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1 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, ...read more.

No surprises here. I like how he immersed himself in the horror genre in gaming, but honestly, I cannot watch his videos for more than 2 minutes because all he does is talk & talk & talk while waiting for an opportunity to scream like an idiot. He screams like this is almost every video & it can get extremely boring after a while. More importantly, he has the worst fanbase in youtube history. The fanbase consists of mostly 12 year old kids who shouldn't be on the internet in the first place & if they see a gaming video of the same game PewDiePie has played, the fans automatically accuse the other youtuber for copying PewDiePie & honestly, this is perfect example of immaturity. - PlaystationArchfiend

Numbers don't lie.

I'll keep it simple he clearly doesn't release quality content and is generally not funny. His fans give him a horrible name and are generally 12 year olds (In how they act). There are so many better gaming channels that review games (Which are high Quality) and are better LP channels (Lesser Quality) than Pewdiepie. The only reason he got so popular is more. Than likely because he is international.

lol what

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2 DSPGaming

This guy is an insult to the gaming community. He is obnoxious, acts like a child, insults and blocks his fans if they dare criticize him, sexist and racist remarks in his videos, not to mention his need to throw out cheesy sex jokes every time he is presented with boobs on his T.V. screen, and possibly one of the biggest hypocrites alive.

When he is unable to have progress in any of his playthrough's he resorts to swearing and insulting the game and it's developers. He lacks every definition of the term 'common sense' in his playthroughs. He is unable to read hints and tips, and resorts to asking streamers what to do. He whines like a little child in most of his videos, which has given him the nickname of 'manchild.' This is a 30 year old boy who makes his living off of youtube. His sole purpose is to make money, and nothing but. He refuses to stream regularly because it "Doesn't make enough money." And when he does stream, he manages to split a 1 hour recording into ...more

Where to begin...
He doesn't have nearly as much of a following as others on this list, but there is a reason for that. When presented with a tutorial, hint, or text box from a game he is having trouble with, he will say "f@*# you, " and when he doesn't know what to do because of this, he resorts to insulting the game developers for not explaining it. It is unbelievable that he uses it as his job. I believe he needs to see a psychologist. There is so much wrong with this guy, his videos, and the way he treats people (including his fans). He is a massive hypocrite who can't take criticism, or even the blame for his own failure in a very well known game. What's worse, he never learns. He played through MGS 1-3, and got frustrated trying to play them like Call of Duty. He never edits videos and uses a camcorder to record his T.V.. He give BS excuses as to why he doesn't direct capture. He might use direct capture now, but insulted whoever tried to help him through it. One of ...more

Wow...So a guy set up a FREE website and gaming desktop for him to use and he just insults him? And he didn't even show SOME appreciation? I already hate this guy and haven't even seen a single video of his. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I feel like some of these guys don't actually take themselves seriously, are just trolling for the sake of garnering YouTube views, and at the very least realize they're appealing to a demographic primarily composed pre-teens, tweens, and people with traumatic brain injuries. This cannot be true for DSP Gamer whose hubris, inability to accept responsibility for his actions or criticism for his shortcomings, and complete lack of gaming skills make him the living embodiment... the actual personification of Terrible YouTube Gaming. That may sound like hyperbole, and a tad extreme...

I assure you, it is not. He is complete lack of anything even resembling actual gaming skills, coupled with his claim that he is not only a pro gamer, but one of the best gamers in the country, makes his whole act especially ridiculous. His incessant whining along with his constant assertion that his failures are always the result of some external factor (e.g. the game design, lag, cheap tactics, etc.) ...more

He called his fans "idiots" after a twitch stream where he begged them to give him enough money to buy a new Subaru, he forgot to mute the mic. When they questioned him he said it was Youtube's fault because they found out he used bots and begged fans to click on ads to give him more money to buy a new house.

