Top 10 Worst YouTube Comments

Ever came across a video that has some of the most stupid comments ever? All of these are real.
Most however were toke from forums that had stuff like this, not all I found myself. ;)

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1 First

who cares if you're first is just annoying!

Most annoying thing on youtube comments there's no point wow you were the first comment give the person a medal

OMG look! He is first. I bet I can be as AWESOME as he is and tell that stuff in other new videos which came out. I am such a badass lolo. For christ sake... This is a youtube cancer! - KOX3D

This was the comment, every time you saw your favorite YouTuber just posted a video for like 30 seconds ago..., and trust me, you will see 5 or 50 people saying that...

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2 thumbs up if you agree

Translation: "your attention gives me an erection". These people are the worst of the worst. This kind pandering idiocy must be discouraged.

I really really hate when people write something ending with "thumbs up if you agree. " The fact that is more annoying is that everyone thumbs up these comments. What's the point of them? Thumb this up if you agree! (Just kidding)

And also, sorry for my bad grammar.

This annoys me to no extent... Why do you need to ask for thumbs up when they will get you absolutely nothing? What's even worse... these actually DO get thumbs up instead of being thumbed down and flagged for spam like they deserve! Screw thumbs up whores! - c0mf0rta61ynum6

Ug so annoying - makd123

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3 (person) sent me here

One of the worst comments ever. As if people craving attention weren't enough. This one's not there to enjoy your video, rate your video, talk about your video or what does he think about your video. He's there only for one thing: advertise someone.

Actually, the people who do this wants to find other people who also got send there by that person. I don't know why, but it's great to see that you're not the only one. - KatDyb

People who type those comments should never be taken seriously. They probably didn't even watch the video. They just went straight into the comments and typed it for some thumbs up. Then did something other than watch the video.

I hate seeing those, just scrolling through comments and I see "Markiplier sent me to this channel, not as good as his though" k, who cares? I mean, your just picking a fight saying someones better then someone ON THEIR CHANNEL. - danielwotsits


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4 gay

This isn't even offensive to most!
And some people will use it for anything.
I saw one of these posts on a Jacksepticeye video.
"Gay voice" it said.
It's a Irish accent you idiot.

What does sexual orientation have to do with waffles? I'm not kidding. In a review for a waffle iron someone put " waffles are gay"? - Frouze

People are starting to forget what the word means and using it for the most random things

This is an insult to lgbt community - Hummingbirdf

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5 I no that no one will prob read this... but I'm a 16 year rapper n if u check out my channel for once I will prove to u that I worth it......

Hate these! If I'm watching a Justin Bieber music video this is what I see. "I know this is super annoying and no one will read this but I'm a 14 singer who loves Justin Bieber..." Blah blah blah. If you were talented enough people will come to you.

People don't come to people just because they're talented. To be noticed on YouTube recently, you have to advertise. - LemonComputer

To be honest, no, they're not going to read it because it wastes their time. If I want to see your videos, I will go see them. Don't think that I will read it just because you're 16, you could be anything from 10 - 64 for all I care... Shameless promo and advertising, just don't do it, okay? Good.

I think it's rude to advertise your channel, no matter how good it is on someone else's more successful channel. It's leeching off them to get noticed, which is just sad that this is what youtube has become. Youtube comment section is 1 of 4 things, spam, more spam, brainless comments to get noticed, channel promotion or meme based comments. Sadly it's not even limited to youtube anymore, social media in general is becoming worse by the day.

Filthy Frank made an entire video about these people, so you know they are bad.

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6 Post this on ten other videos and you will get good luck. If you don't then I will appear tonight and kill you.

Annoying? YES! Disturbing towards kids? YES! Mentally scarring for sensitive people? HELL YEAH! This comment ruined the rest of my childhood and just annoyed me and made me afraid to sleep at night so yeah this deserves a place on the list!

I AGREE SO MUCH. These types of posts always disturb me and make me not want to sleep. It just messes me up. - xMagnoblade

This comment is the most annoying! I go on a music video and all I see is "post this and... Or else... " and then I can't sleep! These people are stupid!

