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321 (Movie) Brought me Here
322 Obvious Troll is Obvious
323 How do you still have Comedy World?

I see these comments all the time on GoAnimate videos. They're so annoying. - anonygirl

324 This takes me back to my childhood
325 This video is a PORN!

Sexist idiots! - BorisRule

326 I love you Justin Bieber!!!!

I HATE him! - BorisRule

327 This video was uploaded before I was born.
328 Meghan Trainor is a FAT!
329 GTA 5 is the best!
330 Can I get likes for my birthday please?
331 Gems don't have a genders.
332 My grandmother died
333 My dog died
334 My cat died
335 Today is my birthday! No one will see this. :(
336 I block you And the Lago will ban you
337 Like if you are watching in 1987
338 Like if you are watching this in 2100
339 I muted you noob
340 Why dont you meet with kim jong un in north korea

North Korea is a very bad place! - BorisRule

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1. Check out my channel
2. I no that no one will prob read this... but I'm a 16 year rapper n if u check out my channel for once I will prove to u that I worth it......
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1. (person) sent me here
2. I hate Justin BIEBER
3. gay
2. ris grestar is lazy!
3. that kids retarted cuz he was troolled!

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