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161 DisneyCarToys

We're here to see Disney Pixar Cars toys, not stupid Elsa and Spiderman and Peppa Pig crap! - Jliby30

Three words to explain this one: "Cancerous tat reviewed"

She's an adult I think so it's weird

DisneyCarToys has about 45% of kids watching, and 65% are people making fun of them - Crzygamer50

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162 ToiletFan1

He should NOT be on this list! Whoever decided he should be on this list is clearly making up their information, and here's why.

I'm part of a community he's part of, and like him, we're interested in plumbing fixtures. You all need to RESPECT THAT! How about you flush YOURSELVES down into YOUR sewers and CRY after all the insults you've made to him. This is unacceptable!

How about I put YOU on a worst peoples' list? How would you like THAT?!?!? I'm sure you wouldn't, so I demand you stop insulting him.

Also, how would YOU like to be embarrassed and angry if I AND OUR COMMUNITY were to do that on your videos. You would be upset! Simple as that!

There are VARIOUS things you could be doing to him that could be hurtful, including getting physical with him in your insults. It's ridiculous.

Therefore, he should NOT be on this list, and YOU ALL should STOP INSULTING HIM! - PlumbingFixtureCentral

ToiletFan1 should be #1 on the list! All he does is upload videos of flushing public toilets. I am not kidding! Why would anyone want to watch them? I would rather watch Fred on loop for life than watch one of those stupid videos!

Guys he may be an autistic. People with autism obsess over things, like for this guy toilets, I'm around them all the time,

HEY! Who says ToiletFan1 is bad although I never watched him I'll be calling ToiletFam1 from now on

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163 FuturisticHub

Cancerous animations and they completely have nothing to do with Minecraft. Can people in Minecraft bend limbs? Can they talk? Can they feel things? NO. ALL THEY DO IS BREAK AND PLACE BLOCKS.

Kids could watch this stuff! There are to many adult jokes. - Crzygamer50

I wonder how long it take him to make a video...what do you think?

This channel is pure cringe because the only person I can imagine liking this channel and its content is spoiled, cringey little kids that screech like a dying bird when they lose in a video game.

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164 Rye-Rye99

Another fnaf fanboy doing films. Now I like five nights at freddy's what it's main purpose is a video game but this guy picks a character from the Fnaf video games and sticks with it. That choice was Toy Bonnie. Why? He just likes when you know when he is gone or not cause when you see toy bonnie in the vent you put the mask on and you see him. Really? Doesn't mean that all your videos are about this dumb girl looking Fnaf character. Then he did love aka shipping. Toy Bonnie with Toy Chica...I think Rye doesn't realize that these are 12 year old kids in the suits. - spodermanfan1000

There was a game made about him. Please, give me the sweet release of death.

Why is he in here?

Him and his girlfriend told my friend to kill himself and claimed they got hacked and then said that the image my friend took of them saying it was photoshopped.

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165 Mangaminx

She's funny, but does get annoying after a while

I like Minx, but she is annoying. I do support her and Krism, but she needs to stop retaliating to the hate she gets.

I like minx but have never watched one of her videos. The only reason I know about her is from watching markilplier.

She's funny and the ultimate sidekick to other YouTubers such as ohmwrecker or markiplier

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166 TheLeetCasualGamer

His newer videos are actually pretty good... - lite64

He is a retarded furry. I think it's self explanatory.

167 xXMysteriousManXx

It is weird. He extremely hates Nintendo games and console though he collect them

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168 W2S

Seriously? How do people watch this idiot over and over again opening packs on FIFA and watch him OVERREACT and completely fake reactions to get views? This kid gets millions of hits and paid to open FIFA packs? Anyone who subs seriously needs to rethink their choice!


Him and KSI have so much influence over 12-14 year olds now raising an entire generation of shouty, rude, unfunny idiots. They just shouldn't be on YouTube.

169 TotalBiscuit

Replace this one with the name of the YouTuber who was happy that TotalBiscuit got cancer. That prick belongs in a higher spot than this.

What is TotalBiscuit doing here? He's a great YouTuber.

Why is he on this list?

Doesn't belong in this list. - likalaruku

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170 Tombuscus

The channel name here says "Tombuscus", and based off another comment on here, it's probably just a knock off of him. But the comments here proves that his fans are too stupid to see the difference.

Who is "Tombuscus"?

He is funny he should not be on here

This may be the little girl from I hate pewdiepie. LOL

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171 GoldFist090

Ok, so like BLACKB0ND, this guy's hate is KINDA overblown, but again, I digress. So he went up to the Radioactive - Imagine Dragons video, called it one of the worst and most overrated songs ever made, said that Imagine Dragons were not rock and rather hipster indie pop, and added at the end that God does not exist. This got him extreme criticism which he refuted by...making fun of grammar, not giving an explanation as to why ID are not rock, and swear bombing. He even made fun of the grammar of a kid who's main language was not English. Just in case THAT wasn't bad enough, he made it so you couldn't comment on his comment about a month after.

He got what was asked for when people started raging on HIS videos. He expected people to be able to see the junk he was doing even though he recorded it with an awful camera (comparable to a potato), so now he had two things on his hands: ID fans (including myself, see above), and people who hated the quality of the video. More grammar ...more - WonkeyDude98

172 CengoKong

I still prefer this guy then PewDiePie.

Ya nobody comment because he's dumb and not as famous as PEWDIEPIE

173 PMRants

I think the reason I'm here is because of his top 10 worst YouTubers video also he's awesome!