! What are you trying to do? Scar little kids?! My friends brother was scared to death for a week! These are false annoying and stupid! Whoever writes these are retarded! Ugh. I always read these and- oh? Would you look at that? I'm still alive.

I hate these so much, I’ve read a lot of them and I’m still alive.

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7 ☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him /▌ all over Youtube / so he can take over and take down Google

People also make tanks in the comments. I don't get it and it's a stupid thing. Bob should go and live a normal life WITHOUT annoying people on YouTube!

The people who make tanks might as well type next to it "I am a lifeless loser."

People got so annoyed by this comment that Bob's appendages are now broken.

˜�/ This is Bob. Don't copy and paste him /▌all over YouTube / so this comments like this can stop. - 50

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8 I hate Justin BIEBER

I'm not a Justin Bieber fan myself. But I am so annoyed by all the hate on him. It seems like on every video I watch people have posted things like "___ is better than Justin Bieber" or "Justin Bieber sang 'the retarded song' 9,999,999,999 times" or "____ people who disliked this are Justin Bieber fans. " Would you like it if everybody hated on you just because you are different?

I'd pity them for being stupid. However, we ourselves don't hate them for stupid reasons.

It's even more annoying when this gets highest rated

Why does EVERYONE mention him? It's like the "worst people" list where they ranked him (who, might I remind you, did not kill anybody or commit any truly terrible crimes) over Hitler. Shut up, we get it, you don't like him, MOVE ON.

Ironically, the haters are far more toxic than the actual fanbase. - fazwe

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9 Wats da name of teh song?

its annoying when they don't read the description to find out the song, ARGH!

Who replied to this comment is so right. If it were that easy to find the song (just by reading the description) I would of never asked the dang question!

What's even more annoying than this is that whenever someone asks this question for ANY reason (whether they're truly being stupid or not), some jack@$$ almost ALWAYS has to reply with "Darude - Sandstorm".


By far the most annoying comment known to man!

Well, sometimes there is a reason y they say that because the song names r not in the description, which is also annoying. Like, SMG4 used to put the song names at the end of his videos and oh? Will u look at that, he doesn’t do that anymore. I mean, what?

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10 "wat a pewdiepie rip off"

This is annoying everyone could play what they want his fans won't allow it god I hate his fans - brandonburgan

Someone said that on a Robbaz video. Just because your a Swedish gamer doesn't mean your a rip off of PewDiePie. Also Robbaz doesn't scream like a little girl when he plays scary games unlike PewDiePie. That makes Robbaz not a PewDiePie ripoff you obsessive fan girls. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Oh my god, and it's been happening more and more on jacksfilms' videos because of their little back and forth joke.

I think Lonniedos is better than Pewdiepie

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The Newcomers

? I liked the part when he said ___

These are actually funny. Whoever put this on here has no sense of humor.

Mostly on the 10 hour videos.
HiLarIOus AnD oRigiNal
HahHHAHaha - TeamRocket747

The Contenders

11 I Love This (insert old classic song here) I love all kinds of music including RAP and LADY GAGA

Ya most people don't care about your musical preferences.

Because the type of music you like affects everyone else's life

Rap+=annoying Lady Gaga=disgusting and laammme!

"I'm17,and I love these classical songs,while my friends listen to mumble rap! "
Well,guess what?
No sane person cares about what sort of music you listen to at any age,and you do not reserve the right to insult other's preference for music while acting so unique about it!

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12 Fake

its the type of comment someone post's without actual facts or Evidence, ARGH!

