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61 TaylorSwiftVevo

To the people who think she should have a song denouncing herself, go read a music site. It's clear she has only has 6 relationship songs. - Swellow

Porn for insane people

Now That Taylor Sellout Drift's Channel Is In Theo Top 100, I'm So Joyed! - VideoGamefan5


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62 I Hate Everything

Why is he on here. I may not always agree with him but he is still a good channel and in my opinion well worth a watch or 2

You'd expect a channel called "I Hate Everything" to be an immature guy screaming and swearing every 2 seconds. But guy however, doesn't. He keeps his cool and makes good reasons. He also isn't afraid to speak his opinion and doesn't hate everything just 'because everyone else does. Bottom line, IHE doesn't deserve to be on this list. - KingFab

I like this guy besides he tackles stuff almost everybody likes. He actually makes good points about how stuff like he hates minions (I hate them too. Especially because they're over marketed), Minecraft (Well, he said the fans suck. And I can agree with that) Five Nights At Freddy's (I like the game, not the fans), Sonic (I hate most of the modern Sonic games and most of the franchise in general. The only part I like are the classic games and the comics. And I hate those people who say Sonic ain't a ripoff of Mario because Sonic was made to be the next best platformer and be somewhat like Mario), and other stuff like MLP. I like this guy a lot.

Yea...I used to hate him...I added him to the list...I hated the channel cause I disagreed with his opinions...I am that stupid >.< But I have been wanting to say this for months now I regret adding him to the list and regret making the hate comments on him and he is actually a decent YouTuber. I was stupid for hating this channel just cause my opinions were different. - spodermanfan1000

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63 Anime America

They send more death threats to their viewers than Bob Samurai gets from his viewers. Seriously, Anime America deserves more hate than Bob Samurai. He respects opinions and barely says anything mean when he is in the comments section. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I like anime, and I can agree with SOME of their lists. But the scripts are so bad, the presenters so uncharismatic and harsh- I can't say I dislike their content but I can say I dislike them as people. I don't like sword art online either but I don't care if somebody does like it and I'm definitely not going to reply to a comment where someone says they do like it by telling them to kill themselves (as they often do).

Oh my God, this should be higher. They bully people who like anime they don't like. And their opinions on Sword Art Online are just so harsh. I know it's an opinion, but I don't like how they're mean against people who like Sword Art Online. Anime America deserves to be put on a Top 10 Worst Anime Reviewers list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Anime America? More like Animake better content...America... - poopmckenzie

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64 Joey Graceffa

Joey actually isn't just what you saw in one video he always had problems with his mom as a kid imagine if you had a mom who got drunk and said kill me or your an ungrateful child. He might not say things in the best way because as a kid he ate some paint chips which gave him a learning dissability don't judge a person just by what they look like or say get to know them. Joey shouldn't be on this list at all. Joey has had terrible experience as a kid he would get bullied by people who called him gay. Before he knew he was gay he had a girlfriend and they told his girlfriend that he was gay so she broke up with him. Most of the people who hate him is because they are homophobic.

I like Joey. He is actually very funny. - CurtisHuberHMSNP

I love his videos I do feel really bad for him because of his problems with his mum and all but I hope he has a happy life with his friends family and his boyfriend

He sucks

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65 Smike

He just left his old fans and milked a series to get subs

The cupcake just sits on your desk and stares at you, but that isn't stopping the king of fnaf milking from making top 10 facts about it. Some of his top 10 facts have facts that aren't even facts. You see Smike, when you say could be or should be, or can be, your fact loses it's status as a fact and becomes a theory, or opinion.

We all have opinions, and smike deserves to be on this list. Smike started making good skyrim videos, but then started to make FNAF videos, and doesn't even know how to spell skyrim anymore!

Personally, I HATE his voice! His voice is so bland and has NOO energy. And I would rather someone have TOO much energy and over the TOP voice then listen to someone like smike. And Cry showed that it's possible to have a voice that's monotone yet, attention grabbing. Also, I haven't watched his channel in a while- but what I saw him do was just FNAF "animations" and theories and facts, and 'TOP 10's' so for that reason- I think he should be higher then pewdiepie

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66 Todd in the Shadows

WHAT NO! I don't get how this is on here, I love Todd.

What kind of idiot would put him on this list?! - PurpleFebruary

Todd's pretty good, his videos make me smile

Who is this lol

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67 Laci Green

Not only is she annoying, but she has been feeding people so many feminist lies. Why isn't she higher on this list?

Had it been for me she would have been at least in the top 10 of the worst YouTube channels. She consistently spreads misinformation in the name of feminism and for what? Someone please tell me what the point is. There's not one single video of hers where there isn't something that's just plain objectively wrong. And no, sex is most definitely not a spectrum. 0.02% of the population do NOT account for a new sex.

A fine example of how social justice warriors represent so much of what is wrong with the world today. So eager to spread her feminist "cause" that she repeatedly weaves false narratives with anecdotal information or straight fabrication. The truth of the matter is that nobody with half a brain or shred of human decency truly likes feminazis such as Laci Green because they spread lies to try and justify and enforce their bitter, bigoted, and insane ideology on everyone else. Just stop, Laci. Please. Stop.