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3 TobyGames

This guy is just pathetic. When I thought Sky was bad, I looked at TobyGames. Now I actually like Sky. His jokes suck. He thinks if he talks in a fake, annoying voice, he will be funny. If you have watched one of his videos, you will see what I mean by the "fake voice." I can't STAND his fans, they bash people that simply say they don't like the channel. Sure, Pewdiepie's fanbase is worse, but TobyGames's videos are worse. When Pewdiepie tries to be funny, (but fails) Toby just talks in a weird voice. Even though I hate Pewdiepie, TobyGames is Pewdiepie number two.

He's entertaining in short bursts, but you can tell he's just puppy-milling out content. It's like he has a timer next to his computer to stop-watch an "episode". Happy Wheels is the best example. He'll play it to crank out an episode, make voices, squeal, then wrap it up and post it. I guess he does this for like 4-5 other games during the day. He cranks out a lot of content, but it's like he's only really "playing" them for an hour a day. Sweet gig. Play games for an hour, post 6 videos, sit on your duff the rest of the day. Watch the ad revenue roll in. He's got a schtick and at least he sticks with it. Consistency trumps quality. But, it gets old fast. And the production values are non-existent.

Pathetic. This guy is face in front of the camera and he's obviously copying other people but at the same time, he's actually TRYING to be different. There's one problem, it was just so obvious on all the things he do. It's just so obvious that he's trying to be different, and it's just so obvious that he's faking all his reactions to "entertain" the viewers. He laughs at anything, even if he doesn't find it funny, and he gets angry, even though he's not really mad. He's just acting all this up to show what a reaction is on a video game reaction video. All I know is that he's just a big waste of time to watch and has no sense of humor in video games or any other of his videos

I do like Toby as a person with and interesting personality, but his channels isn't all that great. His jokes are hardly based off the gameplay itself. While he makes me laugh sometimes, his channel is certainly not the best gaming channel. He doesn't deserve to be number 2 though.

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4 SkyDoesMinecraft

He used to be funny, but now his vocabulary consists entirely of 'squids', 'butter (spelled 'budder')'and 'majestic'. His videos are completely idiotic as well as his jokes. His terrible fanbase consists of 5-13 year olds, that are vicious if you refer to gold ingots with their proper name instead of their 'majestic budder'. I can not stress this enough: Avoid this channel at any and all costs.

He's so annoying! All he says is BUTTER which is extremely annoying, Worst fan base EVER (little 11 year olds who say butter all the time) and kids watch his videos but sky cusses so much!

He is completely stupid, he is not funny, and completely destroyed YouTube.

He records himself screaming and playing Minecraft and earns 8,000,000 subscribers for it. No effort goes into his videos, while some channels with only few thousand subscribers make ACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT.

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5 gilgar13vids

This guy is a troll, can't believe I used to take him seriously - B1ueNew

You guys do realize his entire channel is a troll channel.

Just hates on everything he reviews. He gave M3 a bad review.

This guy is bad at Sonic Games so he thinks they are bad!

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6 Markiplier

I don't think Markiplier is the worst, I actually enjoy his videos. But the fake reactions and trying too hard to appease fans is just too much. I go on the comments and I see the most annoying children, immature people, including bronies, furries, roleplayers etc. and it's because of the negative turn his channel has taken. 2013, he was the bomb, my favorite YouTuber. Now my favorite is ChilledChaos because he doesn't fake everything and is okay with being offensive, and his fans aren't a bunch of unintelligent kids who are always roleplaying and crying about how bad their life is.

This comment is going to get a couple "go die in a hole" and "I hate you, you're wrong," and those will only prove the point I just made. If you reply to me denying what he has become, you are either new to his channel, ignorant, or just biased. Believe me kids, most of us stopped enjoying his videos like we used to. If we could travel back to 2013, we would, but that Markiplier is gone, and this ...more

