Post this on ten other videos and you will get good luck. If you don't then I will appear tonight and kill you.


Still waiting for that clown with the chainsaw, that silly little girl with no eyes or other features ( just picture slender man only shorter. ) and a bunch of other people to kill me. What kind of sick twisted mind do these people, have that they sit at there computers and create these stories. One they can scare little kids, and two they can scare sensitive viewers, the scary chain letter creators should be banned. Because this may count as a terroristic threat.

This should be number one on the list. Whoever started this, I don't know what made them think it's right to convince people that this determines how they die or how their mom dies (yes, someone has commented that your mom will die if you didn't write the message). This is beyond scary and disturbing. If you only feel the need to mess with people's mind, YouTube isn't for you. And for that matter, neither is Vine, Instagram, or any other sites like these.

Whenever someone posts this, I just ignore it and keep on scrolling down comments. What's the point of having to threaten someone just to get attention? It's annoying and it needs to STOP! Imagine how kids would feel reading this comment, they would be traumatized and would probably have a hard time sleeping knowing someone is going to kill them.

If they were true, I would've died 357 times, there would've been a demon in my room 264 times, my mother would've gotten cancer 61 times, I would have been in a coma 87 times, would've been hacked 14 times, and would've been stalked 35 times (obviously not the real statistics)

It's so scary! I sometimes suffer from anxiety attacks, and things like these comments are what starts them in the first place! And it's worst when there are people who don't have YouTube accounts, see comments like that, and make accounts out of fear! Don't fall for it! I certainly didn't, and I'm still here, alive, happy, and I don't have bad luck!

These are even worst than first! First are very annoying, but I guess that they do it because it just makes them feel a bit better, but these ones are bad! Are you trying to scare kids? I voted this.

This is one of the worst kinds of comments ever. It's violent, rude, and for some people who haven't had much experience in life, startling. It's very disrespectful to post one of these.

My god I DESPISE THESE COMMENTS! Once my brother read one of these and fell asleep at 12 or 11 for a MONTH! - GoldenRocket

I'm a kid, 11, and those comments scare me half to death. Why would someone do that to me?

It scares me to bits! I feel like since I'm eleven I need to ignore them, but it's hard! I'm a BIG fraidy cat, and I easily get scared. These dumb comments always leave me sitting awake in my bed making sure no one comes into mah room. Heck, I slapped my sister on accident one night. It may be my vulnerability, but I wish these comments would stop.

If I wasn't brave, this comment would give me trauma too. I despise people who have to make death threats. - Aaran

I hate those! I saw them when I was a kid and got scared that I would get killed by a random ghost or have bad luck for 10 years! People who post these comments should get out! - ArtyLily

I just kindly tell them to jump off a cliff.

Mostly because if they break into my house, I will kill them myself.

False, annoying and stupid and just wastes time. People who do this deserve to get shot. - TwilightKitsune

A lot of these types of comments are on Pandora too if you check out popular artist pages. They are so stupid. - NuMetalManiak

Probably write by some 7 retarded. Also for people that got scared when was a child.

These are stupid and scary! I've watched horror films, played Five Nights at Freddie's and stuff, but these still scare me somehow!
This may have been convincing the first time it happened, but now it's on every video on the internet!

Ah yes, chain letter comments. This annoying meme is so ridiculously played out, I saw them way back in YouTube's EARLY days. (We're talking BEFORE they were bought by Google! It's THAT old! )

I last saw a comment like this in 2010. - wrests

These are just attention seeking chain messages. Don't mind them, sweetie.

These comments scare younger kids, it's not right.

I saw one of these when I was 5. I thought it was true. - RiverClanRocks

People have so much spare time these days.

Dumb comment written by a 5 year old boy.

These are stupid but I see them on Facebook more not YouTube