Watchmojo is the video version of Complex, Gamesradar and WhatCulture. Their top 10 lists are pure hypocrisy with attempts in avoiding underrated stuff like plague and not bothering to avoid really crappy stuff. The biggest top 10 mistakes are:

1. Gravity Falls in the list of Most Hated Disney Cartoons and placing Nickelodeon's Monster High.

2. Putting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as one of the Worst Hollywood remakes in place of The Omen.

3. Putting Superman II among Top 10 Alien Invasion movies, despite it not being a proper one. Close Encounters of a Third Kind deserved that place better.

4. Heavily praising Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, no matter how flawed Rises is. Nearly every list has to have a contender from these movies with Joker being among Top 10 movie psychopaths, Bane among Top 10 movie terrorist and best Supervillain portrayal. The voice was too bad to count as good portrayal. Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin in Spiderman ...more

Like for example, in every or at least most anime women videos (Sexiest, Most badass, etc.), they bother putting Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail, but that's a lie, she SUCKS! - AnonymousMann

WatchMojo should not be at 13 million subscribers

They are



Wise guys

Offensive towards celebrities


Not funny

Calling good things bad

Calling bad things good. Then what do you call neutral? Huh

They live in Canada and don't make videos based off that because it's not "enough to please" them

Offensive towards men

Not giving good facts

Their definition of sexy is a big boob woman

They don't follow their own rules for their lists. In top 10 sexiest anime witches for one pick they say it a witch and the next pick they say it's not a witch

They think their lists are official



Treat their fans like slaves


They are horrible at everything!

1) the choices for lists are obvious!

2) they put the fan-favourite Sonic Unleashed in the top 10 Worst Sonic games!

3) The choices for the lists are too obvious

4) they should have stopped, they used to be good but now they ran out of ideas (some how

5) have I mentioned the choices for lists are too obvious?

6) some choices are stupid and poorly researched

7) I think I said the choices are way too obvious

8) Top 10 worst games, top 10 worst games of 2014, top 10 worst games of 2015 and they thought we wouldn't notice!

The Simpsons is NOT the best cartoon to ever exist, stop putting their crap at number 1!

I noticed the list "Top 10 T.V. Bullies" and Nelson (from THE SIMPSONS no less! ) makes it to the number 1 spot instead of Cartman, who would make a much better bully than him.

"Top 10 Cartoon Dads from T.V.", just guess who made it to the number 1 spot... I'll give you a clue, it is a fat yellow-skinned jerk who is the opposite of Randy Marsh and makes Peter Griffin look like Tom Hanks.

They make horrible choices in their other lists too!

Mario Kart is the best karting game? I don't think so, play Sonic R, that game has more effort. (and that game sucks! )

They make bad choices, put terrible and overrated topics at the number 1 spot and p! ss off their audience, especially with MsMojo, being sexist towards men.

The narrators are annoying, especially the woman, whose voice I cannot stand. I have something against American women and this girl is one of ...more - KennyRulz244444

If you want top 10 videos, DO NOT WATCH THIS CHANNEL! Instead, go to Danger Dolan's channel because his lists are NOT biased. Plus an alternative channel called Super Planet Dolan is also way better than this WatchMojo crap.

Their lists are biased and predictable. They're really emotionless in their videos and they make a lot of ridiculous and unnecessary videos. This YouTube channel has really being annoying me for a while now and I really hate this channel. Here's an example of a list: Top 10 movie owls, I knew it was Hedwig from Harry Potter all along. I hate this god damn channel.

Top 10 Ways to make a Watchmojo video:

10: Hire the most annoying narrators you can. Make your listeners want to puncture their eardrums with how unbearable the voice is.

9: Make lists with overly long and specific names, like "Top Ten celebrities who went to Northern Arizona University who have starred in horror movies where the monster is a werewolf"

8: Chose the most obvious crap for all the lists. Completley ignore any unique things in favor of the most mainstream crap you can find.

7: Only choose grainy, hard to see footage

6: Put good things on bad lists and bad things on good lists

5: Make #1 so obvious you might as well just say what it is at the video'd beginning.

4: Make unessential side channels. LOTS OF THEM.

3: Pander to the mainstream YouTube watcher as much aa possible.

2: Make the #2 choice the obvious right choice for #1

HM: Chose the actual best things for the honorable mention.

1: Trash ...more - Spark_Of_Life

How DARE they put Gravity Falls on the most hated Disney shows list!

All they do is make top tens lists that they spam the earth with. They have click bait titles with red arrows and circles pointing at nothing in the click bait image. It is only there to make you want to find out what it was that they were circling. There are HUNDREDS and I mean HUNDREDS of top tens list channels. Anyone can make it big in at least 1 video by making a top tens list about a current trend.

Who puts Adventure Time at number 1 instead of Ed, Edd, n Eddy for the Top 10 Cartoon Network shows? The Mojoholics are just diehard Adventure Time fans. You guys are made up mostly of Canadians, and Ed, Edd, n Eddy is the only good Canadian cartoon Cartoon Network ever had, so Ed, Edd, n Eddy should have been number 1!

They're diehard Simpsons fans too, I see that show at number one on every list, it sucks. - KennyRulz244444

Watch mojo has never really cared about what items are on the top 10 list and even seem to be running out of ideas. They have made many alike frustrated with adding certain items to the top ten worst (...) lists (such as gravity falls in the top ten worst Disney cartoons) and bring out videos but never interact with those who are fans and watch the lists. The worst part is, they are everywhere as they have made a video of nearly every topic imaginable!

