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21 You suck

People just go to a random person and say "You Suck", just to prove that they're "cool". It's completely unnecessary.

At least give a reason you simpleton.

You Swallow.

22 Darude - Sandstorm

Remember back when this was funny? No, me neither.

Every time someone asks "what's song is this by the way? ", someone justs has to say those two words. Like what, that joke got old. And it's annoying!

Seriously people? This joke is even older than time itself. It quit being funny over 4 years ago. As if it ever was. Lazy trolls.

This joke is extremely old. - Fullwalking2

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23 WTF V 3 Comments
24 Butter!

I know you guys like to copy sky, but for goodness sakes, ITS NOT BUTTER, ITS GOLD!

SeaNaneners started it BACK at the alpha not SkyDoesMinecraft - whodafuqisthisguy

This is a great comment. 10/10 IGN. Very Original. Butter. Its only annoying when I see it outside of Sky's channel.

Don't you mean 'budder? ' Annoying nethertheless. - RaineSage

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There's this guy in class who OBSESSES over skydoesminecraft.
For over 5 months the only word that would come out of his mouth was "budder".
Just imagine having a sound clip of someone saying that on repeat for 5 months. That's basically what it's like.

I'm a fan of sky but I call it gold and budder people can call it what they want

Also, why do people complain that too many sky fans call gold "budder" on his channel, it is the only place that it is allowed. Along with the server...

It's not gold! It's... a bad obsession. - Fullwalking2

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26 (any) likes = random things

Stop saying this, YouTuber. you guys are annoy me.

This is all over YouTube and I HATE IT!

27 geeziz kriest, u am all morans! it is cuz uff the gunse and kilinges! uff coarse it mak sence, , it am parabolic demonstration for the involvment taking place via a global network of servers in order to ameliorate the problem of little or no human compet

WOW... It took me more than three times to realize that after half the comment everything got spelled right. I think its sacrilegious to intentionally spell Jesus wrong. Laugh out loud - fireinside96

Oh really? Gee, I didn't know that. Boy, do I sure feel silly!

This person needs to go to school - Awesomedogg

What did he say? Spelling? - Fullwalking2

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28 Noob

Everyone calling noob sometimes like roblox - SpencerJC

29 You're Just Jealous

No, I'm not jealous that PewDiePie is famous for screaming all the time. I'd be jealous that nigahiga somehow never runs out of ideas. - naFrovivuS

30 ris grestar is lazy!

Apparently showing your opinion on videos and games is lazy. Better unsubscribe from Machinima and all my lets play accounts laugh out loud

Let's Watch videos are the lamest things on the internet. You watch someone totally ignorant of the subject at hand react mildly to a video. It is the definition of lazy.

31 Like if you are watching this in 2015

Stupid comment whenever I hear this it's more than anything but annoying.

I hate these whenever I watch a music video there are about 1,000 of these

Sorry but I'm gonna dislike the comment cause it's 2016. - Skullkid755

Like if you are voting on this list in 2017

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32 1 like = (good thing), Ignore = (bad thing)

This is an attention seeker comment.

33 that kids retarted cuz he was troolled! V 1 Comment
34 I'm acutely 5yrs old

I see this on almost every popular video. It's so annoying. I don't think that the people that types those comments are actually 5 years old. They're probably teenagers or full-grown adults claiming that they are only 5 years old to get attention. And even if they were only 5 years old, I still do not care. - anonygirl

This should be higher. - anonygirl

Come on no one cares and your probably lied and got of by mabey 20 to 30 years off. You shouldn't even reveal your age I learned this at close to the age of 3

Acutely? - Fullwalking2

35 bronys are stupid!

People should respect others opinions.

If this is said at a time when it not only mentions specific bronies and also makes sense to a video and/or comment posted, then this isn't bad. However, any other time is bad.

Probably put on this list by one

Both bronies AND girls shouldn't like MLP - BorisRule

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36 Disliked

No one wants to hear about your hate.

To say 'dislike' is to say you don't like the content, which is fine, you're allowed to have an opinion... but what do you hope to achieve? You haven't told anyone what's bad about the video or anything. You might as well dislike the video for the sake of disliking it.

No one cares ok? - FrancescoBertini

37 (Insert number of dislikes on a video here) are (Insert lame insult that is either related to the content of the video or has something to do with Justin Bieber here)

Here's some examples for you: "219 people rode the lightning", "9324 people don't wanna be a rockstar", "94 people are gay for Justin Bieber", "Justin Bieber created 63 accounts and disliked this video". You guys are so clever, aren't you? Can't you nimrods just get over the fact that not everyone in the world likes the same things that you do?

And these comments get SO many likes! REALLY people?

No, they just have a fake amount of likes, that's all.

Why this isn't in the top 5? Is the thing I hate the most... IF SOMEONE DOESN'T LIE THE VIDEO YOU DON'T HAVE TO HATE HIM - FrancescoBertini

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38 Yeah check out this website that's giving out free ipads *website name*

Oh my god these are EVERYWHERE! I HATE THEM!

I WISH they were giving out free iPads! - RiverClanRocks

Fake comments and bots at its finest!

They are so annoying, and are backed up by other bots saying stuff like "! It's working! "

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39 playstation all stars is original ssbb is a rip off!!!

Actually, Heihachi Mishima from Tekken was in the game, and he's a liked character.
Seriously, I don't know who would wanna buy a game where Nintendo characters fight each-other for no reason at all (SSBB). Better call it Nintendo Mascots Who Never Fought In Their Lives Fight In A Game That Is Crammed Down Everybody's Throats.

Sorry, but that's my opinion.

IKR! Ssbb is also WAY better than Play Station Nobodys Fight In A Game That Nobody Wants. Seriously, they are not all-stars. Nobody likes them, except Crash, who's KINDA cool, and they didn't even put Spyro the Dragon in that game but they put PaRappa in it. Dumb. - Discord

Playstation all stars is THE RIPOFF

No ssb came out first then sony copied ssb. - Jane9352009

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40 Why is it 301 views but (insert number higher than 301) likes?!?!?!

This is a YouTube glitch, cause they proof if a view is a real view, when the video has over 301 views to avoid bots.

And likes: You can only like a video once per account.

This is true I once saw a new buzzfeed video it only had 301 views but 20,000 something likes! I don't get it!

Ikr, It's also annoying when people say that YouTubers get paid lots of money for making videos. Like no, where is your proof that YouTubers get paid on the first place? Oh wait, you have no proof to back you up. NOBODY gets paid for making a video.

It's a glitch. - Fullwalking2

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