Markiplier isn't as great of a person as everyone wants him to think. Look at how much money he makes, yet all the charity he gives comes from specific videos put up just to get him more attention. A person who really cares about helping others doesn't need to make a big showy display asking followers to donate the money he can make in a month and just go and donate himself. People are always talking about how open and honest he is, what about that secret girlfriend he has for several years, all those controversies about him he never truly addressed? The guy cultivated a cult-like following for himself which is why he didn't want anyone to know he had a girlfriend. He was too scared all his teenage fangirls would jump ship if they figured out they never had a chance with him. And how about how this guy cycles through friends that aren't Bob and Wade? Remember the Yamimash days? Minx and the others? He messed around with Jack for awhile but now he's into he's new friends that he lives ...more

I used to love Markiplier. Sadly he has changed. And his fan base has become toxic. If you make a comment such as agreeing with another viewer wishing to see more lets plays which is what his channel used to be, you will be attack by fan girls and boys who think if they will defend him enough may be he will notice them. It is clear that he is trying to move on away from lets plays but will not admit it because he will most likely lose the gaming community that helped him reach his first million. He even stated he knows this YouTube thing won't last forever and thus why he is taking singing and acting lessons. When I agreed with another poster (mind you both of us were not nasty about it we simply said "Less skits and more lets plays" he allowed fans to attack both of us until he finally jumped in with a "I did not make this channel for you I made it for everyone." Which is odd because if that is the case I am part of everyone and everyone who liked our comments. ...more

These markiplier fans are very immature. Some hipocrite below me says to keep our opinions to ourselves, but he has the nerve to make HIS loud and clear. Another one says to go die. Seriously? You need to grow up. This vote is on worst YouTube gaming channels, not the worst person I think Markiplier is a good person, but I can't stand this overly defensive fanbase who thinks we hate him personally. I also don't like his video content overall, since all he plays are lame simulators and games that people really don't care about. He screams all the time and isn't serious about gaming at all. Go ahead and thumb down this comment if you want, but I'm only being brutally honest: Markiplier's gaming channel is stupid.

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7 Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.

I think he's fine, like whats wrong with him?

Sean is doing good he is not a sellout and he cares for his audience unlike a few YouTubers.

Its bs how people are saying he is telling people he will help with their depression as a hook to manipulate. Because when it was about half a year of watching him I went through depression and was very upset. I heard nothing of him talking about depression and helping so I wasn't "hooked" because of something he said like that. I watched one video, then another and another and so on. You know why? Because it made me laugh, made me happy. I liked that he was always loud and positive, it helped. I know I have a 1% of him acknowledging me, and I don't really care. He still makes me laugh. I don't blame him for not being able to reply, he has A LOT of subscribers. It's stressful, and it's not like he can be Santa and reply to every single person in a few hours. Oh and his so called repetitive and trying-to-hard jokes? So what? It makes him him. It makes me laugh, along with millions of others. Is that such a sin? Yeah, you and others may not like it, but you don't need to talk ...more

He is the best he cares about people

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8 Annoying Orange Gaming

This one is okay...

It's dead

All of you stop

Annoying orange is awesome

So get used to it

I can't even with this dude. His voice is like the Annoying Orange's! I mean, he's trying to be funny, but he's obnoxious and disturbing! I hate this guy, not to be rude, but he needs to get an actual life and stop sitting around playing videos, if you're going to do that, come up with a better username and speak properly! Pewdiepie, Mark and Jack are the only good gamers (and Dan and Phil) that I know. Actually get a life, dude!

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9 ijustinegaming

If you thought ijustine was bad enough, wait until you see her gaming channel. - PlaystationArchfiend

Taking a quick look at the channel will easily tell you that it was just made to make a few extra bucks. I can hear her thinking "Hey, is there any way I can play Minecraft while making money off of it. Wait."

Justine is just bad all around. She should be #1.

You people realise pewdiepie never finishes games(kingdom hearts & wreath of the white witch)

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10 Kwebbelkop

He did is very annoying

I accidentally click his videos because I don't see his face in the thumbnail but when I hear him my ears bleed and I get autism. I want his fans to realise how terrible he is and get him banned. He has a shop, a shop! A place where you can spend money to wear autism. Worse than pewdiepie and enraged cinema.

