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121 Andyjraliw Bianchi
122 Dillon the Hacker

His user doesn't actually have the ' ' in it, but it just seemed necessary. He's kidding himself if he think people are afraid of him

He jokes about himself honestly children don't know how to take a joke

He's a hacker, he even managed to hack a channel once and on that said channel said he would hack Pewdiepie (he hacked Flippy, a saints row player)

This guy is an idiot, he makes all YouTubers look bad, one example is his video, "vanossgaming attacked me! " I mean, why tf would we believe that, for one, you don't own a hoverboard, second, your "scars" are just makeup, and third, how can he attack you in New York, if he lives in Canada ?!

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123 The Archfiend

The Archfiend is quite possibly the biggest hypocrite on the internet. He hates it when other people enable ads on their videos but the Archfiend doesn't just make money off his videos, he BRAGS about doing so. He also claims to hate people who block users and delete comments that have different opinions than his own. He's spent his entire "career" on YouTube ranting about people more popular than him and calling them pathetic but truthfully, Archfiend is more pathetic than most of the people he rants about.

In no way am I defending the likes of iJustine and Shane Dawson but with the exception of iJustine, everyone he rants about puts at least SOME effort into making their videos whereas all the Archfiend does is sit in front of his webcam and talk about people he doesn't like. He's no better than the damn reply girls!

Much like PewDiePie and TobyGames, The Archfiend has a lapdog fanbase who will blindly defend him against anyone with a different opinion than ...more - devon

Yes, because YouTube is about making artsy videos, no one can simply vlog and rant and publish it out there. You have to put dressing on it and spend money and make skits. Um, no. ANYONE claiming that YouTube is for one particular style, type, or class of video is wrong. You can simply record yourself talking if you want. Some people don't even show their face - they just whisper relaxing things.

This is a YouTuber that back when he was ranting on things such as Irate Gamer, Silent Rob, Cloud8475, and other YouTubers about 4 to 5 years ago actually did a really good job at what he did. He approached every single one with intelligence, passion, and a well thought out plan. He also stayed true to his not blocking any negative comments on him, and seemed to have fun in what he did. However, about a year before his rants on The AVGN began, something major changed in him. He's always had a bit of an ego, but it seemed like back then his ego all the sudden exploded. On top of him becoming increasingly paranoid about everyone that surrounded him. His videos started lacking passion, drive, and in a few in the beginning, and even more so today, lacking intelligence. For some reason, he made a change almost within a month. I'm still not quite sure what sparked this. Maybe he got tired of it? Maybe he got hurt? Maybe because he got older? I don't know, but he is a different man on ...more - SerenadeInTheDark

For a while I was a fan of this guy, up until he lumped me in with a scandal he himself was involved in and threw me out of his chatroom. The guy is an idiot and can easily be refuted. - KazuoTS


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124 1991ArielFan

Lest we get crazyprincessariel. She hates us in favor of Hotel Transylvania, The Little Mermaid, The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue and many other overrated, one-dimensional movies!

125 Tyler Oakley Tyler Oakley Mathew Tyler Oakley, known as Tyler Oakley, is an American YouTube and podcast personality, humorist, author and activist.

I have tried to like him so many times. And been so unsuccessful. He's one of the most offensive people I've ever seen. He's so quick to jump to conclusions and it just proves how immature he is. Maybe if he grows up some and learns respect I'll like him better. But as for now, I try not to watch anything involving him.

We are all supposed to just adore him because he's Gay. Other than his sexuality, what is the reason to watch. Sorry Tyler, 15 minutes are up.

Never watched his videos, but YouTube promoted him so hard it made it impossible to like him

A narcissist who use his sexuality to get fame and attention.

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126 Mishovy SĂ­lenosti

9 year olds should not be on Youtube, swearing, and putting up their middle finger! Of course this little brat has a 16 year old girlfriend (messed up, right? ) and a disgusting fanbase.

I thought it won't be even here! Stupid, retarded, unneeded, messed up, do I need to continue?

Part of me feels bad for him since he's so clearly being manipulated by his brother, but that all goes away when I see how snobby he is.

