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21 WhiteBoy7thst

Hands down, the biggest Call of Duty fanboy in youtube history. - PlaystationArchfiend

How in the world does he have the subs he has? Dead accounts, fake accounts, proxy accounts from other countries? There's nothing he puts out that's worth watching.

He clearly is a fanboy and retard who was most likely dropped out of high school

He got arrested for illegal possession of drugs.

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22 The Review Space

This guy is actually a huge troll. All he does is to put descent games into his top worst games videos and he also a liar.

I meant decent I rush the comment. But still this guy made a lot of cringe worthy videos.

He's a complete moron imagine gligar13vids having a twin on YouTube just with better quality that's the review space in a nutshell he says every new videogame sucks

23 VanossGaming

He is one of the funniest channels out there. He deeply cares about his fans and his community is one of the best, most respectful group out there.

He's not that bad in my opinion. I think him and his crew make great videos but I don't watch them individually because they get boring. When they're all together, it can be pretty funny sometimes, so I don't agree, even though he probably has too many subs for what he does lol... At least it's not like pewds but it's getting there lol.. Already at 13M at the moment I'm typing this.. The only one that pisses me off from his crew is Wildcat. He can be funny but most of the time he's just mad or annoying...

Oh vanossgaming how I love him I don't know why he's on this list he funny I try not to laugh but I just... Can't hold it in he's funny entertains me and his jokes and role plays are hilarious

He is awesome

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24 +da90skidshow V 2 Comments
25 SkylanderBoy andGirl

You know, I notice that something has been consistent throughout this list: these YouTubers were all adults, no matter how childish they act. But this just takes it to a whole other level. 5 YEAR OLDS SHOULD NOT HAVE YouTube CHANNELS! And it doesn't help that the kids are spoiled brats and their parents continuously spoil them by getting them the most rarest skylanders and stuff like that. It just doesn't make any sense.

The skykids act like a bunch of spoiled brats. And their parents aren't doing much better by continuously spoiling their children, and constantly try to be the center of everything. Seeing ALL over the Skylanders side of YouTube is annoying enough. Too much attention whoring for this kind of family who is deathly obsessed with games.

I'm glad these kids will grow up, and this channel will DIE.

5 yr olds with a YouTube channel... enough said

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26 pimpinmasterdx

Obviously a troll. Pretends to be a gangster and high-pitches his voice for humor.

27 Mariotehplumber

This guy is one of the major things wrong with the sonic fanbase. Screw that racist bastard...

He takes originality too seriously!

I'm a Sonic fan and this is just so dumb and sexist...Why can't Mardic or Milesguy be more famous than him?

He is next DarkSydePhil/DSP/DSPGaming

28 Videogames

How are they on the list I don't think they post their own gaming content other than other small or big YouTubers

There are so many things wrong with this channel.

The outro music sucks big weewee

29 Matroix

This guy actually calls Call of Duty "good" & most the time, those are the only videos he uploads. - PlaystationArchfiend

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30 Buckgames
31 CaptainSparklez

He's not funny and his videos aren't creative

I honestly just voted him up to comment.
There is literally nothing to hate about this guy. And if you can give me ONE REASON why he should be on this list at all, then GG to you, sir, because that is a feat I thought to be impossible.

32 TheSyndicateProject

He needs to be a bit nicer to people online I think

All he does is act like he's twelve and lacks a good sense of humor. I could see the appeal for middle schoolers but it is obvious he's all in it for the money.

You're a douche, Tom.

So ignorant towards his fans

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33 MonkeyGameGuides

MonkeyGameGuides is joking, I have no idea why you'd think he's serious. He's clearly trolling, A JOKE! Trolling is okay when people are talking about other people, but when it comes to the games YOU like, you don't wanna hear it.

34 Deadlox

Some Skydoesminecraft fan thought I was Deadlox because I guess I acted like him online I dunno.

35 TheReviewSpace

He's a total moron retard he says every new videogame sucks he is like gligar13vids twin

36 The BajanCanadian

I basically hate YouTubers that play Minecraft and only Minecraft. All they're doing is scamming little kids. Don't believe me what do you think tube heros is.

He thinks he's so good like seriously he needs to have a serious ego adjustment

He bully's seto and now like seto quitted YouTube

He's pretty good and when was the last time you heard him say, "I'm the best at hunger games! " all of you haters?

