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161 Percy Inglis

10 out of 10 would defiantly buy ears again

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162 Zoie Burgher

Dumb slag, and extremely hyprocritical about celestia - Hater

163 Milo Stewart

-Hates White People.(is white?! )
-Actually believes in 76 genders when there is only 2.(Try Again)
-Crazy beliefs on YouTube's terms of service.(Delete and flag her channel.)
-Disgrace to all Texans.(I know right?! )
-Can't take critisism or a simple meme.(Memes are the best thing on the website)
Feminism Combines with Mental Retardation=Milo Stewart. Don't get me started on anything else about her.

164 Adam Saleh

Huge victim complex with false stories.

165 Alexander4488 (A.K.A. Game Dude)

He talks with a mouthful of memory cards coming out his *bleep*!

His videos are parody videos

Another obsessive copycat of the well-known game review the Angry Video Game Nerd, has a self-egotism and not only copying AVGN but also stalking behind the characters (James and Mike). See here (I DON'T recommend to watch it - Just go, PAUSE IMMEDIATELY the video and look down the comments)

166 biglittlediscount
167 MagicalPockyUsagi

Anime is dumb, usually - GigaDrill

Stupid weeaboo who gives anime fans (like me) a horrid reputation.

Weeb. I can tell from the name. - Lunala

168 EsKakktuzz
169 KSIOlajidebt

I remember watching his videos back in 2013, he killed me with his FIFA funnies and Q& A with his (Blank), but now he's a wannabe rapper with a tremendous ego.

He's humor consists of nothing more than black stereotypes and repetitive sex jokes

He likes playing the race card, one example includes the time he played Overwatch, and when he got Winston the Gorilla, he called the game racist... How can a game be racist when it's an algorithm, and how is the game supposed to know the race/skin color of the player to avoid the player being offended? He also does this race-baiting when he plays artificial intelligence games like Eviebot, Boibot and Pewdiebot, he tried to trick the program in order to get a racist answer, and when he does, he has a reason to call it racist. While talking about race, he's also a hypocrite when it comes to racism, he bashes Rucka Rucka Ali for his satirical music on race and religion, but has made videos joking about racism such as "Racist ...more

He makes fun of mental health, body shames and plays the race card when ever someone calls him out for poor behaviour. He is also one of the most egotistical Youtubers on the platform. His humour is not funny nor is it clever, it's just repetitive.

Anyone remember before fall 2013, when KSI was actually funny? Happy days...

Oh so Ksi is on here but not snarky and scooter Steve how is that possible he is great. Also who makes this list?

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170 The Vigilant Christian

All he uploads is conspiracy theories (stupid ones I should add) and Christian propaganda. I'm serious when I say I almost gave up on humanity when I saw the amount of subscribers he had.

All this guy does is criticize everybody that doesn't have the same beliefs as him. He calls everyone satanic, blind, "untrue Christians", you name it. The second people criticize his beliefs. He cries. Probably the dumbest YouTuber of all time - ryanrimmel

This channel is AWFUL. I'm Christian, and I think that everything he says is a load of crap. He "exposes" everything that has to do with cartoon magic, triangles, eyes etc. He thinks every little thing is "evil" and if you disagree, he says you need to "open your eyes" or whatever.

I wonder what Vigilant Christian Mario would think of the Gundam franchise... - PerfectImpulseX

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171 LionMaker

Did you know Lionmaker asked 15 year olds for porn? Yeah so if I where you I would leave his channel right away. He is a pedophile.

I heard he was really good with kids...

My 8 year old sister was watching his videos once. One of the most uncomfortable moments of my life

He is a Pedophile - Lunala

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172 TheDoubleAgent

This was translated from English to Japanese, then back to English on Google Translate:

He is actually a music review of when he is the worst of the video review there, I believe that very good. I do not have to say that someone's opinion is wrong, I will strongly oppose the most of his. "In his list, he" foreign 'by Alicia Keys at # 14 "list" 2000's 20 best # 1 single, but was placed, is referred to as "too perfect", around him is two and a half minutes mark that was said was tired of it. They are like any of what respectable critic of calls that you're reviewing the too perfect?!?! In his ranking of the top 20 in the spring of 2016, but he places the "panda" by Desiinger at # 2, trash - talk song does not do anything. What?!? Even he says he likes them, he is before you start the trash talking about them as well, he has spent 42,069 hours ranting songs and about 15 seconds hated praise him favorite song. Plus, he and Do not looks but ...more

