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181 They/You Deserve This
182 People that reply to a YouTuber's comment with that YouTuber's username copied and pasted in the person's reply. V 2 Comments
183 Mexicans are gross

I am a non-Hispanic white, but I think this comment is racist. I saw that comment once, and I wanted to smash my computer screen after reaing it. - anonygirl

184 Whoever like this is (insert insult)
185 Clickbait

Spiderman and elsa videos are those kind of things but for little kids

186 You are retarted noob
187 Weirdo
188 'L' comments
189 F*** you

A classic

190 No Homo
191 Why does this video have (Number) views and (Bigger number) Likes?
192 trololololol
193 Where's (video length minus 1 second)?

This has been a bug on YouTube for a long time now. There's no point in saying it anymore.

194 Still a better love story than Twilight

OK, I hate Twilight. But seriously, this is used way to much to the point that it is annoying.

Twilight is almost nine years old, we get it the first Twilight stunk. Time to move on. That comment isn't even funny anymore it's just flat out annoying and makes people groan in frustration and annoyance when they see it.

Okay this was funny when it was used the first few time, but now it's getting really annoying, seeing it on multiple videos, and memes We get it, now move on.

So, so sick of this phrase, everywhere.

V 5 Comments
195 Dafuq did´╗┐ i just watch

Dafuq is up with generic comments?

Seeing these kind of comments drives me nuts!

I would just stop say the title if they ask that - Mumbizz01

Dafuq am I using bad grammer?

V 1 Comment
196 I didn't click on this video
197 The comments with multiple quotes from different people (mainly professional wrestling videos). V 1 Comment
198 "You ain't Grizz Baby!" (used on almost ALL of zzirgrizz's videos)
199 56780 views and 300004 likes? HACKER!

Can't you just accept that they have a high amount of views, subscribers,and likes. If you disapprove of it stop watching it.

200 Click like if you were here because of Grey

Why weren't you there before Grey?

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