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181 Gamegrumps

The channel was awesome back in the first couple of months, but after awhile they just turned into clock-watching content creators. It stopped being about having fun with games and started being about getting ad revenue. EVEN THEN, they're still nowhere near the worst. This channel definitely doesn't belong one this list.

You stir your mouth game grumps is the best gaming channel ever! -Kakashi Trenton Hawn

If jontron is on this list I'm suiciding.

I didn't really care for Gamegrumps at first but when I began watching them all I could hear was from Arin "This game sucks! " or "The series of this is dead dude." OR "These controls don't work! What the hell! " (note these aren't full quotes or some may have been made up, I apologize for that.) and Danny just sits there agreeing with Arin. I'm sorry... Arin is NOT a gamer... All he does is whine and complain about how gaming sucks now, when look at the past when Sonic 2 came out... He praises it like it's a god send... Now when Sonic Adventure came out ( I'm generally mixed with it. But I'll be honest about it) he began saying that newer games suck because of some crap he does... Hell there was a glitch he MANUALLY exploited which'll kill you in the first level... He knew about it and wanted people to think that the game is a broken mess when it's alright for itself... I'm sorry but when Jon left Gamegrumps died... When Danny is playing with anyone BUT ...more

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182 Project Enfinity
183 BettterSkatez
184 DasBoSchitt

His series GMOD Idiot Box is becoming stale now and the first episodes were more like copies of Idiots of GMOD (by ICTON which is much better). The only good things he does are tutorials for future GMOD filmmakers but they are boring.

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185 AcesGamer

This guy has to be worst TF2 YouTubers I have ever seen in my life. An ex-Call of Duty gamer who tries to be famous with his TF2 guides, which in reality are terrible and goes around insulting people who don't agree with him. Ace is terrible in playing game and he always tries to hide that fact with unusual Team Captain hat in attempt to prove that he is pro player. Hypocricy is still at his best, he claim that he fights against scammers/thiefs around internet, while in reallity he is one of them and keeps bribing anti-scammer sites to keep his trace off. He is giving a bad name to TF2 community. Such guys like this should get their account banned. Permanently.

186 Keyori

Kind of amusing at first but like every single YouTube gamer he found a formula and just stuck to it. Every video is exactly the same.

187 Fooly Weekums

This kid makes his videos very dumb. I agree that all kids do but he is just not good at all.

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189 Rye-Rye99

This guy is the absolute worst. He constantly creates "RIP Headphone users" material and screams into the microphone so many times, it's ear poison. He also does this when he laughs. I mean really. This gameplay videos are horrible quality. I mean for god sake, he uses Bandicam.

190 Thejckm00
191 Dibrickshaw6744

This kid sucks! The 13 subscribers must be dumb to subscribe to him.

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192 Local Fat Men

"You died as you lived, morbidly obese! "

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194 WatchMojo Gaming

You know they will do it eventually, and it will suck.

WatchMojo in general is just a unfunny, uncontroversial compony made just for money.

They make opinionated videos for cash

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195 SlimySkgaming

It's another child playing video games "what a surprise"

seriously though he is rly annoying( still StampyLongHead is 2000% worse)

196 badman4ever

He's videos was fine til then he turns to one of the worst gaming YouTubers there are in the world

197 Altered Nostalgic
198 StonefoxMedia
199 Malcolm 1466 V 1 Comment
200 Firamir
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