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81 I'm in the strange area of Youtube again...

It's Youtube. Of course it's ' strange.

There is a lot of crazy stuff on YouTube but after all that's what makes YouTube YouTube

82 Kids in Africa could've eaten...

It's offensive to those in Africa!

Starving children in Africa could have eaten that comment!

See africa is facing Hunger problems so lets say that - Adventurur2

Common in HowtoBasic's videos.

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83 Copy-pasted ASCII art

This is spammed EVERYWHERE. - NuMetalManiak

84 I am more famous then fred

who is this fred I hear so much about

Some very stupid YouTube channel that got his own show on Nickelodeon a few years ago I don't think they play it anymore

85 Chuck Norris liked this 1000 times because he's Chuck Norris lolololol
86 301 views and 29,000 comments? WTF?

Makes me wonder if they're serious or trying to get attention..

A user can post multiple comments, case closed. - MChkflaguard_Yt

For the love of god people- it's becaused YouTube collects the view-data only for the first 300 views (if N≤300, instead of if N<300). That, combined with the lag of the servers...

It's really not that complex.

Attention seeker. :(


You only live once. Shut up Drake

YOLO, unless you're Kenny McCormick - lelennyface

Is it really necessary for this to be on every video? - Minecraftcrazy530

Then how do people reborn?

88 I'm 14 and I like old music!

That's excellent but we don't need to hear it right now

Your age is irrelevant to what generation of music you listen to, Shut up.

For some reason, they're always 14 - lelennyface

That excellent, but I HATE YOU - BorisRule

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89 It's amazing that Humanity survived (insert decade here) what awful clothes and hair

Yeah. Lots of people (especially young people) hate things because it is not from the current decade. - anonygirl

90 Illuminati Confirmed

I hate these comments most of all. It's everywhere. The actual Illuminati was in the 1600s and it disbanded in like the later 1600s and it was in Germany, but it didn't have anything to do with "Satan" or whatever. I did my research. - Anonymousxcxc

That doesn't exist and they don't even know what it means

I wish this was in the top tens. I'm sick of hearing this

<insert blah blah blah> has <number> letters <word> also has <number> letters. <word> rhymes with <word> <insert more paragraphs until you get 3 as a difference> ZOMG LOOMINAWRTY CUNFIRMEDD! 1! 1! 11!

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91 Scary chain comments

These aren't just on YouTube there on Facebook as well. Don't they realize little kids go on YouTube as well.

I love them and I'm a kid

92 Warning! Carry on reading, even if you read the word warning!

Absolutely annoying. 😡 - IcetailofWishClan

93 I'm so cool because I'm 14 and like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. Every other 14-year-old sucks because they like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and rap music.

I do agree that I prefer older music (I'm 17), but just because you have different interest than your peers does not make you better than they are. And also, not every 14-year-old likes Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and rap music. Some of them actually like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. - anonygirl

Yeah. These kids want to get praise for being 'different' even though they're really not.


I'm a 14 year old who likes songs that are both old and quite new. I like Blondie, Eminem's old songs, Vitas (Ikr..-.), Linkin Park, 2 songs from Jack White (Lazaretto and I'm Shakin') and random songs in the Guitar Hero series (World Tour, Warriors or rock, and Live)

I have never seen anyone who has ever posted this type of comment. However, I must admit that people who like singers like Justin Bieber are quite obviously sheep. However, there is no need to insult people just because they haven't found their music taste yet. - LemonComputer

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94 GTA4 brought me here lol


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95 Pwned V 1 Comment
96 Lady Gaga is 100% original

She copies Madonna and a few other artists. Also, her name copies off of one of Queen's songs, Radio Gaga.

yeah right

97 Get a free minecraft gift code: (random code that doesn't work), used on all minecraft videos

And those hackers hack their PlayStation and can't use it anymore because their hacking broke it.

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98 screwattacks opinion! i like screwattack but there opinion is harsh for small and stupid reasons. V 1 Comment
99 I'm unsubscribing!

There's nothing wrong with unsubscribing. But you don't have to announce it. No one cares. Just press the unsubscribe button and move on with your live. - TheStupidHobo

They just are spoiled brats

Sorry but I'm subscribing

100 Android copied iPhone.

I love apple and I absolutely despise beiber...

Apple lovers, are Bieber lovers. Do not listen to them, or you will become one yourself. Wisdom That Doesn't Make Sense. Catch it every Tuesday, on Nickelodeon.

Android is an operating system, not a phone. Normally written by Apple fanboys.

Apple = Justin Bieber
Never trust Apple lovers - BorisRule

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