Thinks he's so good at reviewing music when in fact he's the worst video reviewer out there. While I will never say someone's opinions are wrong, I STRONGLY disagree with most of his. In his list of "20 Best #1 singles of the 2000's" list, he placed "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys at #14, but called it "too perfect" and said he got tired of it around the 2 1/2 minute mark. What kind of respectable critic calls whatever they're reviewing too perfect?!?! In his ranking of the top 20 of Spring 2016, he places "Panda" by Desiinger at #2 but does nothing but trash talk the song. What?!? He spends 374827382 hours ranting about the songs he hates and fifteen seconds praising the songs he likes before he starts trash talking them as well, even though he said he liked them. Plus, he's 16 but looks and sounds like he's 28. His voice is annoying, he wears suits for some reason, and he thinks the fedora he wears in all his videos makes him look like Humphrey ...more

It is therefore good for the music he actually worse than the sound of the video is. Although I would not say that one wrong idea is, I agree entirely with the majority. "Top 20 # 1 singles in 2000" list, was Alicia Keys # 14, "Fallin 'issue, but as" too perfect "and said he was about 2 1/2 minutes, Marcos was tired. The respectable base talks take too perfect?!?! 's Top 20 rankings in spring 2016 was a year of Desiinger # 2 in places "Panda", but the song says nothing. What?!? 9120835423 is an hour last time he songs and praise songs and fifteen seconds sung if you want before you talk trash to start, even if you say that you give them love. more, 16 but looks and sounds like a man of 28 years. He has a nagging voice, for some reason, and I think fedora, carry all videos, Humphrey Bogart or another seems a silly hat bag responsible. video called "my 5 worst video." I called it "the worst of all my videos." Lan such zar and see if ...more


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173 DisneyCarToys

We're here to see Disney Pixar Cars toys, not stupid Elsa and Spiderman and Peppa Pig crap! - Jliby30

Three words to explain this one: "Cancerous tat reviewed"

She's an adult I think so it's weird

Extremely hate it - BraixenBreak

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174 Whitney Wisconsin

She should have been higher on the list

Promotes animal abuse

she is hot


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175 ToiletFan1

He should NOT be on this list! Whoever decided he should be on this list is clearly making up their information, and here's why.

I'm part of a community he's part of, and like him, we're interested in plumbing fixtures. You all need to RESPECT THAT! How about you flush YOURSELVES down into YOUR sewers and CRY after all the insults you've made to him. This is unacceptable!

How about I put YOU on a worst peoples' list? How would you like THAT?!?!? I'm sure you wouldn't, so I demand you stop insulting him.

Also, how would YOU like to be embarrassed and angry if I AND OUR COMMUNITY were to do that on your videos. You would be upset! Simple as that!

There are VARIOUS things you could be doing to him that could be hurtful, including getting physical with him in your insults. It's ridiculous.

Therefore, he should NOT be on this list, and YOU ALL should STOP INSULTING HIM! - PlumbingFixtureCentral

ToiletFan1 should be #1 on the list! All he does is upload videos of flushing public toilets. I am not kidding! Why would anyone want to watch them? I would rather watch Fred on loop for life than watch one of those stupid videos!

Guys he may be an autistic. People with autism obsess over things, like for this guy toilets, I'm around them all the time,

HEY! Who says ToiletFan1 is bad although I never watched him I'll be calling ToiletFam1 from now on

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176 FuturisticHub

Cancerous animations and they completely have nothing to do with Minecraft. Can people in Minecraft bend limbs? Can they talk? Can they feel things? NO. ALL THEY DO IS BREAK AND PLACE BLOCKS.

Kids could watch this stuff! There are to many adult jokes. - Crzygamer50

I wonder how long it take him to make a video...what do you think?

Stupid minecraft animations full of ununny sex jokes and nakdd girls. - Lunala

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177 Mangaminx

She's funny, but does get annoying after a while

I like Minx, but she is annoying. I do support her and Krism, but she needs to stop retaliating to the hate she gets.

I like minx but have never watched one of her videos. The only reason I know about her is from watching markilplier.

She's funny and the ultimate sidekick to other YouTubers such as ohmwrecker or markiplier

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178 TheLeetCasualGamer

His newer videos are actually pretty good... - lite64

He is a retarded furry. I think it's self explanatory.

179 Abstract Gamer

He is a copy of PewDiePie and his name clearly copies Abstract Gaming. He calls his fans "The Abstract Army" which is clearly a copy of PewDiePie's bro army. He made this channel called miecade boss to write positive comments in his and like his videos and he asks his friends to subscribe with all their channels to him and most of his subscribers are him himself's channels only made to get subscribers

screw this

180 Doni Bobes
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