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101 Miranda Sings

Miranda DESERVES worst channel on YouTube but before you get mad HEAR ME OUT! She is one of my favorite channels on YouTube by far and the hilarity in this character that Colleen expertly created is that she is so annoying which makes her so funny! She deserves worst channel because she is the best at being horrible if that makes sense.

Weirdest person I've ever seen. She needs to be higher. What was Colleen thinking? It's really and REALLY weird when she zooms her face WAY close to the screen. I love Miranda Sings but she sounds too weird (even the game)

I have never despised a person so much in my many years on this earth. Miranda Sings (or as I call her, migraine fuel) makes the WORST covers I have ever heard in the most annoying voice a human being could possibly make. Like, if you want fame, you should sound bad at least, because that's a big step up from your usual voice. I quite literally can't watch her videos without having to take an Advil for my bad migraine. I'm surprised she isn't #2, with Sam Pepper being #1. PEACE OUT, MIRANDA SINGS LOVERS!

She's so annoying though

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102 meta527ll

He likes Super Smash Brawl Sub Space Emissary over Super Smash Bros 64 better big deal it an opinion

What the dead pig why can't have an opinion

Come on guys, you are hating on him because he has an opinion? I don't agree on everything with him, but it doesn't mean I should call him a bad YouTuber just because of that. That is just like saying joshscorcher is a bad YouTuber because he hates Super Mario Galaxy 2. meta527ll is actually a pretty decent Countdown maker considering he has that few subscribers. Oh, and he never said he hates Pokémon Gold. - lite64

You guys seriously need to learn to respect opinions. He's one of the underrated youtubers category, considering he makes good videos but has a few subs. - Scarr442

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103 Evalion

She might be an actor. If not then she is sexually attracted to hitler

She was racist, I am more than happy that she is banned from YouTube. - Catacorn

It is the worst youtube channel that I have ever seen

Don't understand how Game Theory is higher than this horrifying channel. Some people may call MatPat egoistic, but at least he's not a RASCIST NEO-NAZI!

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104 Trent Morrison

I remember this guy's grounded videos out of fictional characters, and he was actually promoting child abuse with those videos, especially the videos that involved characters that are literally kids such as Mike the Knight, Tree Fu Tom, Sid the Science Kid, Little Bill, Pocoyo, etc. He is also a pedophile in that he made fetish videos out of his former friends (Hence why they're now enemies with him), and claims that minor-on-minor fetish is not pedophilia, yet it STILL IS pedophilia because he is sexualizing a minor. Ugh... I hate this guy... - AnonymousMann

How is it possible for a 17 year old liar like him to get away with Fetish and Pornography posts and not have authorities find out about his pedophilia side.

He just needs to stop the blueberry inflation.

105 theygotusall
106 Bieber Ninja

As an admin of a wiki they tried to vandalize on multiple occasions and having seen some of their videos, they are a very bad person. It may just be trolling, but some stuff just goes beyond that realm.


107 barelypolitical

How to make a parody like barely political:

1. Find a really popular song that's in the charts.
2. Watch the video to the song to find elements you're going to parody off it.
3. Look up the lyrics on YouTube.
4. Find some paper and do a complete rewrite of the entire song but only keeping some of the lyrics the same.
5. Make a knockoff of the beat to the song so people think you're using the actual background music for the song.
6. Find someone who looks like the artist.
7. Film the video while mostly using crappy green screen.
8. Record the song.
9. Put that "masterpiece" on itunes.
10. Make a ton of money!

Also I've heard about Obama Girl making everyone hate society. These guys have green screen coming out of their eyeballs! No wonder these guys are terrible! They don't deserve millions of subscribers! They're just idiots from another galaxy.

Uh yes, that's how you PARODY a song... there are many different ways to parody a song. Many don't involve keeping most of the lyrics, you idiot. That's just called Covering, or maybe copyright infringement.

