He is a Hypocrite, he criticizes shows and he basically became a ripoff of RebelTaxi who is much better and not a hypocrite UNLIKE ENTER! So he wants to make a show called Growing Around and it's a stupid concept for a show and it's so cliche. His show will bomb and be on the ranks of one of the worst cartoons ever and be on the ranks of worst shows ever made BUT since he is stupid and a crazy person he might call it "the BEST CARTOON ever! " No just no. Get rid of this man now.

Go look at his Rocket Monkeys review. He made that video solely to shame his fans. He claims that he didn't want to review it because it repeats points from other reviews (which is fair enough), but he seriously started shaming people for requesting reviews! Seriously, TONS of YouTubers get requests, so why is he whining? He is a YouTuber too, so why does he treat himself as an exception when he gets requests? The Rocket Monkeys review made me lose the little respect I had left for him. Trust me, he is worse than what I am describing here, I only picked the major points only from that review.

Huge hypocrite. Bashes writers for their ineptitude while using the same schemes as them for his own show, Growing Around .

He is a critic yet he can't take any criticism.

I really like Enter a lot. He's very reasonable and logical, and a lot of what he says makes sense. I seriously don't get where all these negative reviews are coming from. Likely from little kids or idiots who love a certain show he critiqued at one point. Seriously, all of you need to grow up. What Enter does is very solid work, and I'd love to see any of you morons do any better. Leave the guy alone.

I like his videos. I think they're funny. Never noticed anything change that much about him and I often agree with his animated atrocities. I kind of feel like an idiot for not understanding how he is "hypocrite" and he doesn't always get angry or upset when he does not enjoy a section of a cartoon. Help me understand how this is true, and in how many videos does he act this rude and careless?

He used to be great. He's sucked for a year and a half now. Shame really, I was one of his first subscribers.

An autistic man-child who takes cartoons too seriously. He's not a writer, or a storyboard artist, yet he feels the need to criticize popular cartoons because they don't adhere to his sensitivities. He's literally said in a Family Guy review. "ABUSE JOKES ARE NEVER FUNNY! ABUSE AGAINST WOMEN BLARGH! " yet family guy makes homophobic, racist, xenophobic, murder, pedophile jokes all the time. But if it's abuse against women it's just too farrr. Learn to take a joke, comedy is subjective. Even abuse jokes in Spongebob grinds his gears, what a moron.

I Like his videos and I Don't think he's a hack or a troll and that's cool that he's writing a book and how do we know you're all not trolls I do think this list exist I think we should just watch video and like or don't if we choose

I used to like him. He started off strong, but over time he's started to nitpick more. That would be fine if he admitted he was nitpicking, but he doesn't.

Could've been a decent critic if he wasn't so whiny and too serious.

I seriously can't believe I used to like this hack.

He's in his mid 20s but he whines and screams like a 4 year old whenever cartoons don't do his way! And he treats the creators of the cartoons like they're bad people in real life. Every time I watch one of his animated atrocities (heck, they take up like 80% of the channel) I seriously wanna go into the computer screen and shout "GET A LIFE CRYBABY! " in his ear. At least RebelTaxi, PhantomStrider, and NostalgiaCritic aren't whiny hypocrites and make their videos fun to watch while MrEnter just NEVER STOPS WHINING LIKE A CRYBABY! MrEnter needs to find better ways to live life and be more positive as a person, rather than screaming and whining about cartoons he's way out of the demographic for. - Disneykid00

His script for "GRowing Around" is mediocre and boring

Could've been a decent critic of he wasn't so whiny and serious.

I love TheMysteriousMrEnter, especially his animated atrocities!

This guy just ruined morality for me. - Aragorn98

Wait why the hell is he on this list. The only thing I did not like he did was say trolls and cyber bullying was the same.

While I don't agree with some of what he says and I think he should take more time to work on Growing Around, there are far worse channels on this list that are placed lower (EthanGamerTV for example). I'm not a huge fan of MrEnter, but his channel really isn't that bad.

Animated Atrocities #95. That alone deserves to put him in the top 10. Go watch RebelTaxi for an actually decent, higher quality review.

Okay, I used to like Enter. However, Over the weeks, months and years, his content got worse and worse. He whines about cartoons having to have morals, dissing some decent movies for some reason, and he is a SJW. Oh and by the way, He is a MLP nazi, my argument is over.

This guy sucks he is nothing but a troll!

What the hell guys? He's not so bad! He isn't those cancerous let's players like PewDiePie, or biased list persons like Watchmojo, Looper or Whatculture, he's the only competent Youtuber that seems to have at least taste in something. I mean sure he can get a little nitpicky, but do you really believe that he is that bad? Mr. Enter started off as a brony, then when he started reviewing other stuff in 2013, that's when people started to not like him as much. But hey, he's gotten quite better with his editing and reviews and he seems to be a generally nice guy. The hate that he gets for mistakes that he made years ago is saddening.

If you're going to put a review on this list that makes decent content then why number 50?

I come to question myself…

WHY THE HELL IS HE 654?! He's god awful!

Ok, ok, to start off… his voice is incredibly annoying, he never shuts up and is a complete jerk to his fans. Enter runs a series called 'Animated Atrocities', where he bashes cartoons that are good like SpongeBob and Family Guy, even though he likes MLP.

Oh, and what makes this guy worse? He has his own wiki.

Woah woah woah you think Spongebob and Family Guy have been the next coming of Jesus nowadays? - DCfnaf