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37 FaZeAdapt

Why? Because why not? He sucks at life

My dad is bungie


But I love that and I love that, I love that he is too good :D

38 TheDiamondMinecart

This guy is an idiot. His content is for 6-year-olds and he doesn't know how to behave logically. He thinks that you do BASIC DIVISION in High School and has no idea what goes on in real life situations. His mini-game videos are okay, but too much jokes that are for 5-year-olds. He always tries to seem smart but fails. His fanbase is terrible as well and consists of 5-year-olds who can't spell and need to see the inside of a damn school.

This guy is so annoying, I could go forever without hearing his voice, unfortunately I can't, because my brother aLWAYS WATCHES HIS VIDEOS. I can tell that is a fake voice, also he talks to a goddamned villager that he named " Dr. Trayaurus" LIKE HE CAN ACTUALLY TALK JESUS CHRIST GET A LIFE DUDE

I hate him. His fan bade is full of filthy little kids who don't even play minecraft and just play the demo on their stupid I pads. They think getting mods is hard so they watch him get them. ITS EASY TO GET MODS even I did it. Jeez. Get a life

His newer stuff is MUCH better. He plays different games and doesn't talk to the OH SO TERRIBLE (this is sarcasm) Dr. Trayaurus anymore (99% of the time) So yeah... He's cool now

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39 TyranitarTube

He used to be funny and interesting, ex: Sapphire Extreme Randomizer or Pokémon Insurgence.

Then, Pokémon Soon and Moon were announced... and he started to just parroting the news that I could check everyday on Serebii or whatever Pokémon site.

Even if he will change, I will never subscribe again to him because of month and month of worthless contents, his massive boner for Sun and Moon and, in general, not caring anymore of releasing quality content.

Now he's just a child immersed in his stupid hype for the new games, he gets a ton of views for this and he doesn't deserve ANY of those.

Everything he says is a lie/ extremely improbable, and he makes up to try and gain views. Apparently, he can't handle the fact that people don't like the bull wild goose chases he goes on for attention, so he disabled comments for the same reason as PewDiePie: So people can't voice how they don't like him. He doesn't care about his community either, and his voice makes him sound so annoying, like he's 8 years old.

His videos are relatively worthless, as he only makes theories which would be better noticed on some forum. His voice is cancerous to my ears, as he sounds like Toshi from American Dad, only in English. My god, he is irritating and he clouds up my recommendations in the same vein as Verlisify.

I want to punch this irritating little one square in the throat

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40 Fgteev

I have no idea why this are not on this list, This channel shames the likeness of smash players, and any franchise in general! They are worse than SkyDoesMinecraft, Pewdiepie, EvanTube, and Toby COMBINED! They consist of 2 4-6 year old kids and their mother and father who in the thumbnail plaster their GOD DAMNED FACES ON THE LIKENESSES OF Mario, PAC-MAN, Disney INFINITY CHARACTERS, AND GOD KNOWS WHO ELSE! I have a 4 year old brother who watches them and he copies everything these brats do if you don't know let me go into further description on what they do. Every time their parents go to the store they get a $400 game or Lego set, on their "Family outings" they go as far as to hit their parents, threaten them that they will kill themselves and brush it of as "They were joking". The parents of these kids need to go to prison for teaching these brats how to behave in a adult environment.

They are the WORST parents just giving these kids sugar and toys and he acts like total idiot the whole time. His wife just sits there with a smile on her big face and his mom and ugly ass sisters are even in on the act now. they are the most annoying family I have ever seen. I hope they give the kids so much sugar that they have no teeth.. The one kid Mike like freaks out when he even sees candy he is so overweight for a child what a shame and that little one Chase just screams the entire time I'm sure he will have tons of friends when they see these videos and are old enough to realize that these kids are spoiled and not even talk to them.The kids look really unhealthy from all the sugar and the dad is retarded I think and I am not being mean but he acts like he is on meth very strange. What a disgrace of a family but what do you expect from Youtube.

I hate hate hate this show my son started acting like that idiot dad that guy is the most annoying person I have ever met overacting his kids are more annoying chomping candy the poor kid mikey gained so much weight from sugar shame on his parents...

Should be number 1

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