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41 speedyw03 V 3 Comments
42 IGNentertainment
43 Fgteev

I have no idea why this are not on this list, This channel shames the likeness of smash players, and any franchise in general! They are worse than SkyDoesMinecraft, Pewdiepie, EvanTube, and Toby COMBINED! They consist of 2 4-6 year old kids and their mother and father who in the thumbnail plaster their GOD DAMNED FACES ON THE LIKENESSES OF Mario, PAC-MAN, Disney INFINITY CHARACTERS, AND GOD KNOWS WHO ELSE! I have a 4 year old brother who watches them and he copies everything these brats do if you don't know let me go into further description on what they do. Every time their parents go to the store they get a $400 game or Lego set, on their "Family outings" they go as far as to hit their parents, threaten them that they will kill themselves and brush it of as "They were joking". The parents of these kids need to go to prison for teaching these brats how to behave in a adult environment.

They are the WORST parents just giving these kids sugar and toys and he acts like total idiot the whole time. His wife just sits there with a smile on her big face and his mom and ugly ass sisters are even in on the act now. they are the most annoying family I have ever seen. I hope they give the kids so much sugar that they have no teeth.. The one kid Mike like freaks out when he even sees candy he is so overweight for a child what a shame and that little one Chase just screams the entire time I'm sure he will have tons of friends when they see these videos and are old enough to realize that these kids are spoiled and not even talk to them.The kids look really unhealthy from all the sugar and the dad is retarded I think and I am not being mean but he acts like he is on meth very strange. What a disgrace of a family but what do you expect from Youtube.

I hate hate hate this show my son started acting like that idiot dad that guy is the most annoying person I have ever met overacting his kids are more annoying chomping candy the poor kid mikey gained so much weight from sugar shame on his parents...

This channel should be called fg-kill-me. Because that's what it makes me want to do! The dad and chase are so annoying and stupid and never shut up. Their thumbnails are cringe and nightmare fuel. Why do kids like this crap!? This is what happens when you let kids run a channel. People, stop giving EvanTube and Sis vs Bro a hard time. This channel doesn't deserve to exist. The dad is extremely hypocritical. Thank gosh they got a copyright strike! Wait, what? They have about 9 spinoff Channels? DANG IT! I try so hard to not flip my crap like this, but this channel makes Ray William Johnson look tolerable. It's worse than Goo Goo Gaga, Onyx Kids, Durv, Onision, Poppy, and DaddyOFive. COMBINED! And that's saying something. I feel like I lost brain cells watching this. When I was younger, I steered clear of them, and looking back, that was a good choice. If you want a good channel that isn't this, go watch We Are The Davises, SSundee, TheOdd1sOut, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Collins Key, ...more

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44 SammyClassicSonicFan

If this is referring to the TROLL account, then yes. But... If you look at his new account you can actually see he's growing up. Like, slowly growing up to be somebody and trying for it.

I think we were way to hard on this kid, unless it was the Dues Ex review, then he deserved it

I agree with him, but for god sakes have some manners

Screams WAY too much.

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I don't know why he is on here. In my opinion, he is in my top YouTubers. Although most would say he is not very original, I find most of his videos funny and good.

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46 DarkSydePhil

You know you're a failure when there exist groups like the KWO (Kojima World Order) that exist solely all over you and everything that you do. Just look up "This is how you don't play" on YouTube, there are hundreds of these videos that are ALL about DarkSydePhil being terrible about basically any game in existence

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47 TamashiiHiroka
48 Dashiegames Dashiegames

I used to watch (but not subbed to) him back when he was below the 1 mil subs mark, but now ever since he gain more and then some, I completely lost interest. Constant screaming, annoying intros, unnecessary, overused sex jokes, does not take the time to read on how buttons work in most games, etc. The 'rapping' he does whenever a song plays makes me cringe and force to skip ahead. Hell, I skip over everything in an entire because of how boring or bad it is. There's so much to say, so I'm gonna leave it right here.

Dashiegames way to much swearing all the time! I need stop cure!

I remember DashieGames... He WAS good until he got into the whole F this screw that... (Not his actual words mind you.) but he was alright when I first subbed to him... Then he just got out of hand so I left... I think it was for the better I did so... Cause when I see his stuff it's not as good as when I first subbed...


, lol. So annoying and loud. Plus he swears like every 10 milliseconds. - DCfnaf

49 JNaStY720

Remember that charity tournament he was in? Well, he left because he was too butthurt about his teammates when it wasn't supposed to be taken seriously! He's easily not only the most obnoxious gamer, he's the most vile. All he does is rage, cry like a toddler, and rage some more.

I once thought DSP was the worst but this guy make Phil look amazing. All he does is rage while playing Call of Duty and his personality just makes him look like the retarded jackass he is - bobbythebrony

The only good video featuring JNasty was the one where JKap made him and his DumB clan join the 12 point club.

