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161 (insert random comment here) I'm 9

"I watched this video and I'm 9". You shouldn't be sharing your age on a website dummies. - JaysTop10List

I hate it when people say something along the lines of "Can you please do this mod? I'm 9" thinking that pretending to be 9 will get them a better chance of the YouTuber doing it. He/she is not going to be like "ooh! He's 9! Better listen to him! "

What are 9 year olds doing with YouTube accounts?

Other examples:
-Led Zeppelin is my favorite singer. I'm 9.
-Just drank beer for the first time. I'm 9.
-I don't get this video. I'm 9.
-I just killed my little sister. I'm 9.
-Just met Justin Bieber in person. I'm 9.
-I am already over 6 feet tall. I'm 9.
-I only weigh 20 pounds. I'm 9. - anonygirl

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162 Tonight A Scary Lady Will Come To Your House And Kill You With A Knife at 9:50 at night

. I found one of those comments when I was first on YouTube when I was like 5; I got really paranoid at midnight that my grandpa in a jackolantern helmet would come into my room and attack my stuffed animals with a grass cutter...

163 I Hate You V 1 Comment
164 0 F***S GIVEN
165 301 views!

Unless you are really the YouTube channel's owner.

166 the earth is a line

When I see someone say this I am so tempted to say "and your brain is a grain of sand"

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167 Omg, I just got 9999999999 free gems in clash of clans on (random website).com try it out it works!!!!! V 1 Comment
168 Why do you even care how she looks? Don't worry, girl, I'm not sarcastic or just nice, I really think you're beautiful, never let the haters drag you down.


169 Like if you found the different one

Majority of the people that post these comments are little kids that are too young to have a YouTube account.

170 Dislike Squad Unite!

Whenever they watch a video with no dislike, they'll try to force people to dislike for the sake of disliking.

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171 Like this or have (insert number) years of bad luck

This is starting to pop on videos of McJuggerNuggets, the manchild whose dad wants him to get a job and annihilates anything related to video games.

This scared me once. The "die in your sleep tonight" version made me literally scared...I cried. Seriously, m8.

Same goes for the Bag Of Illuminati craze a couple of months ago.

172 Roblox is a Minecraft rip-off

Half of Minecrafters claim that Roblox copied Minecraft while Roblox was in 2005 and Minecraft in 2009.

Roblox was out way before minecraft so more like minecraft is a roblox rip off worst things in the world-minecraft and michael jackson

173 Subscribe to My Channel Plz

Subscribe to Your Channel? I Don't Even Know You!

174 This video was uploaded on my birthday!

I hate michael jackson do yall,#i wrote that on my birthday eee my tottally worthless life

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175 Cool video please check out my channel i make raps and music videos

I've had this happen to my channel before.

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176 KYS

Telling people to die by typing a three lettered acronym won't make you look cool.

Comment with a (insert fandom) profile pic: (comments about how nice the video is)
Random guy replies: KYS (insert fandom) fag! 1! 1! GO DRINK BLEACH!

It means " kill yourself " and is very mean - Hotheart123

177 They/You Deserve This
178 People that reply to a YouTuber's comment with that YouTuber's username copied and pasted in the person's reply. V 2 Comments
179 Mexicans are gross

I am a non-Hispanic white, but I think this comment is racist. I saw that comment once, and I wanted to smash my computer screen after reaing it. - anonygirl

180 Whoever like this is (insert insult)
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