A channel dedicated to regurgitating popular opinion with very little new flavour. The editing is nice, but it's very same-y, copy pasted from list to list, making their videos feel very copy-pasty. The script is usually just a brief conglomerate of the popular opinion on something or another, without any sort of meaningful analysis, again, it's just regurgitating what people already say. Their popularity is entirely based off of confirmation biased and content so formulaic it's insanely easy to digest.

I can't stand them. They say their lists are a mix between votes from their fans and their opinions. I doubt it. They keep putting anything related to The Simpsons at the top, they always seem like they're trying to sound opinionated, and their lists are plain stupid. I get it, the fans submitted them, but really? Britney Spears, Pitbull, and Lana Del Rey are the worst singers? Get your crap together Mojo. - naFrovivuS

Watchmojo is run by a bunch of idiots. Their lists are inconsistent (for example, in a series like "top 10 decade defining songs per decade" they'll put their choice for number 3 on the 70s list above 2 and 1 for the all time list.), they'll diss something, and then praise it later, or vice versa (for example, putting Taylor swift and Nikki minaj on most hated song lists, and then giving them their own top ten BEST songs list.), they don't research before they talk about
Something (do I even need to mention gravity falls? ), and they always either pick an obvious number 1 choice, or completely forget a very important part of the subject they talk about (for example, not including The Prodigy on top ten electronic artists). They are one of the most flawed channels and they certainly don't deserve all the subscribers they have.

They pump out many videos per day, which is impressive...well it would be if the videos were well researched and actually good. Their opinions are completely based upon their fan's opinions, just so they can gain more approval from them.Honestly, some of their videos are good. But the 1/100 chance you find a good one is pretty rare. Their Creepypasta lists pretty much praise overrated stories everyone knows about. Even Jeff The Killer.

What I hate about them is whenever they do an anime list. It is clear that they have never even watched the shows they are talking about and make assumptions based on what they read off the synopsis. For instance, putting Majin Bu in the Top Ten Smartest Anime Villains list just based on the fact that he supposedly has a high IQ, despite the fact he literarily never uses it and is a literal destruction hungry monster. Worse still they put FLCL as number 5 on their Top Ten Strangest Anime list. DID THEY EVEN SEE IT. Sure the others are weird as well but nothing is crazier than FLCL, don't believe watch it.

They literally made a video called Top 10 Ways to Eat Chicken? If that's not a dumb video idea than I don't know what is. Plus, they said this "Perhaps you heard that Watchmojo is running out of ideas." We didn't hear it, we see it everyday.

They are just so predictable with their lists, and some of the lists are just weird and/or niche (e.g. Top Ten Elevator Scenes in Movies - what? ). The announcer does not seem like she is interested, nor does it seem like she is projecting any kind of deep knowledge or fandom into the script. Finishing a video, it is just over and just existed.

Plus with predictability, the number one is almost always as they would expect the general public to think of when the topic is discussed. Never bucking the trend or giving insight into why. If the Simpsons can be put into the list, it will be at number one.

Watch Mojo uses the IGN's mentality like IGN When it comes to something mainstream They just give what people wants. If a Watch mojo video has Best and Nintendo on the title number 1 will always be Ocarina of Time just like IGN they give it an almost perfect review When it comes to mainstream Games not only Nintendo but FIFA, pes, Call of Duty they will ALWAYS give what people wants. Because they think it'll ruin their reputation so they join the bandwagon. - Aguythatpeopleignores

They used to be good, with some great top tens, but now they are seriously running out of ideas and are just putting in stupid lists. Also, how dare they accuse Amanda Vines of not staying true to herself in their top ten celebrity good girls gone bad, she has a mental disorder you jerks! - ToptenPizza

Lazy work on their top tens. Most of it tends to be opinions, theirs or others. They often "set up" rules for their videos, then blatantly ignore the rules that were set up not 3 minutes earlier. They seem to think every game ever made is a "clone" of Zelda and then immediately say the "clones" were inspired instead.

Every video on this channel is either obvious as hell, makes no sense or says bad things about good things. If the video is top ten video game brothers everyone knows it's going to be Mario and Luigi, like every gamer knows them. They said gravity falls was a really bad show which it isn't, they gave hate to sonic unleashed when a lot of people love that game. This game makes every list too obvious or is out of context.

Seriously, I doubt they even know what they'reutting on their lists. I mean, they put Nicki Minaj on the "best female rappers" list, even though she is still the WORST rapper put there. Plus, I don't even think they decide their own lists: they take it from THIS website! This is a little flawed, but look at any of their "top 10 ______ songs" and compare those lists with the ones on THIS site. Seriously.. If you're gonna make top 10 lists, at least make them YOUR OWN ORIGINAL thoughts!

I agree they don't care or give any provoking opinions they just give people what they want. All of their choices or obvious stupid inaccurate or just wrong. I don't know why they made Top 10 Video Games that Aged Badly. Judging them just because of limitations shouldn't be counted for. And really Top 10 ways to Eat Chicken? They are running out of ideas.

Their top 10 is crap they always make ice hockey top 1 in their top 10 sports because they are canadian and they don't know how to title their videos and in their top 10 animes they mispronounced the names and in their gaming top 10 most obviously their top 10 Nintendo games we know who is number 1 Mario of course, and seriously puting gravity falls into number 1 of top 10 worst Disney shows and they put in the top 10 best cartoons of 2010, what are you smoking watchmojo.