Sky is pretty funny but his fan base is what makes you wanna puke, whenever I go on something Minecraft related there are people talking about Sky. I mean seriously they worship him like a god. And his fan base is what lead to the squid war. Squids aren't even hostile! I truly bet that the hyper sky fans are younger than 8 years old.

Yeah. I agree with the other guy. Most of his fans went from completely normal people to what I call "Butter Freaks." My friend watched his videos for nearly a year and nearly every one of his jokes and sentences contained "butter" and and arm waving motion like the one that Minecraft people do (elbow close to body, swing arm like you are beckoning someone to "come over here") - username34

He had a child and turned to child friendly channels but now he reverted back to swearing in his Fifa in minecraft video without so much as a sorry to the kids that enjoyed his kid friendly. I'm thirteen and not allowed to watch swearing videos and he used to be my favorite but now he disgusts me. Since he became kid friendly he gained so much and now he throws it away because he clearly doesn't care. I sincerely hope he sees this and knows many more people are upset by this sky. I used to look up to him.

People let kids enjoy the YouTubers who appeal to them. Chances are most of you watched Sky and other such YouTubers, but then you grew up, got tired of their humour and moved on. You probably screamed "Budder! " and other such crap as well. His fans will move on, as did you, and others will take their place. There is nothing actually wrong with Sky or his channel, should not be on this list. Just another case of the popular thing getting hate.

Fanbase is annoying. Enough' said

Sky doesn't yell about butter these days. by the way you can't say why watch someone play Minecraft when you can. That is pretty much for every gaming channel. Here you are talking about watch mojo. Their lists are far better than this amateur one. The creator used the same reasons for most of these channels. And the fact that you think this list is legit makes me laugh. Thumbs down.

First, he's not funny at all, and second, every time I watch him I have to constantly turn up and down the volume because one minute he's screaming at the top of his lungs and the next he is just as silent as a mouse. The only people I know right now that still watch Skydoesminecraft are 7 year olds and idiots.

Sky is annoying. Litearly everyone of his fans are obsessed with BUTTER! Its really annoying. I used to be able to play minecraft with friends and not have to hear "I JUST MADE BUTTER BOOTS LOOK ITS A SQUID SQUIID! " Those were the days.

Couldn't he stop screaming every now and then? It's really not that funny when he does, and when his fans are jerks, he puts it to them way to mildly instead of taking charge and telling them to shut up.

Sky can get annoying and he has by far the worst fanbase on youtube.

I say Sky is WAY more mature than his fanbase because he is trying to be funny but his fanbase takes it serious with butter, squids etc. I don't say you must like him but you should accept that his fanbase sucks more. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Sky is good but he doesn't do stuff like he did before I like to watch the old sky videos they were funnier then the ones now and sky also has been slowing down with sub count but a few years ago he was booming why and his fan base is kinda stupid just a little because of all the little kids who keep praising him like pewds but I've only seen a couple of those chats on the internet

The "Sky Army" is full of drooling, idiot, Minecraft fanboys. I can't express my feeling about this channel through typing, I would need a doll that says "Skydoesminecraft" over and over and a knife. And each and every single person on that channel thinks that Minecraft is amazing and doesn't get old.

His videos, and fanbase, are more annoying than "Stupid Hoe" - Nicki Minaj.

I still think that "pewdiepie" is annoying, though.

Minecraft was one a good game. But thanks to SkyDoesMinecraft, it has gone down the crap hole.

I'm sorry, he's just not funny. All he does is scream while playing random mini-games. His fans just go on and on saying "ermahgerd! IT'S BUDDER NOT GOLD! " Even Sky told them to stop.. This guy is just.. ugh...

I wish you all would stop generalizing his fans and saying that we're all terrible people. I DO actually like Sky, even though I don't watch him as much as I used to. And I DON'T say "budder". He may not be the best but he's not a horrible person. - LeiaSkywalker

It's okay if you swear a little, but Sky literally swears almost every 1-5 second. Also, I find none of his jokes funny anymore. Even though he tries to be kid friendly, his channel is starting to get worse in my opinion, but the WORST part of him is his idiotic fan base who call gold "budder".

Just dumb at Minecraft don't really get why many subs

In my school, I always hear people talking about Skydoesminecraft and BUTTER. He makes people in my school fail their English. Oh, and, the other Minecraft gamers, YOU SUCK!

He is a terrible youtuber and is an idiot. His commentary is horrible and he calls gold "budder. "

Sky himself is a good guy, but I'm sick of people calling gold "budder".

Used to be one of his fans, now he produces crappy content. No, I don't want to see you play The. Same. Game. Every. Time. How he keeps getting more subscribers is beyond me. I mean, sheesh, play something other than Minecraft. But sky's fans are protective of him. They are the reason I have not touched my laptop and resort to being a console peasant. - PortalsEverywhere

On his own, he is, not good. he is a guy who plays mine craft and yells. He is tolerable at least. But the fans, oh god! - hurjelert

I was going to put Shane Dawson as my vote for worst, but this guy takes the crappy cake. His videos are utter nonsense how does he have so many subs. So boring and his fanbase sucks too. - Pokemongamer