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241 ur a fag

This is seen in various forms, but it's annoying and stupid.

Whether a person is a fag or not is none of you're business.

242 I'm in the weird part of YouTube
243 This Vid Sucks

If the video sucks, then why do you watch it?

244 You got owned

Its nastier than enything u get owned I bet your a baby na na na na na

245 Facepalm
246 U newbz on dis liz sux V 1 Comment
247 This Ruined My Childhood

People need to stop looking at things like they ruined their childhood. They are not children anymore, so why should they complain that their childhood is ruined when in the real world, adult memes are going to happen on children's shows, movies, and anything else kid-related. - anonygirl

No one give three cares about your childhood. Grow up and move on with your life.

248 Under 301 club

And here we have a old cancerous comment that sucks

249 Comments have been disabled

Because I know I've uploaded a timewasting pile and I am not man enough to handle the abuse.

250 Like for stamps ignore for bieber
251 Sorry, I dropped my bag of illuminati
252 if you don't read this story, you'll get killed by a ghost! once upon a time...

I hate when people when you read read the story and plus, it always has nothing to do with the video! Why can't they stop?

V 1 Comment
253 Deez nuts

Leave it on The Chronic, pleas.

Ha! Got 'em!

254 Gotem
255 This generation ...

"None of my generation listen to this"

"Life was more normal back in 1970, people were happy and better."

"Minecraft kids"

"This generation is bull"

Yeah. Do you wanna hear how bad you are, how you shouldn't even exist. Just scroll down in the YouTube comments and read.

But who cares. After all you are just a stupid kid, having a YOLO t-shirt, haircut that nobody likes, insulting adults and watching new Transformers all day long.

256 I've been to the future

I saw in one of I think it was list25's comment and several other deep corners of YouTube people say they have been to the future and are watching and liking the video at least 30yrs from the present. Oh wait this could have been GMM.

257 I'm 10 and mature for my age so...

The fact that you said this proves your not mature...

258 Sorry for my English, but... V 1 Comment
259 I'm 12 and what is this?

It was pretty damn funny when it came out, but now, it's getting old.

260 This video gave me ebola
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