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101 That was the most autistic video ever.

As an autistic person myself, I find it really offensive when people use autism as an insult.

As a person with Asperger's syndrome, I find it offensive and unacceptable when people on YouTube use autism as an insult. - MJfan119

This should be top 40. These comments are very offensive to autistic people like me.

People who make fun of autism are the most autistic. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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102 Find the Difference

You will see these comments everywhere on a SevenSuperGirls video.

Yup. I see them on many Bratayley videos too. Oh and PopularMMOS too

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103 Like or Die

The most annoying thing is that people actually like these comments! You aren't going to die of you don't like it!

104 Notification squad!

You will see these comments everywhere in "join the early notification squad" by vat19 watch the video if you don't belive me

They always exist on music promotion channels, especially Proximity and Pixl Networks! It is so annoying, stop spammin! - MChkflaguard_Yt

105 LOL
106 Anything comparing a rapper to Lil Wayne
107 Any Religion Comment

Either by the extreme ultra-fundamentalist Christians or those notorious extreme Atheists, those comments really suck!

I hate the overreligious comments (the normal ones I'm fine with), I get that it's your religion and all, but seriously aren't those comments technically spamming and trolling. We don't need to hear about some comment about a random musician whose music is the work of the Devil or how atheism is bad or something like that. - Anonymousxcxc

Ikr! its annoying to see Christians fighting atheists or those atheist that say you are stupid just because you believe in a religion or those Christians who will force you to believe in god

I hate these people. You go to a science video and some say: "your dur,people say that god don't exist hur dur" Why you say that? In a video that proof something using logic arguments and not a book that was write by humans thousand of years ago?

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108 Like this if you're watching this in (year)

No one cares when you watch this! There's lots of phrasing people use to make comments like these. NO. ONE. GIVES. A. CRAP. WHEN. YOU'RE. WATCHING. THIS.

109 You are a rebel. I like you

This and the "who's watching " is the new Spam on music videos, just annoying and stupid

These comments have taken over every music video available and no more real comments exist.

This comment is...**leaps into a volcano*

1. What is a rebel?
2. Why you like me?

110 Comments that were only created to get favorites
111 Cancer

How is this not in the Top 100? I am really tired of people calling everything they hate cancer!

This comment is just...cancerous. - naFrovivuS

112 Why the 'Dislike' button is in this video?

Because SOME people have different opinions than you. Not everyone thinks what you do. Stop being so selfish.

Laugh out loud... This is the worst of the worst of the worst of the... WORST!

I think there should be no like button in nightcore videos

They especially say that crap about those slutty, fake trashy YouTube hoe gurus because they are all fake and I'm not hating, I'm telling the truth.

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113 I'm (age) years old

I'M 2! Who cares how old you are.

12 year olds on this website

Nobody cares you're that age. - anonygirl

I'm 4! - Feliciafurrypaws4ever

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114 Can I get (insert number) likes for no reason?
115 I Love You! (My new video about you)

I've heard comments like this in recent videos. They are overused and annoying. Also, that comment could make some users feel uncomfortable. - anonygirl

Always in the fresh videos,always annoying.

116 I want (minutes of video) minutes of my life back.

It was your choice to watch the video so Shut Up.

Yet when they watch a video from their favorite crappy YouTuber, they wanna say crap like "your video is the best, you're amazing! ", even though is wasn't amazing at all.

Every time I watch a cimorelli video...maybe the comment below is right...

117 Where's (put someone they think should be on a top 10/5/15/e.t.c. list)?

Most of the time, whatever the person says should've been on the list doesn't even fit in the list's parameters. I remember a particular example. I forget who made the list, but I think it was cjszero. Whoever it was was collaborating with another top 10 lister to make a list of the 'Top 10 Most Useful Classic Mega Man Weapons'. In the video itself they elaborated on the word 'useful' by stating they meant weapons with extra uses that let Mega Man do things other than attack, and specifically called out the Metal Blade as a weapon that is only a weapon and therefore would be excluded from the list. Despite this, at least a third of the comments were ignorant jerks who kept saying that the Metal Blades should have been number 1 and kept calling cj (or whoever it was that uploaded the video) an idiot for not putting it there. This is what TVtropes refers to as "Too Dumb to Live", and it's easy to see why.

It's their opinion. You can have your own. Just DON'T DO THIS! PLEASE! If you have a different list, then fine. Make your own. Don't ask why (insert item here) wasn't on the list.

Have to agree on this, I do these types of videos and I say at the start/at the end and in the description that it is my opinion, and I get where is "..." - ethan_grant97

Because people aren't allowed to have opinions, am I right?

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118 Did you film this with a (something that can't film anything)?

I absolutely HATE it when people say this. The most common version is 'did you film this with a potato? '. Just stop. It's not funny any more (not that it was even funny in the first place. )

Uh guys, don't be stupid they might be secret agents and have hidden cameras in the Potato.

Well of COURSE there's a reason to say this! They're just saying how bad the video quality is on a video.


Seen it 15 million times and scares a lot of people, too.

This is seen a lot more on Pandora when checking out songs/artists than on YouTube, but it's still annoying spam. - NuMetalManiak

Scared me when I was a kid

120 Michael Jackson is the King of Music

More like the king of hee hee rather than the king of music

I know it's true but do people have to comment - kkcutno17

More like the king of pedophiles,people need to get a grip not everything revolves around him seriously I swear on every one of my videos there sum guy saying oh Michael jackson was better than jesus christ and absolutley killed Tupac. stop wit the kanye west or east or whatever crap 2 AMEN

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