This kid, is 9, I'm nine, and I don't swear! He wants to kill Santa for a stupid reason! - Crzygamer50

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127 Stampylongnose

Haha this guy has two channels!? PATHETIC!

Not my kind of content, but it's not bad. As far as content for kids on YT goes, if I had kids I'd rather they watch this than a lot of the other options for children's content on YouTube (toy channels), since at least this isn't annoying as all hell.

He sucks so shut up

Ok, He may be a bit annoying and to childish but you need to look at the age range that watches stampy it's literally only ages 6-9 so you need to think about the people that watch him not just you! - OliviaHamilton

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128 kidrauhl

The reason why this sucks is because of Justin Bieber. Don't get me wrong, his videos from when he was like 5 are cute but yeah. It's Justin Bieber.

I voted for you so you should thank me

129 Our Third Life

This channel is actually a very obvious troll channel.

The #1 troll ever

Somebody needs to take that girl to an insane asylum! What a crazy stupid girl...!

England is on Jupiter!
You must learn Americanish!
They are five languages!

Girl is a dumbhople

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130 Undertakerfreak1127

I can't stand this guy

The Archfiend's butt buddy.

He is the most cancerous on the internet

This guy is awesome!... said Adolf Hitler.

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131 Purple Shep

Purple Shep is not the worst, he's amazing and hilarious, Pink Sheep is mean to him. - BlueSheepYT

Another channel exploiting the hilarious silliness of text-to-speech voices. - Raremillennium

At least with his father ( Pink sheep) you can at least say the voice is tolerable.

Pink Sheep:Wait! Purple Shep! Why did you get handcuffs and why did you just arrest me?!
Purple Shep:Hello Daddy I found these chain things in my cereal box! - AngusMacdonaldMii

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132 Luna V 2 Comments
133 theygotusall
134 PeckcellaVonPeter
135 lohanthony

How the hell isn't he higher on this list

This 13 year old kid has nearly million subs even though he acts like he has 29 subs. I complete lost it when I saw this channel. Please remove the channel YouTube - Mumbizz01

This boy... Wow he's just terrible, the future of YouTube everyone

Absolute HIV. Nice, funny, kind, and great gay people have to bury themselves into the closet because of him. He is the reason why half of the gay community look like a bunch of hungry whores. He made fun of "basic bitches" while acting like one, all while BEING 12. He is contributing to the downfall of the LGBT rights movement.

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And of this moment, robarate knew there was no hope. There is no God. There is no joy. And the only thing robarate craved was the sweet release of death. Why must people like this flood the internet with this? Why must people be so stupid that they thought this was a good idea? Mankind's greatest enemy is itself. 3LAMESTUDIO maybe the worst, but if not, the worst, Five nights at freddy's related channel. This isn't art, this is physiological warfare designed by the Nazis to drive anyone to insanity. Save yourself. Don't watch there videos.

3LAMESTUDIO, a group known for abominable animations that are designed to sicken. Doesn't help that these people rip off anything they possibly could, and that they have a foul attitude based on the online conversations that they have been involved in.

He will take a fandom, and make it 10 TIMES worse.

He also made videos of superheroes fighting really ugly angry birds.

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137 JennaMarbles‎

I was waiting to see her on this list. Why is she so low down? Her videos are so unoriginal.

People only like her because she sometimes wears a sexy bra and wears make up. That, my friends makes her a skank. - Duncan99

Almost positive you're a 12 year old boy. People like her because of her fantastic sense of humor, and wearing makeup & a "sexy bra" doesn't make her a "skank", you simple minded kiddo

Can often be seen parading her indifference about things as if most people give a crap.

I seriously don't understand how anyone could stand listening to this obnoxious little brat

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138 Devon Sweeney

The kinda guy who could get hit by a bus and no one would care

He looks like a potato

A human potato

great gy

139 Whatthebuckshow

All this guy ever does is gossip about celebrities! That's stuff you'd hear on the news we don't need to hear it!

My god this guy is annoying and very boring

I'm by no means homophobic (My best friend is gay), however why the hell are all these openly gay YouTubers so crappy!? What The Buck is pure irritating trash!

Stop gossiping about celebrities it just makes it worse!?

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140 The Film Theorists

The Same as the Game Theorists - ChibiDaFox

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