Their hunger games: catching fire song is bloody atrocious! 2 lines don't even rhyme. oh and to make song refs I will parody them like this and you'll never be funnyy. and do I really want to hear a parody song is no point funny! B baker and collegehumor are much funnier than this!

They are not even funny. They are actually very annoying, especially with their crappy parodies.

Whoever put TKOA on here,
Come at me bro

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108 Pink Sheep

This stupid esuce as a youtube channel is just a ball sucking channel. Also his fan base just going around saying" HATER ALERT HATER ALERT" to someone who doesn't like his content and his fans are just devoted to be in bed with him, they are just IDIOTS ALERT!

Good channel, though "HATER ALERT" gets annoying.

Pink Sheep is just so stupid and he has rabid fans just by saying random things in a text-to-speech voice. Only absolute autistic people would find this channel funny.


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109 VenturianTale

I don't are about what others say but me and my friend are in 7th grade and we still like them the new videos may not be as good but the old videos are really funny I hope these people get what they deserve in life.

If he has a series going on the videos he makes are really decent but if he does not have one going on his videos are not as good but he still does not deserve to be on this list by the way this is coming from a person that is sixteen and taking pre-calculus.

He's kind of average in my opinion. Nothing too over the top hilarious, but certainly nothing awful either. I just find him boring at times, but I do think he still shines sometimes.

VenturianTale is still good. He is better then a LOT of other channels but is in this list ( because some retards thought to do this and thought of the most common youtube channels that have some hate as the worst channels.

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110 FuNNel Vision

Just came from ranting on the FGTeeV.

Welp, time to look at their non-gaming channel.

And look what I see, a lot of LOOK WE HAVE MONEY, CHASE VIEW FARM, AT THEME PA RK! s orts of videos. Thumbnails, do I need to mention that, so many have already commented on that.

First, their look we have money videos, these are usually their shopping videos or birthday parties. WHY in the world can people bear watching them SHOP. SHOP! Shopping to me is one of the most boring things I have to do a week, watching people do it is even worse. Then birthday parties, all I saw was one, but it seems like they are just saying "We spent hundreds of dollars to throw our daughter a birthday party! ", ok, I can see 1-300 dollars for a party, but this looked closer to 800. On one party. This just shows that they are buying your views now.

Next is my pet peeve. The Chase view farm. If you haven't noticed, Chase is a goldmine of views, and FuNNel Vision knows that. Get some ...more - Royal521

How do I describe this channel? Well, the dad is so immature and spoils his kids more than hobby kids. Plus, they made a skit about someone being blinded during the solar eclipse, and they thought it was funny! Spoilers, it wasn't. Also, there's the kids. Oh gosh, the kids. The only good one is Lexi. That's it. Shawn is just unbearable now, Mike is so immature and funny, and Chase (my least favorite) is just an annoying, unfunny, cringeworthy, stupid kid who never shuts the heck up. He never deserved a spinoff channel. Plus, his channel is just an EvanTube clone. They also delete any critisism. We lost a few youtubers because of that. By the way, they claim to be family friendly, but they play injustice and they have a lot of blood in their thumbnails and videos. But the thing that surprises me the most about this channel is that it is surprisingly mean spirited. The baby food, bean boozled, and hot sauce challenges are just some examples. Also, their clown prank is without a doubt ...more

These are the same people from FGTeeV. Same obnoxious acid trip thumbnails, same FGTeeV cast, and same moments of Chase being a dumbass. - Jliby30

I forgot to mention, these are the morons who made the skylander boy and girl and fgteev. 3/4 of their humor is awful toilet humor. That, and chase is just a screen time hogged, meaning he gets the most time on camera. They are so bad to the point where even Dunkirk was funnier than this! Also, why get mad about EvanTube for being spoiled? He was doing it to make reviews of the toys, not just to buy/ ruin them. And they have so many spinoff channels, besides fgteev or skylander boy and girl! I can think of 5. There's dohmuchfun, which is the poor man's version of EvanTube, but more annoying. There's brick and Betty, which is the most pointless and all it does it make skits. Unfunny one. Then there's funkee buch, which has the worst name of them all. There's dinglehopperz, which Is on par with this. And finally, there's max and midnight, which is the worst animated show EVER! And also, the songs on this channel make Justin Bieber look like Michael Jackson. All of these channels are ...more