I use to like watching Grand Theft Auto 5 videos until I stumbled on his channel. I expected a decent gameplay based on the number of views and subscribers. Once I starting watching a video this guy screams as loud as he can during a race, then the others in his gameplay scream back all trying to scream over one another. I figured maybe it's just that video but nope. Every single video is this guy screaming loud, sucks that he's not in the top 10. at least Pewds creates different content in his videos, unlike the SCREAMING KIDS making a fuss because they all crash their vehicles. If you ever watch a video just make sure you turn down the speakers, your ears will thank you.

I hate this so much. He must have some impressive tags or algorithms or something that makes his videos pop up everywhere. Literally everywhere, and it's just him and his equally annoying friends shouting all over the top of each other as they play. The ideas for his videos are good which is infuriating as I keep clicking on them and realizing I've clicked on a zero edited piece of video with the worst people on the planet shouting over each other. Someone please make it stop!

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The Contenders

11 iJustineGames

I don't know I'm just upset gamers keep ignoring their fans like come on

Yes I hate her videos - ActorMan123

Annoying, you can tell she doesn't actually care about the games, (Going on her phone during the cutscenes) and pretends to be worse at the games than anyone even could be.

I don't think shes funny, just boring.

12 Stampylonghead Stampylonghead

I used to watch him when his videos were actually good but he slowly turned into a kiddie channel its like he's ageing backwards. And not to mention that ALL the games he played are at least 10+ and the Sims is T for teen all his Minecraft videos are the same thing build play bye build play bye build crack a joke only a 5 year old would find funny play bye. He is tedious and boring I use to watch his videos for comedy relief but I never set foot in his channel after he blew up the Minecraft slave houses witch were my favorite part of his world. And don't even get me started on the fact that he acts as if whats happening in the game is happening in real life. GET A LIFE MAN

I can't watch his videos for more than 4 minutes without cringing. his fanbase mainly consists of 5 - 10 year olds who shouldn't be on YouTube in the first place. His "fanbase" also acts mentally retarded and immature, and is a pure example of why kids should be banned from the internet. Also known as the "child friendly" side of YouTube. God, since when was YouTube supposed to be for children? This guy is sick and probably a child molester..

Wow... his channel is becoming too babyish - BlooPer

Why is this at the bottom of the list? This guy is annoying, immature and all he does is scream in his videos and act appealing to 5 year olds. What the heck? This dude is on the YouTube popular gaming section everywhere and oh my god is this guy annoying.

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13 UberHaxorNova

Why is he here? He is not even as famous. In fact, pewdie stole his stuff

What? James is awesome, he's my favorite YouTuber. He's hilarious lol, not like all these other boring people mentioned here... He's the only one I'm subscribed to in this list and it's for a good reason. Why do some of you hate him? He doesn't act like a douche, the fame didn't get to his head, he's part of a crew of YouTubers (the creatures) and he's the only one who has more than 2M subs. He never talks about it. (never talks about his sub count compared to the others) He kept both feet on the ground, stayed real and funny and didn't really change over the years. He's still the old same hilarious dude I'll always watch. If you hate him, could we possibly know why? Because I really don't see how you could hate on him.

Why Is Nova on this list? He's actually good. He hasn't sold out, he cares about his fans, his videos are still top notch, and he's still the same funny dude he was back in 2011. He never brags or mentions how much subscribers he has, he plays good games, he still has funny commentary, and he actually realizes what fame can do to people. In FACT, Pewdiepie ripped off some of his style back when he was still a small channel. Someone, please give an explanation as to why he is not good?

What is he doing here? I love him - Jordansalesguy2392

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14 xxmysteriousmanxx

Simply TERRIBLE. Whenever he talks, he sounds like a zombie or some guy on drugs, and says "" WAY too much. He complains about everything, and doesn't sound very engaged in what he's doing in his commentary. Clearly doing it for the money.

15 The Irate Gamer

Meh, he's ok, (but the edited videos that haves every time he swears it gets censored)

It's also worth mentioning that the Irate Hack is notorious for ripping off and plagiarizing the Angry Video Game Nerd in some of his videos.