50 W2S

An insult to cancer. This guy overreacts worse than PewDiePie, has little to no content aside from FIFA, and even bought a second Xbox just to play it early. - MKBeast

He's extremely popular in my school, but he's just an overreacting, at least for me. - PizzaGuy

I like Harry and I think his videos really good but does need to upload a lo more

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51 AaroTheHunter

This guy is number 1 because he just does constant Call of Duty videos and pretty much no other content and does rants that are pretty much pointless and unnecessary. He also boasts about all the stuff he has which he only has because his parents spoil him like hell. - TheReconJacob

This guy just does constant Call of Duty videos and pretty much no other content and does rants that are pretty much pointless and unnecessary. He also boasts about all the stuff he has which he only has because his parents spoil him like hell. - TheReconJacob

52 DMJared

He's a good guy, makes great videos.

53 SeaNanners

I think SeaNanners is pretty good! His channel of course produces some bad videos (every YouTuber does right? ), but his channel contains some really good content. Very enjoyable to watch surprisingly, I thought I wouldn't like him much to be honest. He should definitely be given a shot!

Originally liked him but then he went and promoted his own game under the impression it was not made by the company he partly owns. That kind of lack of transparency and blatant attempt to manipulate the game sales with his channel's influence is the reason I am voting for him.

I personally thing he's funny in all his videos

He's made me laugh a few times but he needs to make longer videos not use 2 to 3 minute ones only to gain views

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54 Verlisify

Starts up drama for no reason in the Pokemon community. He attempts it just so that he can try to be in the spotlight. He has personality issues.

He needs to leave YouTube for like a good 3...4...FOREVER

He supports Keemstar. Enough said.

He is a COMPLETE HYPOCRITE! And he tries to make the top VGC competitors look like cheaters just so he looks like VGC's little golden boy.

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55 VenturianTaleā€Ž

Very overrated, not gonna lie. His videos are the same old same old. They're boring, lack unique humor, and well, just boring. What more can I say? Many YouTubers these days just seem to copy each other, really sad.

The most annoying YouTuber I have ever seen. Screams, high pitched voices, stupid "jokes", annoying ass video anime pictures, misleading titles and overall bad.

Boring and horrible acting skills

All they ever play now is Fnaf. - cwoodkiter

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56 AR12Gaming

What can I say they think they are hot shots when they are not the have a staff member begging devs for free and another one that brags when they get it. That Nick guy doesn't know when he's being used by an English and Irish staff members

He is a video stealing over rated talentless content creator and rips off people whenever he can no originality whatsoever

You obviously haven't been following this guy - he's pretty new at this stuff, he's original and has an amazing voice.
His videos are so funny - just wait - you heard it hear first - this guy is really going places - he will go far.
Well done Nick from AR12 - we are your true fans and love your videos.

Nick is a mindless owner.

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57 ihascupquake

Her baking and arts/crafts are the only thing worth watching for she acts way to ditsy and forced cute and innocent. It's even worse when she plays games with her husband it just makes the video creepy to watch for me by the way they talk to each other.

Tiff is adorable! Her content is actually quite unique! She plays a variety of games and does multiple different types of videos. Her gaming is hilarious in my opinion. Tiff can be over dramatic and overrated at times, but she is generally a really good YouTuber! I suggest you check her out!

She is so forgetful and she has an annoying ass voice like holy I can tell she does that voice for her viewers ( little kids )

She ain't bad!

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58 Typical Gamer

From his mannerisms, to the self stroking of his ego, falsely trying to be 'wholesome' by saying fuss instead of what he actually means to say, to his awful game play, and just a laundry list of other things, this guy is a mess not just as a youtube entertainer, not just as a gamer, but as a person. It sucks that he makes so much money. There are people out there who are way more funny and intelligent, who could be filling that slot. Not even talking about myself, I don't think I would be much better. Actually I do think I'd be a lot better but I feel there are people way more deserving than myself. Typical gamer is a man child, and I think the biggest reason he has so many subscribers is because of the Grand Theft Auto V mods that most people don't have access to playing, so they want to at least see what it's about. I wish this man would do something meaningful with his life instead of show us all how some people just float to the top for no good reason at all. And the fact that he ...more

How does he have 3 million subs? He produces no worthwhile content, he can't communicate and plays with no direction or focus, he is constantly yelling into his mic.

Ohmygod, this guy is a click bait virus, all his (really bad) videos are way to long and are EVERYWHERE! I just want to watch some funny GTA5 mod or Fallout4 videos and can only find 4-20 HOUR long videos on a mile long spread sheet from Typical Gamer!

I think he's fine

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59 ItsSwiftNade
60 LeafyIsHere

That isn't even a gaming channel

YouTube's number one ass. States he doesn't bully people, but still makes videos making fun of them. Day by day, this guy generates more and more drama.

He is so overrated

I don't know why leafy gets so much hate he is awesome

<3 #LeafyDaBomb

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