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111 ShayCarl

This man is obnoxious. He is preachy, and in my opinion a terrible careless parent. He has been lucky none of his children have been seriously injured by his immature actions. The way his wife stands by and rarely says anything about his behavior is beyond annoying. His family clothing line is a joke the name alone is ridiculous, Trixen, really stupid sounding. The man is a multi millionaire and he buys an above ground pool and within 10 days it is disgustingly dirty! I could go on forever why I dislike this guy. He truly lucked out having excellent partners at makers, making him set for life.

Just another clueless fool who thinks Joseph Smith staring into a hat saw golden tablets.

He"s ruined more kids lives then a high school bus driver

He's cheating on his wife. No joke.

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112 StevenStar777


113 The Crude Brothers V 1 Comment
114 Cassidy Boon

She falsely accuses people of rape and sexual assault, for example she claimed she would press charges against a man who saved her life after she hit her head underwater and was drowning. She thought he had no right to save her and that she thought it was sexual assault due to him grabbing her.

She says she is a feminist in one video but then she degrades Australian women and says their beauty does not compare to hers


115 IntelligentCoDFanboy

Nobody likes fanboys! Although I haven't seen his videos

Yet Again A Fanboy Of Not Just Call of Duty But Xbox One He Says Every Other Game Is Stupid Because Its Not A FPS Like Call of Duty Also He Says Called PS4 And Wii U The Failsation4 And The Wii U Pii you He Is A Insult To Every Game In The World And Says That Call of Duty Was The game of the year when it was really the walking dead But Hoever he Stopped Making Videos So THANK THE GOD OF ALL VIDEO GAMES

116 0oBrillianceo0
117 YottaTron

You mean the guy who later became Chronos012? He learned his lesson. - AnonymousMann

118 TobyGames

Never clever, never funny, childish, loud and annoying.

Be careful what you say... His mindless rabid fan-army will defend him with their lives.

Toby Turner is not good at video commentary. Leave that to Markiplier.

MARKIMOO MARKIMOO. Yeah just let Markiplier do that, he's pretty damn good at it.

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119 Lizard Squad

Isn't that the name the the group who hacked PlayStation a while back?

Lizard Squad > Suicide Squad

This list is old, no one cares about Lizzie's Squadron.

Better lizard squad than Dillion the Hacker

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120 CookieSwirlC

Sure, everyone loves her but seriously, she's like a 15 year old girl who plays with my little pony blind bag toys (I'm a pegasister but still it's annoying.) monster high, Ever after high, webkinz, LPS, and even play dough. She also often speaks in this squeaky voice that aggravates me and she obviously things everything she does is exciting. It's ridiculous how many people love her. I'm so thankful my sister has grown out of her, but now she likes others which I'll rant about later.


I don't like it She is really annoying I'm into Roblox Purple And Not baby crap - BraixenBreak

: WARNING : People who like playing with LPS or Animal Jam might get offended so please take it easy.
Dear God I cannot stand her anymore. There are so many things wrong with this person
1. SHE IS 16 YEARS OLD AND SHE PLAYS WITH SHOPKINS AND OTHER CRAP. Girls her age do vlogs and stuff BUT SHE JUST PLAYS WITH HER STUPID SHOPKINS. I'm 13 And I'm into South park and other things like that.
2. I Cannot take her voice DOES SHE GET HIGH BEFORE SHE PLAYS WITH HER TOYS AND RECORDS IT? Is she using that voice for little kids and girls or is she doing it on purpose.
3. Her lets plays ARE TORTURE. She did an Animal Jam Lets play And ALL SHE DID WAS THIS...


The real Mystery is why she has so many fans
Some of them are little kids and some of them are girls my age
i'm a girl And Lets put it ...more - YoshiApple

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