Worst YouTube Comebacks

When you go on YouTube and see the comments you will see how lame people can be I'm arguments

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1 You're a poser

Calling someone a poser is the number 1 most desperate comeback when you know you lost a argument especially on ones that have to do with music - Sabbath

2 You're a fanboy

Is that a comeback that is really soposed to offend anyone? It's used every day all the time. - Sabbath

3 You're trolling

If you feel like someone if trolling then why even waste your time replying? Trolling is when you try to catch fish off of a boat. It should have nothing to do with the internet. - Sabbath

4 You fail

That's just as lame as calling someone a poser. When people don't agree sometimes they just said you fail and I crack up! - Sabbath

Just because you disagree with someone you tell them they fail really? - Sabbath

5 You just got owned

That's a comment for people to think their opinions are facts. - Sabbath

6 Name calling

Anyone can call names over the internet come on now. People that call names back are just as silly. - Sabbath

7 Threats

People that threaten to beat people up behind a computer are beyond immature. - Sabbath

Yes, because you can reach through your computer and start beating me up - ToptenPizza

8 Racist remarks
9 You don't know crap about the subject

That's another comeback when people think their opinion is stronger then the others and I substited crap because I can't write the S word on here - Sabbath

10 Go listen to Justin Bieber

I don't like your taste in music so go listen to Justin Bieber. Really? - Sabbath

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