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141 This is fake
142 GTA 5 is better than GTA San Andreas!
143 My grandfather died

The most annoying thing is that these comments usually get lots of replies saying "I'm sorry it will be better soon" THEY'RE JUST LOOKING FOR LIKES! I saw a comment that said "my great grandmother died and my dad's in jail and my mom got fired this is not the best week for me please like"

144 My fish drowned, can i get some likes plz

No, those comments are funny! They make fun of attention seekers and that's good.

Fish can't drown - RW49P

145 My pet rock died today can I get 10 likes
146 I love you! My video about you!

I am hearing these types of comments all the time, and they are so annoying. - anonygirl

This is a bot comment... Clicking on this link is dangerous... Don't do it...

147 Avril Lavigne is Dead

Ugh seriously people need to stop saying that. Avril is still alive. If she was dead she would be all over the news - StayAlive

148 not my proudest fap.
149 ur lying cuz i saw across the universe 100 times and i know that it would never EVER steal songs. The beatles came WAY after that movie

the beatles were in black n white yet across the universe was not only in color but in good quility and better recording tech. - russian

150 That comment with the sob story. Honestly.

Oh my gosh! I can't read the comments on sad songs anymore!

I was brn with dises that maks u se thins. dy tel me 2 burn I thing of a sucide. I datd man an I sed to him thers dragon in yard he sed no I cryd he breked up wit m ;;

Leik dis if you cry evertim.

Der a gril she abut 2 gt mareid
She trin on hr wedin dres
Hr boyfriend seas hr an tels hr shee loks butifol
Boi what is mah dres mad ot off
Boi ruunz ot off shopp
He got ram oer
Gril cris soflee
I woz men 2 sa hosbond motereul
Lik dis if you cri erretim
Apparently there are quite a lot of these on ygs
I think these comments are annoying - ArpstaAmy333

151 wrong, somecallmejohnny cant review a game for the life of him. doesn't he know a good game when he sees one.
152 Oh hay I like your lightsaber, oh its your dislike bar srry

So. Annoying. So. Old

I've never heard this before... I like it.

I actually want to use this one

I want to use this. - RiverClanRocks

153 What's the name of that game?

Sometimes, the name of the game is not given, not in the title or description.

Big rigs over the road racing

Sometimes, people are just too lazy to read the damn description or title where it already says the game. Eg. Commenting on a video on Grand Theft Auto IV and then... "what's this game called? I wanna know! " *facepalm*

154 Delete!

God, stop trying to be Cybermen, people!

155 Lol why isnt dis called fallen kingdom??? (On Viva La Vida by Coldplay)

Once in Science class, we watched a parody of Viva La Vida. The boys next to me said it was originally Fallen Kingdom. But on the screen it said 'A Parody o Viva La Vida by Coldplay'. Can these people even read? - Wolftail

156 I did your mom, momma, mother last night

Normally written by teen boys who have never kissed a girl never mind done a grown ass woman, but it temporarily inflates the ego.

157 Owl City-Good Time Hey Carly, If you dropped your phone in the pool how am I going to call you, maybe?

That's a good one actually

158 Click show comment to have an adventure!
159 I found this difficult to masturbate to.

I saw this on an except from the Doors documentary, When You're Strange, posted by RhinoEntertainment back in 2010.

Aka 'not my proudest fap'

160 yippee! my mom was exited get a iPad and get another one free all you need to do is put your address and go to *name of website*

Nothing great about mark plier, just saying

I hate people like this, that and people whopretend to be famous YouTuber it got to the point where Markiplier had to make a video about it. Just click on their icon and compare that persons subscribers to the real famous YouTubers. See the difference

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