Oppressed Breasts

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68 Wafflepwn

Now that everyone knows it's fake. Nobody bothers to watch. It's boring now and redundant. He has not even updated in so long

Haha, it was funny for 1 viral video; but since people know it's fake, he's not really very good to be honest.

Lame stupid feel bad for the brother because he's always bothered and filmed by noob brother

Clearly fake content after several videos.

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69 FuturisticHub

Cancerous animations and they completely have nothing to do with Minecraft. Can people in Minecraft bend limbs? Can they talk? Can they feel things? NO. ALL THEY DO IS BREAK AND PLACE BLOCKS.

Kids could watch this stuff! There are to many adult jokes. - Crzygamer50

I wonder how long it take him to make a video...what do you think?

This channel is pure cringe because the only person I can imagine liking this channel and its content is spoiled, cringey little kids that screech like a dying bird when they lose in a video game.

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70 iggyazaleamusicVEVO

She sucks at rapping she's even worse than Nicki Minaj

Her name is weird

She sucks hard

Her rapping is cringeworthy

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71 BuzzFeedYellow

They are massive idiots

72 Dora Rocks

One stupid dora fan who forces us to like dora when we are too old.


I don't really need to explain this. - DapperPickle

This is not dumb. I just wish furblish furby girl is on this list, I hate the ocs and I hate the furby main character lizzie. I have better ocs. put it on here because furbys suck. die furbys they hack people. dora does rock

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73 AdamzoneTopMarks

Worst Channel, should probably be deleted. I do not know how someone could listen to a fake accent and get any enjoyment out of it.

I thought their channel was good at first, but that was just the first couple of minecraft mod videos, all of the videos on the channel are now "BOOB MOD FOR (insert game here)! ".

The first time I heard of this YouTuber is when I was watching their Hostile Villagers Mod. Now they upload various lists of best Super Mario Maker levels and some of them go on for far too long. Overall, they're relatively okay. - SamHalls2015

They just show the same anime Minecraft mods that are .

74 ethangamertv

The worst channel I've seen sometimes it's so bad I can't help my self from watching this kid the worst thing is that he breaks some of the rules of youtube. Youtube recommends you be at least 13 years old before stating a channel and you can start a channel before 13 but you can't show to much personal details but he says his name shows his face and even tells his address. I've tried to report this channel but I don't know how to do it so... Other annoying things include Big obsession with thediamondminecart, laughing for no reason, spoiled by his parents he should be number 1 not PewDiePie whose really good but just says to much bad words

All this kid does is play roblox, Lego, and Disney infinity, when he clearly states in his trailer that he plays the latest games, what a lie. And also, he laughs at almost everything he says, while his videos are unfunny, stupid, and more. His fans are just kids who can't tell the difference between good channels and bad channels. They ALSO don't know the meaning of opinions. Ethangamertv is the worst, if not the worst, then the worst Roblox YouTuber ever.

Isn't he like seven? And has a million subs? How can a seven year-old get these subscribers? It's not like the videos are good but you can't really blame him if he's seven. But 1 million subs? Why. No way he should be at the top but maybe the top 50? I just find it frustrating that someone who doesn't really know what he's doing is getting more subscribers than people who waste away their lives on YouTube. That's all.

He never expect people friends request in roblox

Hate to break it to you, but most Roblox channels don't accept friend requests. - izackak

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75 TobyGames

Never clever, never funny, childish, loud and annoying.

Be careful what you say... His mindless rabid fan-army will defend him with their lives.

Toby Turner is not good at video commentary. Leave that to Markiplier.

MARKIMOO MARKIMOO. Yeah just let Markiplier do that, he's pretty damn good at it.

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76 KSIOlajidebt

I remember watching his videos back in 2013, he killed me with his FIFA funnies and Q& A with his (Blank), but now he's a wannabe rapper with a tremendous ego.

He's humor consists of nothing more than black stereotypes and repetitive sex jokes

He likes playing the race card, one example includes the time he played Overwatch, and when he got Winston the Gorilla, he called the game racist... How can a game be racist when it's an algorithm, and how is the game supposed to know the race/skin color of the player to avoid the player being offended? He also does this race-baiting when he plays artificial intelligence games like Eviebot, Boibot and Pewdiebot, he tried to trick the program in order to get a racist answer, and when he does, he has a reason to call it racist. While talking about race, he's also a hypocrite when it comes to racism, he bashes Rucka Rucka Ali for his satirical music on race and religion, but has made videos joking about racism such as "Racist ...more

Anyone remember before fall 2013, when KSI was actually funny? Happy days...

The Ego is strong with this one...and his trump voting brother

Oh so Ksi is on here but not snarky and scooter Steve how is that possible he is great. Also who makes this list?

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77 Coppercab

Why is only #62, he's god damn awful

No one ever actually made fun of gingers until he came along

A real kid aged of 5 years old and he doesn't have soul!

Another whiny bitch on YouTube. - Chris346

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78 qqqTOXICqqq

This guy make fake video of ghost and make money with some retarded peoples and the fans are trolls!

Why does the thumbnail keep pointing at little girls doing stuff?

Dis gay guy sucks

He suck butt

79 Alex Day

Why is he on here for?

He cheated on his girlfriend that's why a lot of people hate him now - Iamcool

This guy is so annoying..

80 ItsJudysLife

This channel is just all about a woman who brags about her daily life while NOTHING even happens.

Fake and is just pure cancer - GigaDrill

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