To me, this is one of the most annoying types of YouTube comments I saw in my life. For me, I always see these on Elf On The Shelf caught on camera videos. Those people who say that the Elf On The Shelf is "Fake" are just jealous about not having their own elf. Also, those people are really big liars, and some even say that they saw strings on the elf so they can fly easier. Again, THEY ARE LYING. THERE'S NO STRINGS AT ALL ON THE ELF ITSELF. This type of YouTube comment, especially on Elf On The Shelf caught on camera videos, needs to stop. Trust me; go look up Elf On The Shelf caught on camera videos, look at the comment section, and you WILL see tons of dumb people saying "Fake". I'm not kidding. - Jliby30

The people who obviously do this are morons. My guess to why they do this they're either 1) jealous of that persons success 2) dum dums who don't have a social life 3) trolls 4) haters 5) or just bratty little 9-12 year olds. That's who I think are the ones who say this dirty dirty word. Thanks raywilliamsjohnson for causing all this "fake" business


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13 Kill Yourself


This is a HUGE problem, comments like this should be removed. - Chaofreaks1

This needs to stop.

I once recieved a comment like this on a video for making a comment, What a dickhead.

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14 the (insert decade here) Best Decade EVER!

I'm glad to see this item on the list. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who hates overly nostalgic people!

After seeing this item on the list, it's good to know that I'm not the only person here who hates overly nostalgic people!

Nostalgia Goggles at their finest.


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15 HEY (Name) i luv ur vids plz sub 2 mee XOXOXOXOXO

So annoying Just spam everyday. They keep saying, " Hey guys, PLEASE check out my channel, I Subbed to you and I deserve it. I post _____ and ______" Isn't it so annoying?

I just died inside.

What Noob

When you post sub and I'll sub back your basically saying " my channel is as pathetic and struggling as my social life"

Just the way this is typed really reminds me of old yt - wrests

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16 Darude - Sandstorm

Remember back when this was funny? No, me neither.

Every time someone asks "what's song is this by the way? ", someone justs has to say those two words. Like what, that joke got old. And it's annoying!

Seriously people? This joke is even older than time itself. It quit being funny over 4 years ago. As if it ever was. Lazy trolls.

Whoever puts darude sandstorm stfu its not darude sandstorm all you're doing is pissing people off

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17 Like if you're watching this is 2012!!

It's only not useless for ONE year. Even then, everyone knows that the world didn't end last year.

Deserves to be at the top ten honestly most annoying and pointless comment ever!

It is pointless people just put this to get attention, but I guess it is human to desire attention. But seriously, Like if you are watching in 2034, still no one cares

So Annoying I see this everywhere oml

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18 You say (pop artist)...I say (rock or metal artist)...

The fact that everyone wants to be rewarded for not liking the "popular music" "Oh I'm so cool I don't like pop! " :/

This comment is an insult to (Rock or Metal artist. )

Thank goodness these comments are no longer everywhere. They annoy me deeply.

Makes me never want to listen to music again. No, really. MUSIC ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE POLITICS! STOP!

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19 this song is photoshopped

How can somebody be so damn stupid to say something like this?

Okey that is the worst thing I have heard all day. I really don't understand whatever person posted this on.

annoying and just plain stupid - anthonybecerra831

There's separated word, called audioshop - BorisRule

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20 (Insert) is Cancer

How does it give you cancer?

The worst part is that people tend to post this just for the sake of it. The really horrible videos don't havethem, while the good videos are being called cancerous - MChkflaguard_Yt

Àa so annoying! - FrancescoBertini

21 you nut, the Earth is flat and there is plenty of evidence to back this up. I'll start by refuting the concept of gravity. Gravity has never been proven Yes we see an apple fall Mr. Newton, but this does not mean an unseen force is dropping it down. E

BWAHAHA... This made my day :3 But now I'm tempted to put this on youtube... Shh... ;)

Umm... wasn't that disproved in like the 1200's? - moose4life19

You should go to spaces and see the world then and you can see it round and not flat, it look flat because we are so small compare to the earth

You're not serius right now, you CAN'T be that autistic. - FrancescoBertini

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This is just incredibly disturbing

This is incredibly disturbing and shows how we can be complete idiots sometimes.

This reminds me of chimneyswift 11

Incrediblly disturbing. You are creating horror to children who happen to see your comment, and the grammar is so painfully cringeworthy. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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23 bronys are stupid!

People should respect others opinions.

If this is said at a time when it not only mentions specific bronies and also makes sense to a video and/or comment posted, then this isn't bad. However, any other time is bad.

