOO much energy and over the TOP voice then listen to someone like smike. And Cry showed that it's possible to have a voice that's monotone yet, attention grabbing. Also, I haven't watched his channel in a while- but what I saw him do was just FNAF "animations" and theories and facts, and 'TOP 10's' so for that reason- I think he should be higher then pewdiepie

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67 Laci Green

Not only is she annoying, but she has been feeding people so many feminist lies. Why isn't she higher on this list?

Had it been for me she would have been at least in the top 10 of the worst YouTube channels. She consistently spreads misinformation in the name of feminism and for what? Someone please tell me what the point is. There's not one single video of hers where there isn't something that's just plain objectively wrong. And no, sex is most definitely not a spectrum. 0.02% of the population do NOT account for a new sex.

A fine example of how social justice warriors represent so much of what is wrong with the world today. So eager to spread her feminist "cause" that she repeatedly weaves false narratives with anecdotal information or straight fabrication. The truth of the matter is that nobody with half a brain or shred of human decency truly likes feminazis such as Laci Green because they spread lies to try and justify and enforce their bitter, bigoted, and insane ideology on everyone else. Just stop, Laci. Please. Stop.

"Three genders, four genders, even five! "

Lady, what drugs are you on? - ItsPisces

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68 Wafflepwn

Now that everyone knows it's fake. Nobody bothers to watch. It's boring now and redundant. He has not even updated in so long

First video was funny, but when he started coming out with several sequels, you could tell these were staged and fake.

Haha, it was funny for 1 viral video; but since people know it's fake, he's not really very good to be honest.

Clearly fake content after several videos.

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69 Alex Jones

This should be number 1 because this guys is crazy as hell and is an ass to everyone who calls him out.

I agree with him on most of the things he talks about. Then he can get a bit crazy and is a snake oil salesman. I like Paul Joseph Watson better. - ThePwoperMuser101

This guy is like the Internet version of the drugged out pant scrapping bum on the street!

This guy is the absolute cancer to the internet, not to mention the craze diehard fanbase that he has.

His predictions are fake. Almost about 99% of the predictions are fake while the other 1% is true. - BadBoiDrummer

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70 FuNNel Vision

Just came from ranting on the FGTeeV.

Welp, time to look at their non-gaming channel.

And look what I see, a lot of LOOK WE HAVE MONEY, CHASE VIEW FARM, AT THEME PA RK! s orts of videos. Thumbnails, do I need to mention that, so many have already commented on that.

First, their look we have money videos, these are usually their shopping videos or birthday parties. WHY in the world can people bear watching them SHOP. SHOP! Shopping to me is one of the most boring things I have to do a week, watching people do it is even worse. Then birthday parties, all I saw was one, but it seems like they are just saying "We spent hundreds of dollars to throw our daughter a birthday party! ", ok, I can see 1-300 dollars for a party, but this looked closer to 800. On one party. This just shows that they are buying your views now.

Next is my pet peeve. The Chase view farm. If you haven't noticed, Chase is a goldmine of views, and FuNNel Vision knows that. Get some ...more - Royal521

How do I describe this channel? Well, the dad is so immature and spoils his kids more than hobby kids. Plus, they made a skit about someone being blinded during the solar eclipse, and they thought it was funny! Spoilers, it wasn't. Also, there's the kids. Oh gosh, the kids. The only good one is Lexi. That's it. Shawn is just unbearable now, Mike is so immature and funny, and Chase (my least favorite) is just an annoying, unfunny, cringeworthy, stupid kid who never shuts the heck up. He never deserved a spinoff channel. Plus, his channel is just an EvanTube clone. They also delete any critisism. We lost a few youtubers because of that. By the way, they claim to be family friendly, but they play injustice and they have a lot of blood in their thumbnails and videos. But the thing that surprises me the most about this channel is that it is surprisingly mean spirited. The baby food, bean boozled, and hot sauce challenges are just some examples. Also, their clown prank is without a doubt ...more

These are the same people from FGTeeV. Same obnoxious acid trip thumbnails, same FGTeeV cast, and same moments of Chase being a dumbass. - Jliby30

I forgot to mention, these are the morons who made the skylander boy and girl and fgteev. 3/4 of their humor is awful toilet humor. That, and chase is just a screen time hogged, meaning he gets the most time on camera. They are so bad to the point where even Dunkirk was funnier than this! Also, why get mad about EvanTube for being spoiled? He was doing it to make reviews of the toys, not just to buy/ ruin them. And they have so many spinoff channels, besides fgteev or skylander boy and girl! I can think of 5. There's dohmuchfun, which is the poor man's version of EvanTube, but more annoying. There's brick and Betty, which is the most pointless and all it does it make skits. Unfunny one. Then there's funkee buch, which has the worst name of them all. There's dinglehopperz, which Is on par with this. And finally, there's max and midnight, which is the worst animated show EVER! And also, the songs on this channel make Justin Bieber look like Michael Jackson. All of these channels are ...more

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71 Dora Rocks

One stupid dora fan who forces us to like dora when we are too old.


