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61 Japan is Weird

I'm tired of these comments. Yeah I don't know everything about Japan and yes it does have its flaws, but the pros outweigh the flaws. I just don't like racist people in general. I hate it when another ethnicity or country is being made fun of. I may not know everything about a certain country, but that still doesn't mean I can't respect their cultures and beliefs. In my opinion the whole idea of racism needs to be obliterated. - Anonymousxcxc

Japan is Awesome. I'm not fom there but I have friends from there and I adore their wacky creative and funny jokes and art. Although I hare it when they call me names in foreign languages

Japan is different. I mod Skyrim and when I browse the mods, all the underage perverse ones are made by Japanese modders. I know that one example shouldn't stand to represent an entire country. Bukakke is also Japanese. They have great food though. Nice architecture too. My friend once told me that Japan was the most perverse country out there. I thought he was just being an idiot... but I've seen things. 'Only in Japan'. Every country has its weird side. By that, I mean different, something unusual... but Japan... damn, man.

With the comment about Japan being different... those are just some things I've noticed. If that makes me racist, whatever. Again, every country is different in a way and therefore weird but Japan just really stands out.

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62 Do u even lift bro?

These comments sound stupid and immature! They even try to change them up! Like you make no sense at all saying stupid crap like that. Nobody in real life say stupid crap like that. Like what does that even mean? NOTHING. I bet a famous person like a celebrity, wrestler, or a singer made up this stupid comment. And yes, even famous people go on the internet anonymously too posting dumb comments!

This comment is usually used to make the commenter feel like an amazing person who will kick someones ass, while the person they are against, look like a weak dumb ass. When in reality, the commenter acts like a huge jack ass who has nothing better to do, but sit on his ass in his mothers basement, and try to feel good about himself. These people should just be ignored, as they are most likely kids from the ages of 10 - 12 who like playing Call of Duty, and 360 No Scope people. If you are one of these people who think they are some strong macho men. Get off your ass and do something productive for once! Even if you do lift, you shouldn't brag about it like a huge Dick!

No, I only lift peanut butter jelly sandwiches when bringing them to my bed

64 Fake and Gay

Ugh, these comments are disgusting And stupid!

You do realise people post this purely to trigger people... and they've succeeded. You're triggered.

Stupid haters! Also is there anything wrong with being gay?

2009 called, they want their stupid comment back.

65 Check out my channel

Good advertising. You made me want to click the not interested button on all of your videos. - Skullkid755

It's even worse if the comment is "Sub to me and I'll sub you back" or the likes.

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66 Say Selena Gomez 10x, clap your hands 5x, post this on 2 other videos, check your voice.

All comments like this are absolute cancer! I haven't seen many of them lately (only on old videos or were posted a few years ago) so hopefully it died down! I started watching YouTube when I was around 7 and even then I wasn't so stupid to fall for this crap. It was equally as annoying when some stupid kid who has the intelligence of a 5 year old would reply with "OmGzZZZ! 1! iT dIdE'nT wUrK u LyEd 2 meh! 1! "


67 if you dont post this comment on 10000000 videos on less than 0 seconds god will HUNT YOU DOWN for good

10,000,000 YouTube videos? That can be more than how many videos on YouTube, because videos are posted almost every moment!

Not only the fact that this is physically impossible for a human to do, but do u even know what country I'm in I could be in space for all you know

That's offensive to other religions! - RyBro46

10 million videos? 0 seconds? For good? WHAT IS THIS? - MChkflaguard_Yt

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68 Second

Wait... you WANT to deal with that guy's new siblings?

70 this song is the cause of all murders i will never let my two year old listen to this metal crap

Its just a type of music. It's not like the music itself causes any harm. I wish people will realize this

This was removed from sight due to too many negative votes. - thunder850

Overreacting parents probably write these comments

Today's parents in a nutshell. - anonygirl

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71 This sucks Call of Duty is way better

These are only said by people who think they are gamers, but all they play is just call of duty, and why is this game popular? I have no idea.

No Way! Many other games are better!

I'm fourteen and I've got a Xbox 360, Tony Hawk games, Skate 3, and Tekken 6. There is a Call of Duty game in the house, but I will be patient and wait until I turn 18.

Heard of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? - MChkflaguard_Yt

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72 check out this game been playing it all day

What's worse is that it's clearly a bot, as they say something along the lines of "Yeah, I really agreed with you, so you might enjoy this..." followed by the URL. WHYY!? The really annoying thing is that this must work to some degree as they keep doing it.

I was going to go "first" but this is worse because it's a bigger piece of crap SPAM! Even Web of Trust agrees! - TheRobertsFamily3

I hate these comments more than justin bieber

I find these damn comments spammed everywhere. These may be even worse than Bob...

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73 do a facecam minx! ( she doesnt want to jerk!) V 1 Comment
74 I Hate (insert celebrity or famous person) but I'm against hate

Then That Makes You a Hypocrite.

75 Spam Comments

Here are examples of spam comments. First, you will get a ncs music comment on a lot of your videos, their channel names as examples like Paradise Music, Night Music, Cyber Music. They offer ncs music spam. Second, there are phishning, hack, scams comments. Example is they link you to a scam site like... This will stole your account also. Third, they will offer you to other people's channel like the first who subscribed to you. They offer to a channel like "Elena Morris" or "Selena and Sonny". Fourth, they offer you to follow their social media accounts. Fifth and last, they are also spamming your activity.

76 In Soviet Russia...

in soviet russia, russia soviets you

Hello friends, this is FPS Russia again.

I don't get the first comment

In Youtube there is hate towards Soviets - MChkflaguard_Yt

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77 Justin Bieber is epic.

Ew Gross no he's not

Dustbin beaver was never a good singer

Nope he's I the worst

Justin Beirber is terrible that's all I have to say

78 Till I took an arrow to the knee

I seriously want to bang my head against the wall for hearing this so much... I'm glad its dying out.

"I used to put these stupid comments up, then I took an arrow to the knee."

The EPITOME of an unfunny reference. It wasn't even funny the first time. It's plaguing our Youtube comments and must die before it is too late!

So old! When I played Elder scrolls V: Skyrim, I didn't even think it was supposed to be funny!

Just No!

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79 How come this has 18 million views when there are only 7 million people on Earth?

Why are there still people who think that

It's 7 billion, not 7 million.

80 Death threats

This needs to stop

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