How is this guy not in the top 10? Pewdiepie is there for being unfunny but this guy is just pure cancer! Every video is like watching a train wreck in slow motion!
My personal favorite is his 15 minute unboxing of lightning returns in which he Forgets to OPEN THE BOX and the fire alarm is going off the entire time!

Very unlikable. Whenever he struggles in a game, he either begins to insult the game or the developers or he'll use the most annoying passive aggressive laugh. He may be a gamer, but he earns his money by making drama videos where he addresses the haters, since that's the only thing his fans watch. He wants to make a gaming montage channel, but he is too lazy to edit. Try to give him criticism, and he'll immediately defend himself, while his fans call the criticism "trolling".

PewDiePie isn't great, but he's still a good YouTuber who actually cares for his fandom and can make quality material at the right times. He's kept at number one because of his "overrated" status.

The same can't be said for Darksydephil, who is the exact opposite - Not only does he blame his fandom for everything under the sun, but he's obnoxious because he's just a genuinely bad person. You'd rather be rooting for the enemies to kill him, because Phil cannot battle to save his life. Even giving him tips or strategies doesn't help - He just shrugs them off and blames "bugged gaming mechanics" of all things. You'll also get to listen to him crack terrible jokes about women, Chinese people, celebrities who have a better career than him, the mentally challenged, just about everything, but they're not even offensively funny. Does it help that he doesn't even have common sense?

Just watch his playthrough of Bully for one of his biggest idiot moments. - Swellow

Oh my god this guy sucks! I tried watching a full playthrough but couldn't get passed the second video. I'm just appalled at this guy's personality and that he dares to call himself a gamer - bobbythebrony

The worst example of a bad seed in the let's play genre.

This should REALLY be number 1. Seriously. Pewds is like, not even half bad as this.

DSP is not a great guy, nor does he make good content, he is not however NEAR bad enough to warrant the hate and trolling he receives. He's a flawed guy who is a hot head and has made retarded mistakes in the past, but in 2018 the guy does nothing yet still receives a huge amount of attention and hate from his basement dwelling trolls (not exaggerating, also they sometimes form LITERAL hate groups like the SoK which consist of usually 4 or 5 unemployed dudes and one girl that every guy in the group orbits). I respect DSP as a man for literally still sticking to his guns and continuing his channel, the amount of hate he has received would throw me into a spiral of depression and it's sad to know that there are guys out there willing to still track his every step knowing the harm it causes him.

He called his fans "idiots" after a twitch stream where he begged them to give him enough money to buy a new Subaru, he forgot to mute the mic. When they questioned him he said it was Youtube's fault because they found out he used bots and begged fans to click on ads to give him more money to buy a new house.

Just watch the other comments on him and they will explain it all, this guy is a disgusting stain on the Youtube community like so many others however this guy is also a disgusting disappointment of the human race, ungrateful piece of trash that he is.

This gamer is WAY WORSE than PewDiePie! Takes forever to start a game, too many sex jokes, butchers game designers, and complains like a 5 year old kid. Whenever something goes wrong in any video game, he ALWAYS blames the game. - VenomxShocker

DSPGaming is the worst gamer ever because he make racist comment about everyone, make fun of people, play the videos game badly, he is a imbecile loser and unable to stop swearing while streaming on YouTube while doing let's play videos game.

Pure ass, sellout, and all around sociopath. I'm actually surprised Machinima hasn't dropped this troll by now for his various controversies but Machinima seems to only care about money anyway. - AlexApathy

This guy is a blight on humanity. No other Let's Player comes close to being this despicable. - BlakeHall

Racist, sexist, homophobic ignorant hypocrite. The This Is How You Don't Plays and Day in the Life videos are the only things of worth to have come from any of his footage.

A guy who complains and lies just about anything. He insults countless people for no reason (including his own fans) and has little to no moral or ethics.

This narcissistic, racist, ungrateful creep doesn't deserve the dwindling fan-base he has remaining. As of now - October 6th 2015 - he has resorted to pleading with those that still follow him to give him more money via Patreon, simply because he is no longer able to get enough video views to make a living off being a YouTuber. Worst of all, he calls it a 'Gaming' channel, but his top videos are click-bait rants of him blaming games, game developers, haters, his audience, the time of year etc for his low views - but NEVER himself. Never HIS fault. Not once. Ever. Delusional is too weak a word to use for someone like DSPGaming. He is circling the drain, and needs a reality check - if he's not even good enough to get enough views to survive doing YouTube as a career, then it's time for a Plan B that isn't begging through Patreon.

DSPgaming should be #1. This guy is absolutely offensive and is a complete insult to the gaming community. He dosen't respect the people who watch his videos, and he's absolutely sexist and a total hipocrite. He cusses and acts like a whinny teenager a lot. I don't know why people think TobyGames or PewDiepie are the worst (not saying that they're any good.) compared to DSPgaming.

I'm convinced the couch he sits on is better at the games he plays and the commentary he makes. - BlarchBlaces

If there was ever a person in denial, its this guy. I almost think the 9 yo kid with down syndrome I met yesterday was more intelligent than this

He is a scrub, masturbates on live stream. Worst gamer on the planet, considered he plays games nonstop.

Can you guys believe that Valve would leave a bugged jumping mechanic in their engine? DSP is obviously the pinnacle for gaming entertainment on YouTube, and anyone who says otherwise needs to have the white coats come get them. (Obvious sarcasm)

Hows he not number one? Pewdiepie is awesome! This guy is a disgrace as a gamer and a human being! - Coreylordo

Say what you will about pewdiepie about not being funny, but at least that guy has respect. Phil is by far the biggest scumbag to grace the halls of the internet. I'll take a shot in the kneecaps before I'd even consider DSP as anything more than a grotesque manchild.

It's INCREDIBLE how bad this guy is. It's honestly hilarious in a really twisted way. It's like a train wreck, you just can't look away.

Phil is the worst gamer on the planet and I'll be damed if there is someone worse.