Irate Gamer Sucks Blog. Check it out.

He only cares about skylanders, doesn't know Metal Gear, and doesn't talk about modern games such as assasin Creed, Grand Theft Auto, and Halo

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16 IntelligentCoDFanboy

Not really a gaming channel. He's just a troll.

"Intelligent" and "Call of Duty fanboy" can't work together.

The name is an oxymoron

This is the worst name ever it makes me cry evertim

17 machinima machinima Machinima, Inc. was a U.S.-based multiplatform online entertainment network owned by WarnerMedia. The company was founded in January 2000 by Hugh Hancock and was headquartered in Los Angeles, California.It originated as a hub for its namesake, machinima, which uses and manipulates video-game technology ...read more.

My only problem with machinima is the fact that there are way too many members for their channel & they upload a lot more videos than the average youtuber. - PlaystationArchfiend

Machinima is like that shady pizza parlor down the street that will do anything for cash.

That's not even a gaming channel

Known for shady deals and mediocre content these days it was once actually a pretty decent channel. - AlexApathy

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18 Ali-A Ali-A Alastair Aiken, better known by his online alias Ali-A, is a British YouTuber known for Call of Duty and Fortnite commentaries and vlogs.

Definition of a gaming youtuber gone downhill - B1ueNew

Ninja is better lmao


All the idiots who voted Pewdiepie number 1 are probs the TSeries staff and actors or 8 year old kids who watch Ninja and Jake Paul. I mean come on. Even if you don't like Pewds. How is this clickbaiting moron not higher? - B1ueNew

19 SkylanderBoy andGirl

Needs to be number 1 - Supermarioplush220

You know, I notice that something has been consistent throughout this list: these YouTubers were all adults, no matter how childish they act. But this just takes it to a whole other level. 5 YEAR OLDS SHOULD NOT HAVE YouTube CHANNELS! And it doesn't help that the kids are spoiled brats and their parents continuously spoil them by getting them the most rarest skylanders and stuff like that. It just doesn't make any sense.

Worst than evantubegaming basically ruing good games and the channel was closed proof that it was for money

The skykids act like a bunch of spoiled brats. And their parents aren't doing much better by continuously spoiling their children, and constantly try to be the center of everything. Seeing ALL over the Skylanders side of YouTube is annoying enough. Too much attention whoring for this kind of family who is deathly obsessed with games.

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20 EvanTubeGaming

Spoiled idiot... Already got enough toys to play with, now he records himself playing titty games? - BlooPer

To describe EvanTubeGaming in a nutshell would be like this- a spoiled brat that has his hands on camera equipment and an Xbox

Big spoiled brat. Whose parents let him have a camera and recording equipment. I hope him and his sister fight while recording. #embarrassing

I don't even watch this stupid kid, especially the games he plays. How does a stupid little boy get so popular? - Jliby30

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21 TotalBiscuit

It actually makes me laugh that people hate YouTubers because of their accents. Like, jeez! It's not their faults!

Why is he on this list

Why in the name of god is TB higher on this list than bloody DSP?!

Whiney entitled manchild who thinks a game review should sound like a press release. Boring.

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22 Da90skid

He needs to get off of YouTube. 'enough said.

He reviews good games and get trash by him for no reason?

I don't know who he is...

Never heard of him

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23 WhiteBoy7thst

Hands down, the biggest Call of Duty fanboy in youtube history. - PlaystationArchfiend

How in the world does he have the subs he has? Dead accounts, fake accounts, proxy accounts from other countries? There's nothing he puts out that's worth watching.

He clearly is a fanboy and retard who was most likely dropped out of high school

He got arrested for illegal possession of drugs.

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24 Low Tier God

This retarded autistic makes fun of people with disabilities

More like Low Tier Fraud.

How is this guy not higher on this list?

He's DSP, but black. - lolm2k

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25 Best Trends
26 The Review Space

This guy is actually a huge troll. All he does is to put descent games into his top worst games videos and he also a liar.

