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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 million subscribers. more.


Definitely the worst one. Let me begin with his humor, it's horrible. Of course, if you find repeating "Rape" and some other morbid jokes over a thousand videos funny, it may not be. Secondly, his money. He gets 4 million dollars a year, and what for? For pressing buttons on a controller and recording himself saying some stupid crap. There is a huge list of people who actually put their entire life into their videos and they get next to nothing. Of course, there are people in this world who likes him, and he's only getting the money because of the ads due to his popularity. But, come to think of it: The guys who developed the very own game he's playing, the ones who developed his console, the ones who make food for him, who deliver him water, everyone else who does something to society: They don't get 0.01% of what he does, even though he donates part of it to charity, this still is completely unfair. And finally and most importantly, the reason that kicked my hatred for him: He's an ...more

Okay people, you don't like pewdiepie. He personally isn't my favorite channel, but I still like him and his videos. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion and that includes me. Remember this is my opinion you don't have to agree or hate on me or whatever. He has 30 million subscribers, and I personally think he deserves it. His channel name is really cute actually. He does video game commentary and most of it is pretty interesting. What he does kind of sounds ridiculous, but he has more followers than Rihanna. He pulls in a big audience on YouTube because of his funny remarks on horror games. He has a really good sense of humor. Now, I don't like everything about Pewds. There are a couple things I don't like. For one, I don't really like how much violence and horror the games he plays have in them. Also, he swears too much. He isn't necessarily mean though (Except to his opponents on games). He is really funny and that is the main reason I watch him. He is really kind actually. He ...more

Main reason I don't care for him is because of his fans, but he's an okay guy. - DCfnaf

I disagree with him being 1st. Some of the YouTubers on this list are much worse than him. At least he has original jokes and is joyful. He has a unique personality too. His screaming is bad though, but that's mostly because I wear headphones, so it hurts my ears.

His fanbase is quite annoying, because they're kids, and half of them don't even appreciate PewDiePie's videos, asking him for his videos to not contain any swearing in. He didn't ask for all his fans to be kids, but the kids rush to him anyway and treat him like a YouTube god while also requesting multiple times for him to control his swearing levels, like I said before. PewDiePie uses swearing to entertain the fans and it's part of his humour.

I also don't agree with people who hate PewDiePie. These people are also usually kids who are jealous of his fame. People who totally hate him usually say lies about him in their videos, and that's only the BEST hate videos. Most of these people don't make videos ...more

Yeah I'd have to vote PewdiePie myself. His old stuff was actually pretty great but now all his stuff is waaay too childish and gets annoying very quickly. Shouting and emotion is fine but when you do the same overhype stuff way too much it can get old very quickly. Markiplier does a tad too much as well, but it's more tolerable seeing as how he comes across as genuinely happy to be there. It became less about hearing a regular guy react naturally to games and more about fan servicing children and putting on an awkward/slightly fake show. Also you can't even provide constructive criticism seeing as how his brainwashed followers will spam you and post like a million comments of "Don't like don't watch hater! ". Which is such a pointless reply. The whole point of criticism is to try to help people change themselves for the better. Not all criticism is provided correctly but I would rather just ignore and not bother with anything pewdiepie now.

How?! This list is very flawed but didn't truly get bad until right now. What? You've got to be kidding me. THE WORST?! LOL! PewDiePie is one of the most legendary people on the internet. He has done wonders for YouTube and has inspired tons to follow in his footsteps on YouTube. He has no place on this trashy list. His fanbase doesn't matter. Plenty of fanbases are like that. A fanbase being of ultra loyal and loud sheep is practically a foundation of YouTube. Without sheep not one YouTuber would get anywhere. In the current day he makes enjoyable content on YouTube that can entertain many ages, not just kids. He's a morally fantastic person and an editor at heart. He's also a comedian and knows what he's doing in games. Truly, he's the poster child of YouTube and should be appreciated for his work as such. This list in itself is honestly disgraceful and I take much joy in knowing he will never bother with this trashy list.

PewDiePie is without a doubt the WORST Channel on YouTube. All he does when he plays games is Rage, yell and be an immature brat like Justin Bieber. If I hear him doing this, I feel like bashing my head into the wall to give myself amnesia out of the shier annoyance of this idiot. He has a horrible sense of humor and is very offensive to people as well. Almost in every aspect he is annoying and just generally stupid. And what does this retard get in return? Over 20,000,000 Subscribers! That's not what he should get. His channel is overrated and downright stupid. He just tries to be too funny that it's just too painful to watch almost all the time. His channel should be shut down and he should have no fans whatsoever. His videos get very old very fast. Watching his videos is like witnessing kittens being burnt alive. The fact that he attempts to be funny when he isn't is just sad as well. Please, tell this to others, because what I have just described is all true. We need others to ...more - Horrible_Username

Because this "nothing" he does consists of him raising money for charity and helping children in Africa by getting water from the livestream money he gets

You cannot blame the guy for doing something he enjoys doing. You're kinda making yourself you look like a total old prick. I'm not a die hard fan of PewDiePie, but I am not going out of my way and insult him for doing what he enjoys doing, and there is nothing wrong with that.

His content and fanbase is too much, he insists that you must ignore them, though you simply cannot, it's virtually impossible to. The 'Bro Army' is everywhere, and it's coming to an internet near you in all it's evil.

It's not PewDiePie himself that's the problem, It's his rabid fanbase that's the problem! His fanbase consists of annoying 10-13 year old little squeakers that have absolutely no clue to what an opinion even is, and will attack anyone who dares to say anything bad about their precious leader. It's truly sickening.