Has a knack for being petty by making videos attacking popular YouTube channels just because they're popular and attacking commenters who disagree often sinking down to their level. Normally, I can understand defending yourself from hostile comments, but doing so in a way that makes you look just as bad indeed only makes you look just as bad.

Is maybe a stupid ass (from responds to stupid ass comment) put PMRants after he get piss off - perrey445

PMRants was talking about his opinion.

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174 Game Grumps

Whoever put this here, take it off. Why hate game grumps. At least there better than Pewds. - Duncan99

Who hates the game grumps? They are so genuine and nice. Their fanbase isn't awful, they are orignial and widely recognised as such (even our lord and saviour Chris Pratt likes them). Who the heck could hate some pleasant, dumb people messing around whilst playing video games. Doesn't every gamer like doing that themselves?

Are you serious...I...I just can't...WHAT!?! Who kind of moron puts game grumps on the list of worst channels ever...what? And why is pewdiepie on the top of the list, who ever made this stupid list most likely has half a brain, I mean even a blind person could see past this bull, and the possibility of me having brain cancer by looking at this dreadful god awfully list is rapidly happening at an alarming high standard.

Yeah they don't belong here.

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If you like everything then do you like yourself?

Doesn't even make I hate mars bars and watches his dog fall out of tree so bad

Likes dust, and I hate dust

Can this channel just represent all of the IHE parody channels?

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176 Nash Grier Nash Grier Nash Grier is an American Internet personality. He became known for his online Vine videos in early 2013.

I swear, he has literally only 9 videos, and close to 3 million subscribers. All of his fame is from his stupid vine account, which really doesn't impress me at all. His fans only like him for his looks. He is also a very stereotypical douchebag that expects a high quality girlfriend, and expects his girlfriend to revolve her personality and physical appearance around him. He makes me want to bash my head into a wall.

He makes it quite obvious he only wants fame and fans. He also made an extremely sexist video and deleted it quickly after.

I hate this human so much, he made a video telling girls how to dress and look for his own pleasure which is sick and disgusting, and the fact that his audience actually listens to his demands makes me want to drink bleach, he expects all girls to look the way he wants them and doesn't care about their personality but rather a nice physical appearance which is something that he of all people, if I can call him a person, lacks greatly

Treats girls, including his girlfriend, like trash, constantly having to remind them about his high standards. He's the preppy-pretty boy who's only on Youtube or the fame and serves no purpose other than being a whitebread Snapchat idol making money. - Swellow

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177 Double4anime

This guy is an ass making anime seem like its for asses like him

Makes me feel ashamed to be in the anime community.

Weeb who poops on others and sends subscribers to hate on people who don't like he's favourite anime

I first like de historische content but after a Wile ikwached more of his videos the more ik hate de him for spoiling things in his titels

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178 SevenSuperGirls

1. Their fanbase attacks anyone who doesn't like them

2. They try too hard to make good videos

3. They don't deserve the support they get

4. They have no out side life because they make videos every day

5. One of them loves Starbucks (Israeli company)

6. They are not real comedians. They only play classic boring pranks on their parents and freinds that would be very cruel in real life and do weird things that only they think is funny like crack eggs over their heads.

7. Their parents are problably nagged to death to be in videos

8. They would be spoiled brats behind camera

9. They show of a lot and never put enough time into their videos

10:They make all their videos all about them, solving their own problems without caring about the others, getting revenge and unknowingly over doing it and pointlessly fighting something that will go away by itself soon. This gives you an idea about how they are in real life.

I used to watch these asses. I can't believe it.

This is in my opinion one of the worst channels on YouTube. Their fanbase is a bunch of 12 year old girly girls. They act like idiots. They try too hard to make a good video when it turns into a big flop. They don't really deserve the amount of subscribers they have. And how do they have a life if they make a stupid video everyday? - BubbleBear01

Their videos... Just boring. I have no idea how they got popular with the same back round music in every video.

They did make videos about them getting grounded. SevenSuperGirls should be getting grounded in real life. GoAnimate has grounding in common, and has a SevenSuperGirls rant by 2001: A Cancerous Odyssey. SevenSuperGirls needs more hate for being sexist, girly, naggy, spoiled and lazy. - The Ultimate Daredevil

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179 Danisnotonfire

To everyone saying he never posts, Dan's videos take at least 20 hours to edit each. If he finds something in his videos that he doesn't like, he refilms them. He also has a gaming channel with Phil that they post on regularly. Last December they literally posted videos every day for a whole month on the channel. Dan and Phil also do everything by themselves including editing, filming, and any type of script writing. Both Dan and Phil do weekly livestreams to keep up with fans and answer as many questions as they can. They also have a BBC radio show, and last year they went on a tour around the world and still managed to make videos when they had their small amount of downtime. Both Dan and Phil actually put effort into videos and if they wanted they could post something they through together in an hour and they would have tons of views, but they take time to make videos that actually are well made. Don't say that Dan and Phil don't care about their fans because if you actually took ...more

Take this off the list what

I don't really like Phil either. they used to be funny now they're just annoying and so unoriginal. Phil is quite a creative funny guy but he is becoming too much like Dan. They make a lot of money but hardly ever post, and I don't believe they deserve it. I feel sad because they're older videos were so funny, now it's just typical. It's sad to see a channel that I loved so much go downhill. I really hope they get better and maybe be more involved in their "job"

Both Dan and Phil need to wake up and realize that their content is awful.

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180 Bl00dblitz

How is this guy on here? Just because he bashed your favourite celeb/YouTuber with good reasons? - MelonMan

His skits are hilarious but his rants make him look bad.. STOP DOING RANTS. - Bl4zeTMG

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