A War Against Opinions (Part 2)

Hi. For those very few of you who have read my first chapter, let me start fresh.
In 2005, YouTube came, and was established as a place of community, potential and creativity...
But, then, people became cocky, and started making stupid comments, combined with highly popular channels which I personally dislike, and the whole place went down, decayed and destroyed, and not too out of place of a dystopian-set film.

I like to think of these dumb comments as "future archaeologist's treasure," in which instead of finding something and investigating it to find something wonderful, which fictionally amounts to an Indiana Jones-esque escapade, and in reality, a remarkable discovery, they find it and try to find out if we hadn't reverted to the Stone Age by 2010.

But the prime example of this stupidity and unnecessary rage is how they react to people with different opinions.
To experience this, picture the lovechild of Homer Simpson and an easily angered lion with Tourette's syndrome. Imagine him getting dropped on the head, breaking his arms, stubbing his toe and immediately burning the object which he stubbed his toe on, getting strangled over and over again, suffering major brain damage, dropping out of high school, snorting bleach, getting drunk so much his liver bursts, and, to add insult to severe injury and perhaps indications of early death, having his entire brain fall out.
He'd be smarter and less angry than these dimwits.

But, I'm just stalling here, let's laugh at the anger, smile at the rage and chuckle at the idiocy.

"Get laid."
Oh, sorry! I was forcing myself to watch the stuff I criticised earlier, trying to find things I chuckled at or admired, checking out more of that stuff, and even looking at reviews and message boards saying where to start with that stuff by watching the best reviewed and most loved stuff by them! Apparently, only a night with a visit to the prostitution ring is required to like it!
Seriously, what do you think I'm going to be focusing while with a one night stand? Her or the goddamn thing you're defending like a knight against a warlock destroying the village?

"You don't understand the true genius of [subject of unnecessary defence]!"
Ach, this one annoys me.
Often used for things that are considered art in big neon pink lights with glitter on it, this one is used by fans who think only the elite snobs who are British, wear a suit and tie, sport a monocle just because they can, and usually have a martini or cup of tea held in their upper-class, cold hands, will understand the thing.
My favourite band, Radiohead, isn't immune to this. If newcomers really don't get into the experimental works of Kid A and OK Computer, they're usually greeted with "you don't get their genius." Perhaps they should try them with The Bends or, perhaps, In Rainbows instead. But nope, they aren't allowed in Club Ignorant just because of that.
Ok, enough with the Radiohead crap, let's move on.

"Ur fat/ugly/other meaningless insult alluding to physical appearance only!"
You don't judge a book by it's cover.
YOU don't. But those dumbasses at their apartments/homes/who cares anymore typing on their computers do.
Who cares if they're fat? Or ugly? All that matters is the video in this scenario. Would we care if he was thin? Or handsome? No, because we're not busy judging solely by the cover.
We're slowly turning the pages to see if we'll actually like it or not.

"Ur taste sux u must like JB and 1D bcuz this lists sux and u don't have a gud taste in anything!
Peace sukr

- Some idiot bashing his head on a keyboard while his Mac autocorrects."
Ok, that last part I made up, but still. The person is basically saying that just because he disagrees with something another guy put on a list, his whole repertoire of taste is horrible.
And plus, token and clichéd Justin Bieber hatred.
How. F**king. Original.
Look, you can disagree with something, but suggesting that the author's taste is dreadful, all the while making stupid, overused assumptions that are supposed to insult?
I'm afraid you're the sucker here.

That'll do it for this part.
Bye, everyone.

- ArchAces, pwned by the idiocy


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