I meant decent I rush the comment. But still this guy made a lot of cringe worthy videos.

He's a complete moron imagine gligar13vids having a twin on YouTube just with better quality that's the review space in a nutshell he says every new videogame sucks

27 VanossGaming VanossGaming Evan Fong, is a Canadian internet personality and video game commentator. He is best known under his online pseudonym VanossGaming, where he posts montage-style videos on YouTube of him and other creators playing various video games.

Overrated gaming channel ever... His friends do all the hard work it and he gets all the credit. Plus the games he plays has to be teached by his friends. He isn't experienced with gaming, should just stick with music cause I love his (Rynx) music and not gaming.

He is one of the funniest channels out there. He deeply cares about his fans and his community is one of the best, most respectful group out there.

I mean... what's wrong? He makes hilarious videos and plays Grand Theft Auto 5 and Gmod with his friends.
VanossGaming is the reason why I want to start a gaming channel - BlooPer

He is not bad I like him.wut with da hate

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28 TheGamer

Never liked this guy

Clickbatey garbage and all their Mario videos are awful.

Bad just bad - Supermarioplush220

Why isn't this in like the top 15? Every time I go peak at the recommended section, there is two things that I think of: Stolen DeviantArt Pictures, or a stolen frame from some big animation channel like Dorkly, with a big ass red circle and yellow arrow with a red border, along with the thumbnail border. - Comical

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29 LeafyIsHere LeafyIsHere


That isn't even a gaming channel

YouTube's number one ass. States he doesn't bully people, but still makes videos making fun of them. Day by day, this guy generates more and more drama.

He is so overrated

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30 +da90skidshow

UGH this guy is the meaning of sucky... everything.

Don't watch his channel.
It's horrible.

31 Sernandoe

Dude was and still is a straight liar. All his channel is made of is clickbait and scams. I'd give him more credit if it wasn't for that fact. It overrides everything else and hard to get past.

Dude was one of the biggest fake Grand Theft Auto 6 news tubers. It was to the point other Grand Theft Auto tubers called him out.

Clickbait, clickbait, clickbait, lying about getting Grand Theft Auto 6 early when Rockstar didn't confirmed anything about this game. Sernandoe is definitely the worst gaming channel on youtube

Sernandoe is a clickbaiter and liar - B1ueNew

32 pimpinmasterdx

Obviously a troll. Pretends to be a gangster and high-pitches his voice for humor.

33 Mariotehplumber

This guy is one of the major things wrong with the sonic fanbase. Screw that racist bastard...

He takes originality too seriously!

I'm a Sonic fan and this is just so dumb and sexist...Why can't Mardic or Milesguy be more famous than him?

He is next DarkSydePhil/DSP/DSPGaming

34 CaptainSparklez

What’s so bad about him

The guy with the kiddie bait minecraft music, right? Yeah, he sucks.

He's not funny and his videos aren't creative

I honestly just voted him up to comment.
There is literally nothing to hate about this guy. And if you can give me ONE REASON why he should be on this list at all, then GG to you, sir, because that is a feat I thought to be impossible.

35 Muselk

One of the most clickbait channels on YouTube. He plonly got famous because of Fortnut and he can't even play that game right...Tries to be funny, is really cringy instead.


36 Videogames

How are they on the list I don't think they post their own gaming content other than other small or big YouTubers

There are so many things wrong with this channel.

The outro music sucks big weewee

37 Matroix

This guy actually calls Call of Duty "good" & most the time, those are the only videos he uploads. - PlaystationArchfiend

This guy just annoys you with his stupid British accent and his useless call of duty tips and if you subscribe to him, he keeps on adding all this crap likes and comments!