I can go on for hours on how horrible PewDiePie is, but I have to just say the worst thing about him, his fanbase

I would literally rather watch paint dry than have to endure watching this squeaky voiced buffoon. All his reactions are fake and are only there to pull in more viewers. Don't get me started on THAT fanbase!

I think he's great. Guess what? Every fan base has a least some annoying people on it, and your judging PewDiePie on it? Another comment I saw is "He only donated 1 million dollars to people." Yeah. Your right. He should've donated 1.cent! Does that sound better? Haha no. 2015 videos sucked honestly but the rest of his videos are cool. Don't judge someone because they're popular. Also, don't take him seriously. He's a COMEDIAN! I don't worship him. I'm a kid.

I don't like his video I like him as a good person. Seeing how he raising money for charity, He's really kind.

Yes, I might get dislike but I don't care. He was forced to make more video because of his fans. The yell, the scream, it's all just a fake reaction to make his fans happy. I feel bad for pewdiepie being forced. Give him a chance, fans.

It pains me to vote for him, but he really is the worst youtube channel now. In the past, he was funny and so relatable. He made great videos with fun commentary that made me almost die of laughter. Now, he is like a whole different person. His latest videos haven't made me laugh as much as the ones in the past. He makes less gaming videos and more random content. Gaming was what made Pewdiepie so popular. The only time he's funny is when he collaborates with other youtubers. It truly saddens me to see another youtuber lose their touch because of their fame, and I just hope he comes back... - DenBoro

That's absolutely stupid! Why is this channel even in this top? It's like Markiplier! Even if a massive amount of people dislike his videos, it is not a valid reason to say that is videos are only for kids or lame or bad things about him! You don't like, you don't watch and you don't say stupid things without any real argumentation, that's all. And don't think I'm saying this because I'm a part of his fanbase or whatever. I'm not, but I enjoy some of his videos, and stupid things like hate comments should not even exist. If you wanna spread hate, please PLEASE have valid arguments. Or else, it's just pure and useless hate. And that is why his fans "have a massive go at anybody who doesn't like him". It is /not/ because they don't like him (or they are not fans and part of the fanbase but fanatics) but because they tend to be disrespectful, offensive and insulting and spread hate through comments. And some even created hate based games! That's silly, childish...and somewhat sad. I'm ...more - Alchemia-Reimin

Felix used to be okay but his recent antics have made me lose faith in him. From his "kill all Jews" fiasco and him dropping the n-word, he's been in the red. He's not a bad guy, but he is reckless and his actions has caused the fallout of YouTube as well as smaller channels who don't have as much to fall back on. He needs to get it together. As for his channel, it's the kind of mediocre crap you'd expect from someone with a fanbase full of kids. All in all, he was once a good YouTuber but his time is up. I am hoping someone will steal the spotlight soon.

One thing I can say his fanbase if he was trying to be a good example he should teach his fanbase to respect the opinion of others and not to react violently when people say oh pewdiepie you should quit YouTube and he's far from being a good example most people are easily influenced by people they look up to like this guy watching/playing sexual stuff would just encourage said people to watch them

I don't think PewDiePie should be the worst Youtube channel. There are tons of other Youtube channels that have no pride or effort in their videos. For example, The Fine Bros. They think they are at the top of reaction videos but they are among the useless channels that only gain views from other peoples content.

I get that a lot of people hate him (I've never seen his videos so I can't form an opinion), but I did look at the video link above and I actually kinda feel bad for him. He seemed genuinely hurt when he saw all of those hate comments and he doesn't seem like a bad guy. Although I've heard that his fanbase is horrid. Is it really that bad of a fanbase? Like worse than Beliebers bad? - Anonymousxcxc

Literally every emotion this guy tries to portray is obviously fake and he's forcing it for the camera, I've never seen any heart put into his videos what so ever

His fanbase is full of 12 year olds, and it must've created the beginning of younger children going on the internet as 13 or older users without their parents even monitoring them. It is annoying that he is the "King of YouTube" when clearly the kids that are watching his content subscribe to him and he has the most subscribers.

He is very childish and idiotic, his fanbase consists of toddlers and if his channel were to age restricted as it probably should be he would only have on average maybe two or three hundred views.

I don't hate any of these YouTubers on this list, and I don't like them. But you have to accept that you can never change them or the fanbase. The child fans will grow up and change their opinion and the next generation children fans will watch them and grow up and a endless loop that you don't need to worry yourself about.

- Pewdiepie I watched him from the start but he started to change, sometimes sounding like FilthyFrank, or a SouthPark character and being even louder and All the videos stopped saying what he was playing and were just -LOL BOOBS SWAG JB- nonsense, I couldn't take it and I stopped watching him. I don't hate him, he seems like a nice person. But if you watch if earlier videos he acts more normal.

He REALLY went downhill! And I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY. He just seems depressed and desperate for subscribers and views now and he seems depressed, constantly moaning about this and that and the other. He used to be a gaming channel, but what happened?! I used to enjoy his videos but he just quickly changed for the worse. It makes me upset how he did that to us. - LemonComputer

The only thing I don't like about Pewdiepie is his fanbase. Sometimes when I'm looking at videos of games and I see comments saying stuff like "You're copying Pewdiepie" or something along those lines. I think Marcia (Pewdiepie's girlfriend) is better than him.

Once, he was fantastic, along with mark and jack. Now, all he does is force out laughs, promote merchandise, and complain about the internet. I don't think he's even played a game in months. Mark and Jack, on the other hand, are doing perfect, mark declined but became funny again, and jack has been great since he got famous.