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341 (insert quote from video)

I see these all the time on the video's I watch. The worst part has to be that they get the most thumbs up! Yeah I just seen the video, yup, it was funny. But do I really need to be reminded?

The worst part is when they repost the lyrics to a song 100,000,000,000 times

342 A legend was born

It's almost everywhere on the internet. who cares if you tell a story!

I see this on every first video of famous you tuber.

343 Still a better love story than Twilight

OK, I hate Twilight. But seriously, this is used way to much to the point that it is annoying.

Twilight is almost nine years old, we get it the first Twilight stunk. Time to move on. That comment isn't even funny anymore it's just flat out annoying and makes people groan in frustration and annoyance when they see it.

Okay this was funny when it was used the first few time, but now it's getting really annoying, seeing it on multiple videos, and memes We get it, now move on.

So, so sick of this phrase, everywhere.

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344 I miss the old ________

*finishes the sentence with the word Miley Cyrus* - kontrahinsunu

Actually I don't see anything wrong with that. - anonygirl

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345 I died/lost it at (insert time here) V 1 Comment
346 Dafuq did´╗┐ i just watch

Dafuq is up with generic comments?

Seeing these kind of comments drives me nuts!

I would just stop say the title if they ask that - Mumbizz01

Dafuq am I using bad grammer?

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