38 Fgteev

I hate these guys so much - Supermarioplush220

I have no idea why this are not on this list, This channel shames the likeness of smash players, and any franchise in general! They are worse than SkyDoesMinecraft, Pewdiepie, EvanTube, and Toby COMBINED! They consist of 2 4-6 year old kids and their mother and father who in the thumbnail plaster their GOD DAMNED FACES ON THE LIKENESSES OF Mario, PAC-MAN, Disney INFINITY CHARACTERS, AND GOD KNOWS WHO ELSE! I have a 4 year old brother who watches them and he copies everything these brats do if you don't know let me go into further description on what they do. Every time their parents go to the store they get a $400 game or Lego set, on their "Family outings" they go as far as to hit their parents, threaten them that they will kill themselves and brush it of as "They were joking". The parents of these kids need to go to prison for teaching these brats how to behave in a adult environment.

The definition of retarded and cashing in on a trend

I hate hate hate this show my son started acting like that idiot dad that guy is the most annoying person I have ever met overacting his kids are more annoying chomping candy the poor kid mikey gained so much weight from sugar shame on his parents...

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39 TheSyndicateProject

He needs to be a bit nicer to people online I think

All he does is act like he's twelve and lacks a good sense of humor. I could see the appeal for middle schoolers but it is obvious he's all in it for the money.

You're a douche, Tom.

So ignorant towards his fans

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40 Deadlox

Some Skydoesminecraft fan thought I was Deadlox because I guess I acted like him online I dunno.

41 MonkeyGameGuides

MonkeyGameGuides is joking, I have no idea why you'd think he's serious. He's clearly trolling, A JOKE! Trolling is okay when people are talking about other people, but when it comes to the games YOU like, you don't wanna hear it.

42 Buckgames
43 TheReviewSpace

He's a total moron retard he says every new videogame sucks he is like gligar13vids twin

44 LispyJimmy

This has done nothing but clickbait videos of him supposedly having Grand Theft Auto 6 from the past months.

He is a clickbait scumbag

45 The BajanCanadian

I basically hate YouTubers that play Minecraft and only Minecraft. All they're doing is scamming little kids. Don't believe me what do you think tube heros is.

He thinks he's so good like seriously he needs to have a serious ego adjustment

He bully's seto and now like seto quitted YouTube

Why do you hate him? He's cool in my opinion.

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46 KO Gaming

This channel is nothing more than a pathetic attempt by DSPGaming to get more money

A new channel? Nice try DSP, nice try

He rage quit persona 3 and it was a funded playthrough. seriously he's robing people of their money for things like this and he doesn't care about finishing a game completely then he whines about it like "dood this game sucks" he needs to just man up.

47 TheDiamondMinecart

Needs to be number 1 - Supermarioplush220

This guy is an idiot. His content is for 6-year-olds and he doesn't know how to behave logically. He thinks that you do BASIC DIVISION in High School and has no idea what goes on in real life situations. His mini-game videos are okay, but too much jokes that are for 5-year-olds. He always tries to seem smart but fails. His fanbase is terrible as well and consists of 5-year-olds who can't spell and need to see the inside of a damn school.

I do not think he is an idiot and just because he plays Minecraft and you don't that does not matter

This guy is so annoying, I could go forever without hearing his voice, unfortunately I can't, because my brother aLWAYS WATCHES HIS VIDEOS. I can tell that is a fake voice, also he talks to a goddamned villager that he named " Dr. Trayaurus" LIKE HE CAN ACTUALLY TALK JESUS CHRIST GET A LIFE DUDE

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48 FaZeAdapt

Why? Because why not? He sucks at life

My dad is bungie


But I love that and I love that, I love that he is too good :D

49 POiiSED

Top worst gameplayer

Stop hating! Poiised is the best I've seen. Him and ohmwrecker

50 Morgz

SEarisly fake.

Wow... quitting school for money? What a big dirtbag. - BlooPer

Just horrible

Morgz is literally Durv and MrBeast, times ten. He will do ANYTHING just to get views. He will even exploit his own girlfriend, do these 24 hour challenges that might give him a restraining order, and he even copied MrBeasts' Formula(I don't even like MrBeast). Also, did I mention that he dropped out of high school just to pursue his YouTube career? Pure stupidity right there. - Comical

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