I don't really need to explain this. - DapperPickle

This is not dumb. I just wish furblish furby girl is on this list, I hate the ocs and I hate the furby main character lizzie. I have better ocs. put it on here because furbys suck. die furbys they hack people. dora does rock

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72 DanTDM

His content's not my cup of tea, but it's really not bad. The only problem I have with his channel is that his fans are pretty cancerous, but that's not really his fault. As for Dan himself, he's generally a nice person and just tries to entertain people. As I said before, I'm not a big fan of his videos, but he really shouldn't be on this list. You can't blame a YouTuber for what their fans do.

His videos are annoying repetitive and he complains constantly about lag and says "how was I so stupid" a lot the worst part is his fans are so obsessed that whenever people talk negatively about him they rage about how stupid you are

I like the guy, but ever since October of 2015 he started to go down, he stopped the Mod Showcases, he stopped The Sims 4 without even telling us (Bring it back.), and started playing hell (A.K.A Roblox) and is just downright dumb. If I have children I'll let them watch the guy but only his old videos.

Isn't DanTRM was already on the list?
He's so bad, so he's was added 2 times on the list. - 7357

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73 BuzzFeedYellow

They are massive idiots

Cancer has evolved in buzzfeed yellow,catch feminists,feminists,and more feminists

74 ethangamertv

All this kid does is play roblox, Lego, and Disney infinity, when he clearly states in his trailer that he plays the latest games, what a lie. And also, he laughs at almost everything he says, while his videos are unfunny, stupid, and more. His fans are just kids who can't tell the difference between good channels and bad channels. They ALSO don't know the meaning of opinions. Ethangamertv is the worst, if not the worst, then the worst Roblox YouTuber ever.

The worst channel I've seen sometimes it's so bad I can't help my self from watching this kid the worst thing is that he breaks some of the rules of youtube. Youtube recommends you be at least 13 years old before stating a channel and you can start a channel before 13 but you can't show to much personal details but he says his name shows his face and even tells his address. I've tried to report this channel but I don't know how to do it so... Other annoying things include Big obsession with thediamondminecart, laughing for no reason, spoiled by his parents he should be number 1 not PewDiePie whose really good but just says to much bad words

Isn't he like seven? And has a million subs? How can a seven year-old get these subscribers? It's not like the videos are good but you can't really blame him if he's seven. But 1 million subs? Why. No way he should be at the top but maybe the top 50? I just find it frustrating that someone who doesn't really know what he's doing is getting more subscribers than people who waste away their lives on YouTube. That's all.

Horrible youtuber should be top 20 if not top 10

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75 Toys In Japan

Why the hell does this stupid channel exist? All they do is take the same "Five Little Monkeys" animation and change the models to whatever they want to ruin! And there's "Five Little Monkeys" of EVERYTHING, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING. Grand Theft Auto, Sonic, Mario, PewDiePie, Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, Undertale, EVERYTHING.

He ruins everything with Finger Families and 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed!

Why does this channel exist? And what absolute maniac came up with this?

Why is this guy below 1000 AND below Ryan Higa? - 445956

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76 itsRucka

People are so stupid, he is offensive to every religious group. His video are suppose to mock everything. I find some of his videos funny but you still gotta respect his channel even if you don't like it.

You idiots don't realise that the songs are satirical, he isn't actually racist.

The ebola song is so damn catchy though. I will never listen to LA Love without hearing this song - lelennyface

Ok, why are people like Pewdiepie, Rucka, IHE, and more are on this list. I understand why channels like Buzzfeed, Sam Pepper, and more are on this list but I don’t get it. Rucka is very funny, I’ve been watching him since I was 8 and I love how he makes fun of everything political and religious. I’m a republican and a Christian, but I’m not offended by it. I actually laughed at the Trump parody, because I’m not easily triggered. If the creator of this list is reading this comment right now, just move along. If you see something that offends you, then just leave it be. You don’t have to make a whole list about it. Honestly I agree with 45% of this list, but the rest is just bull.

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77 Stampylongnose

Haha this guy has two channels!? PATHETIC!

Not my kind of content, but it's not bad. As far as content for kids on YT goes, if I had kids I'd rather they watch this than a lot of the other options for children's content on YouTube (toy channels), since at least this isn't annoying as all hell.

He sucks so shut up

Poor sucker - BraixenBreak

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78 Screen Rant

The WORST YouTube Channel To EVER Reach The Internet Web, Why aren't These Repetitive Retards Hated More? , WHY ARE THEY SO LOVED AND POPULAR? - VideoGamefan5

You do realise that this channel is a top 10 channel, right? Although you probably don't. - Pyroman

Ok! You've done it again Screen Rant is fun for time killing and binge watching! He is great for needing to kill some time for instance when you can't sleep at night or something like that. But he is fun to watch from time to time maybe not as your main youtube viewing experience but he is great for killing time! - OliviaHamilton

Screen Rant Is The Channel That Makes The Same Boring Disney Videos EVERY DAY!

They obsess over Chloe Grace Moretz! Oh my, they are pedophiles!

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79 qqqTOXICqqq

This guy make fake video of ghost and make money with some retarded peoples and the fans are trolls!

Why does the thumbnail keep pointing at little girls doing stuff?

Dis gay guy sucks

He suck butt

80 Alex Day

Why is he on here for?

He cheated on his girlfriend that's why a lot of people hate him now - Iamcool

I think he's alright just try annoying

This guy is so annoying..

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