Probably put on this list by one

Not all bronies are stupid. - anonygirl

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24 You suck

People just go to a random person and say "You Suck", just to prove that they're "cool". It's completely unnecessary.

At least give a reason you simpleton.

You Swallow.

25 WTF

You only say that because u have nothing else to say


True. that's trolls jbs.

26 Cancer

I wish I could vote something many times... whatever people hate, they call a severe disease, therefore potentially insulting sufferers of that disease and their loved ones.

How is this not in the Top 100? I am really tired of people calling everything they hate cancer!

This is the most toxic comment ever

Annoying and insulting.

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27 Butter!

I know you guys like to copy sky, but for goodness sakes, ITS NOT BUTTER, ITS GOLD!

SeaNaneners started it BACK at the alpha not SkyDoesMinecraft - whodafuqisthisguy

This is a great comment. 10/10 IGN. Very Original. Butter. Its only annoying when I see it outside of Sky's channel.

Don't you mean 'budder? ' Annoying nethertheless. - RaineSage

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28 Noob

It means first player! Why do people use this word as if people are not being cool or good? - Datguyisweird666

Everyone calling noob sometimes like roblox - SpencerJC


There's this guy in class who OBSESSES over skydoesminecraft.
For over 5 months the only word that would come out of his mouth was "budder".
Just imagine having a sound clip of someone saying that on repeat for 5 months. That's basically what it's like.

I'm a fan of sky but I call it gold and budder people can call it what they want

Also, why do people complain that too many sky fans call gold "budder" on his channel, it is the only place that it is allowed. Along with the server...

It's not gold! It's... a bad obsession. - Fullwalking2

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30 Kids in Africa could've eaten...

It's offensive to those in Africa!

Starving children in Africa could have eaten that comment!

See africa is facing Hunger problems so lets say that - Adventurur2

It’s not that I’m butthurt. I put that there because it’s annoying, overused, racist, and stupid. Not everywhere in Africa is poor and impoverished. If you go to Luanda, there are people who can even afford a 9 million dollar penthouse, thus they can afford good meals. There are poor areas outside of Africa too such as in Mississippi, Dhaka, Haiti, Bolivia, etc. Besides, there is nothing funny about kids who can’t afford good meals.

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31 (any) likes = random things

Stop saying this, YouTuber. you guys are annoy me.

This is all over YouTube and I HATE IT!

32 First Comment!!!

So your just the first coment it does not mean your going to get a million dollers


33 that kids retarted cuz he was troolled!

There is nothing wrong with being trolled - MChkflaguard_Yt

So annoying

34 geeziz kriest, u am all morans! it is cuz uff the gunse and kilinges! uff coarse it mak sence, , it am parabolic demonstration for the involvment taking place via a global network of servers in order to ameliorate the problem of little or no human compet

WOW... It took me more than three times to realize that after half the comment everything got spelled right. I think its sacrilegious to intentionally spell Jesus wrong. Laugh out loud - fireinside96

Oh really? Gee, I didn't know that. Boy, do I sure feel silly!

This person needs to go to school - Awesomedogg

Jesus Christ! You are all morons! It's because of guns and killings! Of course it makes sense. This is parabolic demonstration for the involvement of taking place via global network of servers in order to ameliorate the problem of little or no human compete! (Not really sure) - BorisRule

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35 You're Just Jealous

No, I'm not jealous that PewDiePie is famous for screaming all the time. I'd be jealous that nigahiga somehow never runs out of ideas. - naFrovivuS

36 ris grestar is lazy!

Apparently showing your opinion on videos and games is lazy. Better unsubscribe from Machinima and all my lets play accounts laugh out loud

Let's Watch videos are the lamest things on the internet. You watch someone totally ignorant of the subject at hand react mildly to a video. It is the definition of lazy.

I like that youtuber. - Ilovestephanie

37 1 like = (good thing), Ignore = (bad thing)

This is an attention seeker comment.

38 I'm acutely 5yrs old

I see this on almost every popular video. It's so annoying. I don't think that the people that types those comments are actually 5 years old. They're probably teenagers or full-grown adults claiming that they are only 5 years old to get attention. And even if they were only 5 years old, I still do not care. - anonygirl

Come on no one cares and your probably lied and got of by mabey 20 to 30 years off. You shouldn't even reveal your age I learned this at close to the age of 3

This should be higher. - anonygirl

Acutely? Don't you mean 'actually'? - BorisRule

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39 Like if you are watching this in 2015

Stupid comment whenever I hear this it's more than anything but annoying.

I hate these whenever I watch a music video there are about 1,000 of these

Sorry but I'm gonna dislike the comment cause it's 2016. - Skullkid755

Like if you are reading this in 100000 because! - MChkflaguard_Yt

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40 This video gave me cancer

So annoying and toxic, that I can just puke AIDS from my mouth. - FrancescoBertini

41 That was the most autistic video ever.

As an autistic person myself, I find it really offensive when people use autism as an insult.

As a person with Asperger's syndrome, I find it offensive and unacceptable when people on YouTube use autism as an insult. - MJfan119

This should be top 40. These comments are very offensive to autistic people like me.

I'm autistic and I don’t find these very insulting. If you use autistic as an insult I just think you’re not very smart.

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42 Check out my channel

Good advertising. You made me want to click the not interested button on all of your videos. - Skullkid755

It's even worse if the comment is "Sub to me and I'll sub you back" or the likes.


Yeah. Some YouTuber named Alpha Records with 64,000 subs commented the same thing like this on more than 10 of my videos, and I only have 12 subs.

h ttps:// twitt er.c om /AlphaRecordsAP

This prick.

43 (Insert number of dislikes on a video here) are (Insert lame insult that is either related to the content of the video or has something to do with Justin Bieber here)

Here's some examples for you: "219 people rode the lightning", "9324 people don't wanna be a rockstar", "94 people are gay for Justin Bieber", "Justin Bieber created 63 accounts and disliked this video". You guys are so clever, aren't you? Can't you nimrods just get over the fact that not everyone in the world likes the same things that you do?

And these comments get SO many likes! REALLY people?

No, they just have a fake amount of likes, that's all.

4670 autists who ship justin bieber...
Wow, this joke is old - MChkflaguard_Yt

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44 Scary chain comments

These aren't just on YouTube there on Facebook as well. Don't they realize little kids go on YouTube as well.

I love them and I'm a kid

45 I hate Google+

Google+ is good for me. People just don't want to get used to it.

What is so great about Google in general? NOTHING. Same thing with yahoo, etc.

Google+ is pretty useful!

Google+ is OK. No more integration of Google+ with YouTube.

46 Disliked

No one wants to hear about your hate.

To say 'dislike' is to say you don't like the content, which is fine, you're allowed to have an opinion... but what do you hope to achieve? You haven't told anyone what's bad about the video or anything. You might as well dislike the video for the sake of disliking it.

Then explain why you disliked. People don't do this, and is making the comment sections full of spam. - MChkflaguard_Yt

No one cares ok? - FrancescoBertini

47 How is there 1 billion views when there's only 7 million people in the world?!?!

Are people idiots these days? There are 7 billion people in the world. Or there just trolling little craps. - Mumbizz01

The person who added this here is a legend! This is the worst comment ever it should be in the top 5! It's all over the gangnam style video!

No, lots of YouTube videos have fake viewers. And there's not millions of people living in the world, it's actually less than that. You stupid people on here think you know everything, but I bet you dummies didn't know that people BUY FAKE VIEWERS, FOLLOWERS, LIKES, ETC. on YouTube and many other websites. The internet is full of fakes.

You can view the video more than once. Case closed. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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48 You're a troll
49 Yeah check out this website that's giving out free ipads *website name*

Oh my god these are EVERYWHERE! I HATE THEM!

Fake comments and bots at its finest!

I WISH they were giving out free iPads! - RiverClanRocks

Don't click on the link. It hacks computers! - MChkflaguard_Yt

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50 Death threats

This needs to stop

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